Sarah Hyland Net Worth in 2020, DOB, Age, Boyfriend and Movies

What is Sarah Hyland's net worth?

Sarah Hyland is among the well-known American actress. However, she had become famous by starting with following doing small roles in English films. November 24, 1990 is the date when she was born on the Hyland family. Sarah Hyland’s net worth is $14 million. And she takes around $ 130 thousand per episode. Apart from this, she is having various accolades and nominations in various American films.

Sarah Hyland early life

Sarah Hyland was born on November 24, 1990, in Manhattan, New York. Melissa Canaday and Edward James Hyland is the father and mother of Sarah Hyland. She has taken birth in a well-known family with good wealth. Ian Hyland is the younger brother of Sarah who is also an actor.

Sarah Hyland Net Worth in 2020, Birthday, Age, Boyfriend and Movies

Net worth$14 Million
Earning sourceActress
BirthdayNovember 24, 1990
BornUnited States
Age30 years old
Height5 feet and 2 inches
BoyfriendWells Adams
FatherEdward James Hyland
MotherMelissa Canaday
BrotherIan Hyland
TwitterSarah Hyland
Zodiac signSagittarius

Sarah Hyland career

Sarah Hyland started her career with her first film as the role of Howard Stem’s daughter in the private parts film which was released in 1997. However, she went on her career with having the portray roles in television films. Apart from this, there are many more films which have been pursued by Sarah in the film industry. Even she had various campaigns that are related to her films that are there. She had also worked in the Disney channels which are having original movies. She had pursued her career in the performing arts school in Manhattan.

Sarah Hyland personal life

Sarah, when born, was a young child who was diagnosed by the Kidney Dysplasia. However, she had her kidney transplantation at a younger age. But the kidney was failed after a few years of kidney transplantation. This is the reason that she received kidney transplantation in the year 2017 in September.

Both of them are having regular anti-rejection medicines. Following these medicines she was frustrated and she contemplated suicide in December 2018.

Sarah Hyland filmography

Sarah had given her presence in various films. Some of the films in which she had a great role were Geek Charming, Annie, The Wedding year, Vampire Academy and various other films. This is the reason that she is having a great and superior film career.

Sarah Hyland awards and nominations

According to her outstanding talent, she has received various awards. On the other hand, she was also nominated for having various titles. Some of the awards which she received in 2014 are glamour Award for comedy actress. Another award which she is getting since 2012 is the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding role females.

Sarah Hyland birthday

Sarah celebrates her birthday on November 24, 1990. However, this was the day Hyland family was blessed with having talented Sarah Hyland in their family.

Sarah Hyland age

On her next birthday she is going to be 30 years old. This will be done on her next birthday.

Sarah Hyland born

Sarah Hyland was born on 24 November 1990. In the city of United States she was born. Now she is having the net worth of $ 14 million per year.

Sarah Hyland residence

Sarah has a big bungalow in the city where she is born. She is having her beautiful residence in Manhattan, New York.

Sarah Hyland education

Sarah went to the best professional performing arts school in New York City. However, she had grown up with her younger brother who is also a well-known actor in the American film industries.

Sarah Hyland occupation

Sarah is having two professions in which she has mastered her skills. However, she is good at voice acting and film producing in the best acting films.

Sarah Hyland boyfriend

Sarah Hyland is having a boyfriend named Wells Adams. However, he has given her never-ending phrases which there for never breaking down. Her boyfriend is her strength when she was recovering from the kidney transplant.

Sarah Hyland movies

Sarah has her roles in various movies. Some of the movies that are there is Geek Charming, Annie, The wedding year, satanic, and various others.

Sarah Hyland Height in feet

Sarah is 5 feet and 2 inches in height. This shows her personality in all the movies and roles that she performing.

Sarah Hyland brother

She is having her younger brother, Ian Hyland. However, he is also a great actor in American films that are having various fans.

Sarah Hyland bio

Sarah is having a good and wealthy celeb family. She is considered as the best actress who is performing all the comedy roles and also the roles of the best actress in the famous films. Now she is having the net worth of $ 14 million annually by her films.

Sarah Hyland dad

Edward James Hyland is the father of Sarah Hyland. However, he is also among the wealthiest man in the city.

Sarah Hyland engaged

Yes, she has been engaged with Wells Adams. However, he gave her support when she was recovering from her diseases.

Sarah Hyland eyes

Sarah is having beautiful large eyes. However, her eye bolls are having bluish-black color which gives a great look to her face and personality.

Sarah Hyland family

She is having her mother, father and her younger brother who is also an actor in American films. However, they have a cute and small family.

Sarah Hyland friends

Sarah is having various friends who supported her in her career.

Sarah Hyland husband

Sarah is going to marry to Wells Adams. He is a great supporter and plays a great role in her life.

Sarah Hyland house

Sarah is having a luxurious lifestyle with which she is having a great and attractive bungalow in New York City.

Sarah Hyland mom

Melissa Canaday is the mother of Sarah Hyland. Her mother is also a well known actress. She has also given her part in various films.

Sarah Hyland sibling

Sarah is having her younger brother Ian Hyland. He has shared his kidney with her sister to keep her protected. They have been grown up together and shared the best memories together.

Sarah Hyland nationality

Sarah Hyland is an American living with her family in New York, United States.

Sarah Hyland religion

She is a Christian who performs all the religious customs in their family.

Sarah Hyland relationships

Because of the beauty that Sarah is having, she had various relationships in the past. But currently, she is having her boyfriend Wells Adams.

Sarah Hyland Instagram

Sarah is having her Instagram accounts which are filled by various followers. However, she is also having various posts by which all the followers are happy.

Sarah Hyland twitter

She is also active on her twitter account which is having various fans and many of the personal information related to the actress.

Sarah Hyland tattoo

There are five types of tattoos that Sarah is having.

Sarah Hyland uncle

Sarah is having her uncle Bryan who was hospitalized because of his serious injuries.

Sarah Hyland zodiac sign

Sagittarius is the zodiac sign of Sarah Hyland. This is related to the date and month on which she was born.

Sarah Hyland earning a source

Sarah Hyland is having her earning source from the films in which she is having a great role. However, her net worth is $ 14 million.

Q: What disease does Sarah Hyland have?

Sarah was diagnosed by the Kidney Dysplasia. However, she is still recovering from the kidney transplantation that she had.

Photo ofSarah Jane Hyland
Sarah Jane Hyland
(SJ; Kitty; Raindrop)
Job Title
Hollywood industry

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