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Silvio Berlusconi Net Worth $8.5 Billion - Italy's Il Cavaliere

Former Italian Prime Minister, businessman, and media mogul Silvio Berlusconi net worth is $8.5 billion. He is renowned for being a frequent criminal defendant and convicted tax evader. He is one of Italy's longest-serving prime ministers after the war.

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Former Italian Prime Minister, businessman, and media mogul Silvio Berlusconi net worthis $8.5 billion.
He is renowned for being a frequent criminal defendant and convicted tax evader. He is one of Italy's longest-serving prime ministers after the war.
Additionally, he is the 76-year-old owner of the Italian football team AC Milan and is still known as the "oldest playboy" in Italy.

Quick Facts About Silvio Berlusconi

NameSilvio Berlusconi
Date Of BirthSep 29, 1936
Place Of BirthMilan
Gender Male
ProfessionPolitician, Businessperson, Entrepreneur, Media proprietor, Film Producer
Net Worth$8.5 Billion

Silvio Berlusconi Personal Life

In 1965, he wed Carla Elvira Dall'Oglio. Peter Silbio and Maria Elvira were their two offspring.
Barbara, Eleonora, and Luigi were the offspring of Berlusconi's romance with actress Veronica Lario.
He wed Lario in 1990 after divorcing Dall'Oglio in 1985. Given that he was a well-known businessman at the time of their wedding, it was a significant social occasion.
Lario made the announcement that she will divorce Berlusconi in May 2009. In a divorce deal in 2012, he was mandated to pay Lario $48 million annually. Ten of Berlusconi's grandkids exist.
Just after the local election campaign in June 2016, he was admitted to the hospital for heart issues and a stroke.
He had cardiac surgery to repair an aortic valve that was damaged. In September 2020, Berlusconi tested positive for COVID-19.
He had serious symptoms when he was brought to the hospital. After being released, he referred to COVID-19 as the "most hazardous and terrifying event" of his life. A second hospitalization for COVID-19 long-term effects occurred in May 2021.

Silvio Berlusconi Career

Silvio Berlusconi at a conference
Silvio Berlusconi at a conference

Business Career

He handled the development of modest projects in Milan after securing a minor loan from a nearby bank.
Later, he erected "Milano Two," 4,000 residential flats east of Milan. In 1973, Berlusconi founded a modest cable television firm named Telemilano to make his media debut.
He soon began to amass wealth through Fininvest, which owns shares in Mediaset, Italy's largest media company; Mediolanum, an Italian billionaire Ennio Doris' financial services company; Mondadori, one of Italy's largest publishing houses; Medusa, a movie production company; and A.C. Milan, a football team that was almost bankrupt when Berlusconi purchased it in 1986.
With an estimated net worth of $8 billion, Forbes Magazine placed him as the 190th wealthiest person in the world.

Political Career

Berlusconi initially entered politics in 1993, when he ran for prime minister with his then-new political party, Forza Italy (Go Italy).
Since then, he has held the position of prime minister of Italy four times: in 1994–1995; in 2001–2006; and in 2008–2011.
After Benito Mussolini and Giovanni Giolitti, who both held the position for nine years in total, Berlusconi has the third-longest tenure as prime minister since Italy's unification.
From 1994 until 2009, Berlusconi served as the party's head. From 2009 to 2013, he served as the party's successor, The People of Freedom.
With three summits held in Italy, Berlusconi, the senior G8 leader from 2009 to 2011, holds the record for most summits hosted by a single leader.
After serving 19 years in Italy's lower house, the Chamber of Deputies, he was elected to the Senate in the 2013 general election.
The first premier to take office without having previously held any political or administrative positions was Silvio Berlusconi.
The Court of Cassation, the highest court, found Berlusconi guilty of tax fraud in August of that year.
Three of the four years of his jail term were automatically commuted to probation. He was barred for two years from holding public office.
At age 76, he was excused from direct incarceration because of Italian sentencing standards that normally do not impose imprisonment for those above the age of 70. Instead, he fulfilled his sentence by doing unpaid social community service.
An Italian anti-corruption statute caused the Senate to expel him and prohibit him from holding any public or legislative position for six years as a result of his sentence of more than two years in jail.
Throughout his term and prohibition from holding public office, he promised to remain the head of Forza Italia.
He ran for and won a seat as an MEP in the 2019 European Parliament election after his suspension expired.
The populist politician and abrasive character Berlusconi is renowned for has led to his being often accused of being an authoritarian leader.
Berlusconi has always been a contentious and even polarizing personality in the eyes of the general public and political observers.
His charismatic strength and leadership abilities, as well as his budgetary strategy focused on tax reduction, are cited by his admirers.
He has worked hard to keep his ties to Russia and the United States solid and tight. Berlusconi has a reputation for making mistakes or offensive statements in public.
Many political analysts and authorssaw his victory as a model for Donald Trump's victory in the 2016 presidential election.

Silvio Berlusconi Net Worth

Silvio Berlusconi, the most well-liked member of the European Parliament, claimed that he was worth around $8.5 billion.
He is among the all-time great businesspeople. A self-made millionaire, he is He came from a family that couldn't afford a home when he was young.
He now has a home in practically every Italian city. He has three private aircraft and seven helicopters.

Silvio Berlusconi Controversies

Silvio Berlusconi waving
Silvio Berlusconi waving
Karima El Mahroug, a 17-year-old Moroccan belly dancer, said in November 2010 that Berlusconi had paid her $10,000 during events held at his estates.
She admitted to orgies at these gatherings before Milan prosecutors. Berlusconi conducted the "bunga bunga," an African-inspired ceremony, in the bare form with 20 young ladies.
This event has been referred to as "Ruby Gate" in the investigation of Berlusconi for child prostitution.
He was the subject of a criminal inquiry in 2011 for reportedly having sex with a minor prostitute.
He was convicted guilty, given a seven-year jail term, and a lifetime ban from holding public office; however, after appealing the sentence, his conviction was reversed.
Berlusconi came under criticism for allegedly using $1.8 million in public funding from RAI Cinema to further the acting career of Michelle Bonev, a relatively unknown actress from Bulgaria.
The fact that this occurred at a time when the nation's arts budget was being drastically curtailed led to popular outrage.

People Also Ask

What Is The Salary Of Silvio Berlusconi?

Silvio Berlusconi earns an estimated salary of $1 Billion per Year.

How Old Is Silvio Berlusconi?

Silvio Berlusconi was born on September 29, 1936, and is currently 87 years old.

How Tall Is Silvio Berlusconi?

Silvio Berlusconi’s height is 1.65 m, which is equal to 5 ft 5 in.

Final Words

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. He has served as prime minister of Italy for a number of years. He is the proprietor of A.C. Milan, an Italian football team.
The young and talented Berlusconi, who hails from a lower-middle class background, studied law in Milan while also working as a singer on cruise ships and in nightclubs. Silvio Berlusconi's net wealth is projected to be at $8.5 billion as of January 2023.
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