Wolf Blitzer Net Worth in 2020, Birthday, Wife, Daughter and Salary

How much Wolf Blitzer net worth?

Wolf Blitzer hails from Augsburg town of Germany and has been reporting for the CNN news from quite a long period of time. In addition to reporting, He also works as a political anchor for the famous network’s lead. According to the various sources, it is proclaimed that his net worth in 2020 will be around whopping $20 million. His majority of the emoluments get generated through working as a journalist. However, the income from the famous TV episodes cannot be neglected and are equally good.

As of 2020, Wolf Blitzer net worth is estimated $20 million.

Wolf Blitzer early life

Wolf Isaac Blitzer was born in the year 1948 on March 22 in Germany to parents David Blitzer and mother Cesia Blitzer. He was brought up in Buffalo in New York State of United States of America. He attended Kenmore senior high school in New York itself.

Wolf Blitzer Net Worth in 2020, Birthday, Wife, Daughter and Salary

Net worth$20 Million
CNN salary$5 Million
ProfessionJournalist, Presenter, Actor, Newscaster
WifeLynn Greenfield
Nationalityhalf American and half German
DaughterIlanda Gendelman
March 22, 1948
Age71 years old
BornAugsburg in Germany
Height5 foot 11 inches
Weight70 kg
ResidenceBethesda, USA
Real nameWolf David Blitzer

Wolf Blitzer education

He did graduation in history from the state university in Buffalo. Looking to his inclination towards international relations, he completed post-graduation in the same.

Not only this, but he also learned the Hebrew language from the University of Jerusalem in the John Hopkins University.

Wolf Blitzer career

Wolf Blitzer began his career in journalism and got recruited with the One of the best news agency and that is Reuters. He worked there for a few years before transitioning as a correspondent for the ‘Jerusalem post’. Till 1990, he was associated with Israeli newspaper and covered developments in the Middle East and politics of America.

In the year 1985, his first book named “Between Washington and Jerusalem” was released. In late 2000, he made several appearances infamous series House of cards.

Wolf Blitzer awards

Looking to his remarkable works in the field of journalism, He was conferred with Daniel pearl award in the year 2002. In addition to this, he was also awarded Ernie Pyle award for journalism. For his works in various films, he was also awarded the famous Emmy award. Apart from the above-mentioned awards, he has several honours under his belt.

Wolf Blitzer born

Wolf Blitzer was born in Augsburg in Germany. Though he was raised in buffalo state of United States of America, he had a special attachment with Germany. His parents were Jewish refugees and were from the concentration camps of Poland. It is said that the wolf had poignant memories of his parents was really moved by it.

Wolf Blitzer residence and house

The residence of the wolf is in Bethesda. It is situated in Maryland State of United States of America. During his stint as a reporter in CNN, he used to live in the quarters provided by the CNN. Later on, he changed his house and moved into a new mansion in Maryland.

Wolf Blitzer occupation

Wolf Blitzer has handled many different types of portfolios with CNN news agency and has done a remarkable job. From 2004 to 2010 he was covering the presidential elections of USA. After 2013 he started hosting a new show known as the Situation Room. Presently, he anchors the ET hour of CNN newsroom. Apart from the journalistic work, he also does acting in popular shows like House of cards and many such shows.

Wolf Blitzer employer

Wolf had many popular employments during his tenure as a journalist. He started with Reuters as a reporter and then joined as a correspondent with Middle East-based news agency. After spending significant years with the newsroom, he then joined CNN news agency. There were different recruiters of wolf Blitzer during his journalistic career.

Wolf Blitzer spouse

In the year 1973, wolf Blitzer married Lynn Greenfield. He is among those journalists, who even after achieving fame, didn’t let his family feel uncomfortable. Unlike other popular personalities, who divorce because of professional goals, he has maintained a good balance.

Wolf Blitzer children

After the marriage of wolf Blitzer with the Lynn Greenfield, they both conceived a child in the year 1981, named Ilana Gendelman. He has only one daughter who is in the profession of journalism and continuing his legacy. His daughter is working as a television anchor and editor for a popular magazine.

Wolf Blitzer birthday

The birth date of wolf Blitzer is March 22, 1948. His birthday is celebrated on a large scale and many popular stars attend his parties.

Wolf Blitzer age

Wolf is presently running 72. He is still youthful and dedicated to his Profession. He stills work day and night to present good news reporting.

Wolf Blitzer height and weight

Height of wolf Blitzer is 1.78 m. He is very tall and his height in feet is 5 foot 11 inches. He looks dynamic and lively. His weight is 70 kg. He has got a good body to mass index. Also to keep himself fit he maintains an active lifestyle.

Wolf Blitzer earning source

The earnings of wolf Blitzer comes from diverse sources. He earns around $20 million from CNN only. Other sources of income include acting in the films and doing popular shows on Netflix.

Wolf Blitzer daughter

Wolf Blitzer’s daughter is Ilanda Gendelman, and she is continuing the legacy of her father by working in the journalistic field. Currently, she edits very popular magazine named as all you. Her work includes branding of magazine and editing of magazine.

Wolf Blitzer CNN salary

Wolf Blitzer, after spending about 45 years of experience in the media industry has good knowledge about the industry. Looking to his in-depth knowledge about different subjects, he remains as a guest author for many journals. It was reported that Wolf earned $5 million annually as salary, working in the journalism industry with CNN.

Wolf Blitzer biography

Wolf Blitzer was born in Germany and brought up in the buffalo district of the United States of America. He completed his graduation in history from the University of Buffalo and did post-graduation in international relation. He then joined John Hopkins University for learning the Hebrew language. He started a career in journalism and was working with Reuters. Later, he changed his roles from journalism to filming.

Wolf Blitzer brother

Wolf is a single child of his parents. He has no brother.

Wolf Blitzer contact info

To contact Wolf Blitzer you can either mail him or reach him on his address. If you are staying in the USA then you can reach him at his mansion in Bethesda.

Wolf Blitzer family

Wolf Blitzer has a nuclear family. He has one wife and a daughter. His wife’s name is Lynn Greenfield. His daughter name is Ilanda Gendelman.

Wolf Blitzer facebook

Wolf use his social media account extensively. He is very active in various social media applications like Facebook and Twitter.

Wolf Blitzer filmography

Apart from journalism, Wolf Blitzer also does acting. He is not a casual actor, matter of fact he has won many awards in acting. He has done many films like House of cards and many such notable series.

Wolf Blitzer instagram

Wolf Blitzer is very active on social media and maintains an active Instagram account by the same name. You can see all of his posts related to journalism on Instagram profile.

Wolf Blitzer LinkedIn

Wolf Blitzer is also available on the Linked in by the same name. He maintains professional relations on Linked in.

Wolf Blitzer mom

The name of Wolf Blitzer is Celine and she is the lady who inspired wolf to do philanthropic work.

Wolf Blitzer network

Wolf maintains a strong social network. From business tycoons to film actors he has close relationships with many.

Wolf Blitzer nationality

Wolf is half American and half German

Wolf Blitzer nickname

Blitz is the nickname of Wolf Blitzer

Wolf Blitzer real name

The real name of the wolf is Wolf David Blitzer

Wolf Blitzer Reddit

He can be reached on Reddit by the mail id

Wolf Blitzer twitter

He is active on twitter and just by a click one can easily search his name on twitter.

Wolf Blitzer zodiac sign

Zodiac sign of Wolf is Aries.

Q: What religion is Wolf Blitzer?

German- American Christian

Q: What is Wolf Blitzer salary?

5 million dollars

Q: Did Wolf Blitzer leave CNN?

No, he still works

Q: What time is Wolf Blitzer on CNN?

In the afternoon at 1.00 pm

Q: Does Wolf Blitzer have kids?

Yes, 1 daughter.

Photo ofWolf David Blitzer
Wolf David Blitzer
(Wolf Blitzer)
Job Title
Journalist, Presenter, Actor, Newscaster

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