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Tobey Maguire Net Worth - $75 Million, Spiderman's True Identity

American actor and producer Tobey Maguire net worth is $75 million. Maguire's most well-known role is likely that of Spider-Man in three successful movies that began in 2002.

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American actor and producerTobey Maguire net worthis $75 million. Maguire's most well-known role is likely that of Spider-Man in three successful movies that began in 2002.
The three Spider-Man movies directed by Sam Raimi served as a forerunner to the current craze for blockbuster movies using superhero comic book characters.
The original Spider-Man movie alone made more than $820 million at the box office, followed by Spider-Man 2 with $784 million and Spider-Man 3 with $890 million.

Quick Facts About Tobey Maguire

NameTobey Maguire
Date Of BirthJun 27, 1975
Height5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
ProfessionActor, Film Producer
NationalityUnited States of America
Net Worth$75 Million

Personal Life And Career

Tobey Maguire wearing a brow suit on stage
Tobey Maguire wearing a brow suit on stage


When Maguire was only 14 years old in 1989, he started his acting career. His youthful look caused him to specialize on jobs that required him to be much younger over the next several years, appearing in a range of television ads as well as shows including Walker, Texas Ranger, Roseanne, and the brief-lived FOX TV series Great Scott!
Early in his career, Maguire became close to young actor Leonardo DiCaprio, and the two struck a type of agreement to support one another's career advancement.
This agreement paid off well for Maguire, first with a cameo appearance on the 1990 television program Parenthood, in which Leonardo DiCaprio played the lead part.
The 1993 movie This Boy's Life had a similar casting situation. Maguire continued to work as an actor and producer after the Spider-Man series came to an end with Spider-Man 3 in 2007.
This included a famous appearance in the 2008 comedy Tropic Thunder. He had a more serious performance in the military drama film Brothers in 2009, for which he received a Golden Globe nomination.

Personal Life

On the Seabiscuit set in 2003, Maguire got to know jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer. They were wed in 2007, and they were divorced after approximately ten years of marriage.
One boy and one daughter were born to the couple. The other significant change in Maguire's personal life occurred in 2004, when he realized he had a talent for tournament poker.
He became a student of professional player Daniel Negreanu and began winning money at various competitions.
Maguire even participated in televised World Series of Poker championships and the infamous high-stakes games run by Molly Bloom in the mid-2000s.
Since the character portrayed by Michael Cera is reportedly based in part on Maguire and other well-known regular players of Bloom's games, you may be familiar with some of Maguire's behavior during these games if you've seen the fictionalized film version of these games in the 2017 film Molly's Game.

Top 12 Movies And Earnings

Tobey Maguire As Spiderman
Tobey Maguire As Spiderman
Tobey Maguire made his cinematic debut in the 1989 American family movie "The Wizard," when he played Lucas' Goon at Video Armageddon without receiving any credit.

Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

Peter approaches Doctor Strange for assistance after discovering Spider-identity. Man's When a spell goes awry and frightening enemies from other planets start to materialize, Peter is forced to learn what it means to be Spider-Man in real life.
Domestic Box Office$804,617,772
International Box office$1,081,688,244
Worldwide Box Office$1,886,306,016

Spider-Man (2002)

Peter Parker, a brilliant but introverted high school student, is bitten by a radioactive spider on a field trip and develops extraordinary strength and spider-like powers.
He learns to only use his skills for good after a family tragedy as he battles an evil billionaire to rescue his aunt May and his infatuation Mary Jane Watson.
Domestic Box Office$403,706,375
International Box office$418,000,000
Worldwide Box Office$821,706,375

Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Peter Parker tries desperately to balance his life as the local crime-fighting hero Spider-Man, but his grades are dropping, he keeps losing his employment, and his love interest has found another man to marry.
Dejected, he abandons his alter character, but eccentric scientist Dr. Otto Octavius, now the tentacled antagonist Doctor Octopus, accuses him of a nuclear experiment gone wrong.
Domestic Box Office$373,524,485
International Box office$421,173,072
Worldwide Box Office$794,697,557

Spider-Man 3 (2007)

When Peter Parker's costume turns black, strengthening his abilities and accentuating the evil part of his personality, a new danger materializes just as he seems to have found harmony between his vigilante alter identity, school, and love life.
Harry Osborn, an ex-friend turned sworn adversary, must also be defeated, and the true murderer of Uncle Ben, the Sandman, must be brought to justice.
Domestic Box Office$336,530,303
International Box office$558,329,927
Worldwide Box Office$894,860,230

The Great Gatsby (2013)

The central character of this Oscar-winning romantic drama, Nick Carraway, a writer and Wall Street trader, gets dragged into the history and way of life of his billionaire neighbor Jay Gatsby. It is based on F Scott Fitzgerald's widely read 1925 book of the same name.
Domestic Box Office$144,840,419
International Box office$208,800,000
Worldwide Box Office$353,640,419

Pleasantville (1998)

A weird remote control is given to David, who likes 1950s TV episodes, and Jennifer, who is quite different from him in many ways.
It inexplicably transfers them to "Pleasantville," a basic setting from a 1950s black-and-white comedy, with simple-minded people and flawless goods.
The twin twins from the real world contribute to bringing some delightful color to the residents of "Pleasantville."
Domestic Box Office$40,584,421
International Box office$9,221,041
Worldwide Box Office$49,805,462

Brothers (2009)

While Captain Sam Cahill is on duty in Afghanistan, his helicopter is shot down. Tommy, his brother, takes up the care of his brother's family, which consists of his wife and two kids.
Sam is emotionally traumatized and finds it difficult to accept the changes that have occurred since he left because of his incarceration.
Domestic Box Office$28,544,157
International Box office$16,499,713
Worldwide Box Office$45,043,870

Seabiscuit (2003)

True account about thoroughbred Seabiscuit from the depression period who, despite being tiny and having a slight limp, became one of the most successful racehorses.
The disgraced horse was purchased by car salesman Charles Howard at the recommendation of the animal's decrepit trainer Tom Smith, who chose Red Pollard as his mount.
Through his intimate relationships with them, Seabiscuit won races that raised the morale of both his squad and the country.
Domestic Box Office$120,277,854
International Box office$28,437,488
Worldwide Box Office$148,715,342

The Cider House Rules (1999)

Orphan Dr. Wilbur Larch tenderly raises Homer Wells in an orphanage in Maine while carrying out covert abortions for those who cannot afford them.
Homer leaves the orphanage as he matures and becomes proficient in obstetrical responsibilities because he disagrees with Larch's position on abortion, but he soon begins to second-guess his actions after beginning work at an apple orchard.
Domestic Box Office$57,547,209
International Box office$31,000,000
Worldwide Box Office$88,547,209

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (1998)

The dark comedy follows reporter Raoul Duke and his lawyer Dr. Gonzo as they go to Las Vegas to cover a motorcycle race in a red convertible.
They do, however, have a bag full of medications that they are consuming more and more of. The journey that comes next is a hallucinogenic quest for the American Dream.
Domestic Box Office$10,680,275
International Box office$3,031,628
Worldwide Box Office$13,711,903

Pawn Sacrifice (2014)

The 1972 World Chess Championship encounter between American Grandmaster Bobby Fischer and Soviet Chess Champion Boris Spassky is a major theme of the biographical movie about Bobby Fischer.
In order to realize his goal of becoming the youngest world champion, Fischer must battle both his own growing paranoia and the demands of the two superpowers.
Domestic Box Office$2,436,308
International Box office$1,702,439
Worldwide Box Office$4,138,747

Wonder Boys (2000)

Grady Tripp is a creative writing professor who struggles to finish his manuscript due to writer's block.
In addition, he is dealing with his third wife's separation, his literary agent's arrival and subsequent pressure to finish his novel, the pregnancy of his married girlfriend and the troubles her problematic pupil is having in life. Can there be any additional issues over the weekend?
Domestic Box Office$19,389,454
International Box office$14,033,031
Worldwide Box Office$33,422,485


As one would anticipate, Tobey's portrayal of Spider-Man has brought in the most money on the big screen.
He received a solid $4 million in 2002 for playing the superhero, but he received much more for the sequels; for Spider-Man 2, he agreed to a $17.5 million compensation plus 5% of the movie's box office take.
Then, for the third and final film, Spider-Man 3, he received a salary that was somewhat lower at $15 million but with an even higher percentage of the profits at 7.5 percent. The $12.5 million he earned for Seabiscuit is another salary in the Spider-Man area.


Tobey Maguire smiling
Tobey Maguire smiling

Real Estate

Tobey Maguire reportedly paid $6.9 million for a 3,526-square-foot property in the Brentwood district of Los Angeles in 2019.
He also listed a vacant property in Brentwood in 2018 and sold a modest compound in Santa Monica to "Million Dollar Decorator" Kathy Ireland for $3.325 million in the early months of 2017.
In the years previous. He also reportedly spent $13 million for another Brentwood house "on spec" the year before that.
Tobey advertised a house in West Hollywood, California, for $4.2 million in October 2020. Two years before, he purchased the house for $3.4 million.

Tobey Maguire House

According to public records and the Times, the 4,704 square foot, Mediterranean-style home was constructed in 1962, restored in 1990, and then refurbished by Waldo Fernandez after Maguire bought it in 2002.
According to public documents and the Los Angeles Times, Tobey Maguire sold his three-bedroom home in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills for an estimated $11.5 million.

Tobey Maguire Cars

The actor drives a black Mercedes-Benz S400 that costs $95,000. He enjoys driving it around. It is the first mass-produced car to employ a lithium-ion battery and has a hybrid gas-electric powertrain.


Tobey Maguire has not received any significant honors in his career, although his performance in the movie "Brothers" earned him a Golden Globe nomination.

Top 10 Interesting And Fun Facts About Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire Lifestyle/Biography 2021 - Networth | Family | Spouse | Kids | House | Cars

  • When he was in the ninth grade, Tobey Mcguire dropped out of school to focus on his acting career.
  • In the Spider Man trilogy, he played Peter Parker, Spiderman's alter ego, and is most recognized for that role. With the proceeds from Spiderman alone, he purchased a home in Beverly Hills.
  • Another important film starring Tobey McGuire is "Sea Biscuit."
  • In addition to being nominated for a Golden Globe and a Screen ActorsGuild Award, Tobey Mcguire has won the Saturn Award for Best Actor.
  • Tobey has been a committed vegan since 1992 and is a practicing vegan.
  • Tobey enjoys cooking and yoga among other things.
  • Tobey wed Jennifer Meyer on September 3, 2007, in a private ceremony that was only seen by his closest friends. and their union endures. The couple is the parents of two kids.
  • On June 27, 1975, Tobias Vincent Mcguire was born in Santa Monica, California, in the United States.
  • He was born to youthful, unmarried, 18 and 20-year-old parents.
  • When Tobey was a little kid, his parents divorced when he was two years old, and he traveled about a lot, mostly residing in California, Oregon, and Washington.

People Also Ask

Why Is Tobey Maguire So Rich?

With regular movie payments exceeding $15 million thanks to the popularity of Spider Man, Tobey became one of the most paid actors in the world in the 2000s.
Since then, Maguire has mostly acted in lesser films, and the three films mentioned above account for the majority of his box office earnings as a leading man.

How Much Did Tobey Maguire Make For Seabiscuit?

Tobey Maguire made the most of his money from the Spider-Man movies, but he also made a substantial $12.5 million from the sports thriller Seabiscuit in 2003.
Since making his acting debut in 1989, the actor has racked up over 53 credits, according to his IMDb website.

What Is Tobey Maguire Best Known For?

Tobias Vincent Maguire is an American actor and producer who was born on June 27, 1975.
He is most known for portraying Spider-Man in the 2002–2007 Spider-Man trilogy, a role he subsequently returned to in Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021).


Tobey became one of the most paid actors in the world in the 2000s because to the popularity of Spider Man, with single movie payments often reaching $15 million.
Since then, Maguire has mostly acted in lesser films, and his box office earnings as a leading man have largely come from these three movies.
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