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Ricky Martin Sues His Nephew - File Claims $20 Million For Extortion

The singer says that his nephew "persecuted, besieged, harassed, stalked, and extorted" him in an attempt to "assassinate" his reputation. Ricky Martin sues his nephew because he said that he sexually abused him. Lawyers for Martin said that the nephew's claim, which he has since taken back, has cost the singer millions of dollars in lost income.

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Sep 09, 202284 Shares1723 Views
Ricky Martin sues his nephewbecause he tried to use false sexual assault claims to get money from him and hurt his reputation. The singer, who is 50 years old, filed a lawsuit against his nephew, Dennis Sanchez Martin, on Wednesday. He accused him of trying to get money from him.
PEOPLE got a copy of the filing, which comes after Sanchez dropped his sexual assault claim against Martin and a judge threw out the temporary restraining order against the singer of "Livin' La Vida Loca."
Martin's lawsuit comes after a legal battle in July when Martin's nephew accused him of harassing him and a judge in San Juan gave the nephew a protection order. Martin has denied the nephew's claim.

Why Ricky Martin Sues His Nephew?

Ricky Martin Files $20 Million Extortion Lawsuit Against His Nephew

In court documents that NBC Newsgot on September 7, the singer says that his nephew, Dennis Yadiel Sánchez Martin, who is "of legal age," "persecuted, besieged, harassed, stalked, and extorted" him to "assassinate" his reputation.
In July, Martin was given an order to stay away from the person. At the time, NBC News confirmed that the person who got the restraining order was the son of Martin's half-sister. A court document that Telemundo got and gave to NBC News says that the nephew said he and Martin had a sexual and romantic relationship that lasted seven months. The winner of a Grammy denied everything that was said about him.
At a hearing on July 21 in Puerto Rico, the nephew dropped his case against the singer, so the judge did not extend a temporary order of protection against him.
Martin's lawyers said in a statement that today got after the hearing that they "had anticipated" that the temporary protection order would not be extended.
Martin's lawsuit says that his nephew still sends him messages, even though he took back his restraining order and "admitted under oath that he had never been sexually assaulted" by Martin.
The lawsuit says that between October 2021 and January 2022, the nephew would message him all the time, sometimes more than 10 times in one day. Martin says that his nephew put his phone number on social media and made an Instagram account for one of his kids. On Wednesday, it was not clear right away if Martin's nephew has a lawyer. Martin accuses his nephew of making malicious allegations according to documents,
“Without probable cause, with serious contempt for the truth and knowing that they were false.”
He also says that his nephew's accusations against him hurt his reputation and cost him deals worth millions of dollars and "future artistic projects." Martin wants compensation of at least $20 million. The next day, after his nephew dropped his case for a restraining order, Martin went back on stage at the Hollywood Bowl and played his best songs. He said during the Los Angeles concert,
“All I want is for you to forget all your issues tonight. Just focus on love and light and let’s just have a good time.


It also said that Sanchez lied when he said he had been dating Martin for seven months and that Martin didn't want the relationship to end and kept calling Sanchez a lot. It also said that Sanchez had been the subject of two restraining orders in a stalking case that had nothing to do with this one. Martin sues his nephew, Sanchez for $20 million for extortion, malicious prosecution, rights abuse, and damages.
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