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Serge Ibaka Net Worth In 2022, Birthday, Age, Daughter And Girlfriend

What is Serge Ibaka net worth? Serge Ibaka is a renowned Basketball player. As of 2021, his net worth is $35 million.

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Serge Ibaka is a renowned Basketball player. He is among the top & richest players of the Toronto Raptors. As of 2021, Serge Ibaka net worthis estimated at $35 million. He was born on 18th September 1989 in the Republic of the Congo. His age 31 years and 107 KG weight.

Serge Ibaka Early Life

He had grown up seeing his parents playing basketball. His father & mother both played for nationals. He said he used to play basketball to escape his grief of his mother’s unfortunate death and his father’s imprisonment due to war.
His life was no easy! He has to run away from his own country to survive! His father managed to get him and his siblings to move out of the country before the war! At the age of 17, Ibaka, with his brother & sister, moved to France. Then afterward, he moved to Spain and continued his basketball career there! And now he plays for Spain in international games.

Serge Ibaka Professional Career

Ibaka is now known as the NBA shot-blocking specialist in the industry! But this star captured the lights first in July 2009 when Oklahoma City Thunder picked him and signed a two-year contract with him. Since then, he played for Thunders till 2016. Now, with his awesome performance, he got picked to lead the team in NBA Finals 2012. The same year Ibaka signed a 4 long year agreement with Thunders for 48 Million dollars.
Then later, he became a part of the Orlando Magic. He was traded there on 23rd June 2016. Here, he scored his lifetime’s highest points, i.e., 31 points, and won the game against his former team thunders. Then on 14th February 2017, he was again traded to the Toronto Raptors to replace Terrence Ross. And now he is shining here!

Making Art with Nobis

Net worth$35 million
ProfessionBasketball player
GirlfriendPearl Thusi
Birthday18th September 1989
Age31 years
Height2.13 m
Jersey No9
PositionPower Forward
NationalitySpanish, Congolese

Serge Ibaka National Team Career

When he got Spanish citizenship in 2011, he got the biggest opportunity to play for Spain internationally. His team won gold against France in Eurobasket 2011and Silver in the Summer Olympics in 2012.

Serge Ibaka Personal Life

In his free time, he expresses his love for cooking. He is a passionate chef. He also has a 13-year-old daughter named Ranie Ibaka. He says he enjoyed most of the free time with her.

Serge Ibaka Girlfriend

Currently, Ibaka is seeing Pearl Thusi. She is a TV personality, actress, and show host. Pearl is 32 years old African social media sensation currently. Her net worth in 2021 is reported as around $1 to $5 Millions.

Serge Ibaka Siblings

Ibaka has two siblings.... one brother -Igor Ibaka, and one sister- Rachina Ibaka. Igor Ibaka is following in Serge's footsteps. He is also pursuing basketball as a career.

Serge Ibaka Profile

In Ibaka’s player profile, he has-
  • Current Team- Toronto Raptors
  • Position- Power Forward
  • Jersey No - 9 in Oklahoma City Thunder, 7 in Orlando Magic, and 9 again in Toronto Raptors.
  • NBA seasons- 11in which 9 were Playoffs
  • NBA Titles- 1
  • Awards- Blocks leader (2), All-Defensive First Team (3)
  • Star- none
  • Drafts: Seattle SuperSonics, 1st round (24th pick, 24th overall), 2008 NBA Draft.
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