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Tana Mongeau - $4 Million Net Worth, The Sexy Girl Youtuber


Online celebrity and rapper from the United States, Tana Mongeau net worth is $4 million.

Her most popular medium is likely YouTube, where she has more than 5 million followers and is well known for her "Storytime" video series.

She has capitalized on her early success on YouTube to launch a singing career and an MTV program, among other endeavors.

She was born and raised in Las Vegas, where she later launched her own YouTube channel in 2015 and amassed millions of subscribers.

Top 6 Quick Facts About Tana Mongeau

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NameTana Mongeau
Date Of BirthJun 24, 1998
ProfessionInternet personality
NationalityLas Vegas, Nevada, U.S.
Net Worth$4 Million

Tana Mongeau Personal Life

Mongeau dated Bella Thorne from sometime in the summer of 2017 until February of 2019. She then started dating fellow YouTuber Jake Paul in the spring of 2019, and in June she announced their engagement to be married.

The pair later got married at Graffiti Mansion in Las Vegas around the end of July. However, Mongeau later acknowledged that the event was not a legitimate ceremony, and by the start of 2020, she had changed her social media display names back after briefly going by the name "Tana Paul."

Tana Mongeau Career

Tana Mongeau Wearing A Sweam Suit
Tana Mongeau Wearing A Sweam Suit

For her storytime videos, she is most well-known. Her tendency to seek controversy (her first major break on YouTube was a video entitled "KICKED OUT OF WALMART") has contributed to her ongoing popularity on YouTube.

In 2017, she stated that she was under investigation by the FBI after someone hacked into her email and sent bomb threats.

However, that didn't stop her from breaking into other fields; she released her first song, "Hefner," also in 2017.

Naturally, the song was backed by an official music video that starred Bella Thorne. As if the release of his first song weren't enough, Mongeau had an appearance on the 2017 television program Maury in the same month.

She worked on a song called "Deadahh" with other YouTube stars Lil Phag and Dr. Woke the next month in December of 2017, and her second and third songs, "W" and "F**k Up," were out in March and August of 2018, respectively.

She also contributed to the tracks "Clout 9" and "Four Loko," both from God Hates Lil Phag's 2018 album.

Mongeau, one of the most well-known performers on YouTube, has a few credits on some of the platform's original shows.

She made four "Shane and Friends" appearances, and in 2017, she co-starred in the murder mystery program "Escape the Night."

She appeared in the YouTube series "No Filter" in the same year that her aforementioned MTV reality series debuted.

Tana Mongeau Social Media Profile

Tana Mongeau Sexy Tits
Tana Mongeau Sexy Tits

Tana Mongeau has a sizable following on the social media platforms where she sometimes posts about her personal and professional lives.

Followers & Subscribers


Earnings Per Month


Tana Mongeau Net Worth

Tana Mongeau is estimated to be worth $5 million as of July 2022. Mongeau makes her living from her careers in music, acting, and YouTube.

She has a thriving career as a YouTube professional. She has also recorded a few tracks as a budding vocalist.

Recently, she was offered a reality TV program, which would undoubtedly increase her notoriety and income.

Mongeau is a YouTuber who specializes in "storytime." This refers to videos when the YouTuber shares a humorous, frightful, humiliating, or unusual personal tale.

Usually, the YouTuber utilizes the narrative to highlight a point on love, employment, or life in general.

Additionally, Tana Mongeau earns money through brand endorsements, sponsorships, and promotions.

Tana Mongeau’s Sources Of Income

Due to her inflammatory and unpleasant material, the self-described "struggling demonetized influencer" presently does not make much money from YouTube through AdSense and was forced to search elsewhere to acquire the $4 million value.


Based on the assumption that YouTube channels make between $3 and $7 for every thousand views, Tana Mongeau's channel has an estimated net value of roughly $764,400 and generates an estimated $191,100 annually. These are conservative estimates, so Tana Mongeau may really make more than $343,980 year.

Mongeau now makes between $5,000 and $80,000 annually and between $417 and $6,700 per month after being demonetized.

Business Ventures

Mongeau is now collaborating with Unruly Agency and David Weintraub to translate her social media popularity and influence into actual business success. Tana's Angels Agency was established by Mongeau with assistance from Unruly and Weintraub. They also intended to introduce the "Only Foods" brand of branded foods under the Mongeau umbrella as well as the "Dizzy" brand of alcoholic beverages. In addition, Mongeau is getting ready to make her debut as the first female influencer boxer after her ex Jake Paul, who is also a well-known YouTuber turned boxer, found success.

Mongeau also produces her own line of goods, perhaps most known for her mugshot t-shirt, which, according to Celebrity Net Worth, sold out in a matter of hours after she was detained at Coachella for underage drinking.

Brand Endorsements

Few well-known firms want to jeopardize their reputations by working with Mongeau because of the material she provides, which is divisive. However, this has made it possible for modern companies like Fashion Nova and Lounge Underwear to collaborate with Mongeau to market their goods.

Music Career

Mongeau's Spotify account receives more than 126,110 monthly listeners, and she has published more than eight tracks that have been played more than 55 million times overall.

Tana Mongeau's Expenses

Mongeau really paid an unknown sum to purchase David Dobrik's former home in Sherman Oaks, California. She left that home after a while, and we don't know where she now resides. According to an insider, Mongeau received a $124,00 Mercedes G Wagon as a birthday present from her ex Jake Paul. Tana purchased her closest friend Ashly Schawn a brand-new Mercedes for an unknown sum, according to an Instagram post from 18 April 2020.

Tana Mongeau Lifestyle

Tana Mongeau Smiling
Tana Mongeau Smiling


The home is about 3,000 square feet in size and contains four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Tana and her pals will have plenty of room in the lovely house. The backyard has a pool, hot tub, and pool cabana.

Even the pool house includes a little fireplace to keep guests warm after swimming, particularly at night.

The house is close to many other famous people and is situated in the Sherman Oaks area of Los Angeles.

The backyard offers views of the lovely neighborhood in the Los Angeles region nearby. Due to the abundance of huge windows throughout the home, several of the rooms even provide panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Car Collection

A Rolls-Royce Wraith, a Bentley Bentayga, and a Lamborghini Huracan are among Tana Mongeau's automobiles.

These vehicles are all very pricey, with the Bentley Bentayga costing more than $200,000 and the Rolls-Royce Wraith exceeding $300,000.

These automobiles are owned by YouTube stars who are obviously doing quite well for themselves!

Top 6 Interesting Facts About Tana Mongeau

  • She's currently engaged to Jake Paul.
  • She hosted her own convention that went crazy.
  • She has her own show coming out.
  • She was on an episode of Maury.
  • She is a rapper.
  • She's from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tana Mongeau Luxury Lifestyle 2021 ★ Net worth | Income | House | Cars | Boyfriend | Family | Age

People Also Ask

Is Tana Mongeau Rich?

Yes, Tana Marie Mongeau, better known by her stage name Tana Mongeau, is wealthy with an estimated net worth of $4 million.

The 23-year-old has been seen giving her closest pals a Mercedes Benz car and a Rolex watch on many occasions.

Is Tana Mongeau Married?

Tana Mongeau isn't married right now. In April 2019, Mongeau and Jake Paul started dating. A few months later, they said they were engaged and had exchanged vows.

InTouch reported that the marriage was not legally binding since they did not secure a marriage certificate before saying "I do," but Mongeau said on her MTV program that it was only a playful joke.

Why Was Tana Mongeau Demonetized On YouTube?

Tana Mongeau lost her verified status on YouTube after the redesign of the platform to flag objectionable and offensive material, which was brought on by many instances of the actress using the N-word in a disparaging and racist way on video (as reported by iDubbbz).


An online celebrity, rapper, and actress from the United States named Tana Mongeau has a $5 million estimated net worth.

Mongeau has developed a following of supporters who laud her for being "genuine" and sincere. She discusses her crushes, her sex life, her dieting, and her challenges with figuring out her thoughts freely and honestly.

Due to all of this, she is very well-liked by a group of people going through comparable difficulties.

Mongeau is well-known for the storytime videos and other related materials she posts on her popular YouTube channel of the same name.

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