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What Is My Angel Number? Message From Your Angels


Do you ever wonder, "What is my angel number?" Use the angel number calculator above to find out how to find your angel number. Use it to come up with your own angel numbers.

But if you want to figure out your own angel number, all you have to do is add the numbers of your birth date or the letters of your name together, as shown below.

Once you have this information, the birth date method shows your angel life path number, and the name method shows your angel expression or personality number.

What Are Angel Numbers?

What Are Angel Numbers? (EXPLAINED!)

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An angel number is a unique number that keeps showing up in your life to tell you something from your guardian angel. Guardian angels are spiritual beings who are in charge of keeping an eye on you and keeping you safe.

They often show you signs and symbols to talk to you. One of the most common ways they do this is by showing you numbers.

When you keep seeing the same number, it means that your guardian angel is trying to tell you something. The number will have a special meaning for you based on where you are in life right now.

Add up all the numbers in your birth date. This will give you your angel number. For example, if you were born on October 10, your angel number would be 2.

You can learn about your personality, strengths, and weaknesses by looking at your angel number. It can also help you figure out where you are going in life and what steps you need to take to reach your fullest potential.

Pay attention to the messages your angel number is trying to tell you, and trust that they are coming from a place of love and support. Don't worry if you don't know what your angel number is or what it means.

What Is My Angel Number?


Use Numerology To Figure Out Your Angel Number

Many times, our life path numbers and our angel numbers are linked. For instance, my life path number in numerology is 1, and my main angel number is either 111 or 1111.

The steps to finding your numerology life path number are simple. Just add up the numbers for the month, day, and year of your birth. Then keep adding to that number until you only have one digit left. For example, 1+2+1+2+1+9+9+5 = 30 for December 12, 1995. Then 3+0= 3.

Your life path number is unusual if it adds up to the double numbers 11, 22, or 33. These two-digit numbers are called "master numbers." People with master numbers are thought to have special gifts like more intuition, intelligence, and extra potential in life.

Look In Your Name For Your Angel Number

You can also look at the numbers in your name to find your angel number. Add up the numbers of your first, middle, and last names, where A = 1, B = 2, and so on. For example, 1+1+4+1+4+1+2+5+5+1+5+1+0+1+5+1+4+5+1+9 = 51 = 5+1 = 6.

You should also look for links between your life path number and the number(s) of your name(s). For example, the letter K in my first name equals 11. As I've already said, my numerology number is 1, as I've already said.

Intuit Your Angel Number

Intuit means to use your intuition to feel or know something. If you keep seeing the same numbers or number patterns, you should know that there is a reason why these numbers stand out to you. There's no doubt that these kinds of numbers are your angel numbers.

You might also like a particular number. Consider a number your angel number if you have a strong feeling about it. You might have decided years ago that 8 was your lucky number, but you have no idea why. Well, now you do.

In the end, the only way to know if the numbers you see are angel numbers is to trust your intuition above all else. Believe that something is a "coincidence" and am more likely to believe that it's a sign from my angels or spirit guides.

People Also Ask

What Are The Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are groups of numbers that repeat, like 111, 222, 333, etc. Some people think that seeing the same series of numbers in different places is a sign from the universe, God, or whatever power you believe in.

What Is A Good Angel Number?

In numerology, eight and 888 are two of the most divine numbers. Seeing this number as an angel number (in a set of three, four, or in a pattern) could be a powerful sign of a connection to the spiritual universe.

What Does 444 Mean Spiritually?

The spiritual meaning of 444 is that your guardian angels are helping you. It means that you are getting ready to move on to the next part of your life.


Angel numbers can mean different things to different people, and so can how you use them. Wilder says that to find out if the numbers have deeper, more personal meanings, you should meditate or be in a calm state of mind. Now you know how to calculate your angel numbers.

Angels show us the right way to go every day, but we don't often get the chance to talk to them. Consider it. If you look up and see an angel in front of you, it could be a little scary. Because of this, our spiritual guides need a different way to talk to us, and numbers are perfect for this.

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