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Richard Wright Net Worth - The Soul Of Pink Floyd

English musician, singer, and composer Rick Wright net worth is$70 million and he is most known for his work with Pink Floyd. One of the fundamental factors contributing to Pink Floyd's unique sound and popularity is his prowess as a keyboardist.

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English musician, singer, and composer Rick Wright net worthis $70 million and he is most known for his work with Pink Floyd.
One of the fundamental factors contributing to Pink Floyd's unique sound and popularity is his prowess as a keyboardist.
Wright's heavily textured keyboard layers were a crucial component of Pink Floyd's recognizable signature sound.

Quick Facts About Rick Wright

NameRick Wright
Date Of BirthJul 28, 1943 - Sep 15, 2008 (65 years old)
ProfessionMusician, Songwriter, Organist, Keyboard Player, Multi-instrumentalist
NationalityUnited Kingdom
Net Worth$70 Million

Rick Wright Personal Life

On July 28, 1943, in Hatch End, Middlesex, the UK, Richard Wright was born.
His father worked at Unigate Dairies as a scientist.
At the age of 12, while recovering from a broken leg, he taught himself how to play the guitar, trumpet, and piano.
His mother encouraged him to play the piano and assisted him.
At the Eric Gilder School of Music, he also took music theory and composition classes.
He studied the trombone, saxophone, and piano under the influence of the jazz renaissance that was taking on at the time.
He also enrolled at the University of Westminster, where he met Pink Floyd bandmates Mason and Waters, demonstrating his lack of musical risk-taking.
In 1964, Richard wed Julliett Gale, his first wife.
The two children were a blessing, but the couple separated in 1982. Between 1984 to 1994, he was married to Franka Wright for ten years.
He married Mildred Hobbs in 1995 after divorcing Franka, and the couple had a son named Ben. Broken China, his 1996 solo release, was inspired by her despair.
Since his first trip to the Greek islands in 1964, Wright had fallen in love with them.
In 1984, he relocated to Greece and stayed there for a while, taking a temporary hiatus from music.
He spent time on a boat he owned in the Virgin Islands and resided in Le Rouret, France, in his final years.

Death Of Rick Wright

On September 15, 2008, Wright passed away at his London home.
Lung cancer was the death's cause.
The band members paid him a visit and informed him that they would not be going on tour without him after formally disbanding the group in 2008.
At his show in Canada, Elton John sang "belief" as a dedication to Wright.

Rick Wright Career

Rick Wright Singing
Rick Wright Singing
He was a multi-instrumentalist who also sang, played bass guitar, violin, vibraphone, trombone, cello, and trumpet in addition to keyboards.
At the age of twelve, he began learning the guitar, piano, and trumpet.
He quickly came to the conclusion that music was his genuine vocation.
The Pink Floyd Sound, as they were known in 1965, was founded by Wright.
He also took part in its earlier incarnations as The (Screaming) Abdabs and Sigma 6.
Wright often sang harmony vocals and sometimes lead vocals with Pink Floyd after the band's foundation, most notably on the hits "Time," "Echoes," "Wearing the Inside Out," "Astronomy Domine," and "Matilda Mother."
He also composed a significant portion of the music for Pink Floyd's last studio album, The Division Bell, as well as for iconic albums like Meddle, The Dark Side of the Moon, and Wish You Were Here.
Their position in rock history was secured with 1973's Dark Side of the Moon.
In addition to his work with the ensemble, he also released "Wet Dream" as a solo project in 1978.
Together with Dave Harris, he founded a brand-new musical ensemble in 1984, resulting in the production of the album "Identity."
His second solo album, titled "Broken China," was out in 1996.
He also performed live successfully throughout his whole life.

Rick Wright Net Worth

Richard Wright, the keyboardist and co-founder of Pink Floyd, had a $70 million fortune at the time of his death.
Except for "The Final Cut," he wrote songs for and created the music for 14 Pink Floyd albums.
Richard earned an equal split of the band's earnings up to the point when he departed Pink Floyd, despite some disagreements with Roger Waters over his involvement in the band's later recordings.
Jamie and Gala, who are older than Ben, received his father's property in southeast France and £20,000 to host a celebration in his honor.
Gala also acquired the Aston Martin DB5 owned by her father.
Wright gave a sizable sum of money to his sisters and their children while dividing the earnings from Pink Floyd among his offspring.

Rick Wright Lifestyle

Rick Wright Smiling
Rick Wright Smiling

Real Estate

Richard spent the most of his final years in France.
But now that he's passed away, his home is being offered for $1.55 million.
The 1.3-acre home has a tennis court, a wine cellar, a play area for boules, a swimming pool, and a pool house with a built-in kitchen and BBQ.


Wright received support from other members of Pink Floyd as well as from Nordoff Robbins, Live 8, the Syd Barrett Trust, and numerous other artists.


In his testament, he bequeathed $34 million to each of his children.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Rick Wright You Don't Know

  • He relocated to Chicago in 1927, where he worked for the Postal Service and was active in well-known literary and political groups.
  • He felt that literature was his most powerful tool for challenging racial relations in the United States.
  • His maternal grandmother and aunt reared him in Tennessee and Mississippi, respectively.
  • He had a strong friendship with James Baldwin, another writer of novels.
  • Wright decided to relocate to Paris with his wife and two children in 1946 after a quick visit to the country.
  • Despite his choice to leave the country soon after World War II ended and stay abroad instead, Wright traveled much.
  • Soon after relocating to Chicago in the early 1930s, Wright joined the Communist party.
  • The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University is where you may now find the Richard Wright Papers.
  • Significant Civil Rights and anti-colonial philosophers including James Baldwin, Frantz Fanon, Aimé Césaire, and Kwame Anthony Appiah were affected by (and sometimes disappointed by) Wright's work.
  • Wright's book Native Son was adapted for the big screen by Pierre Chenal when he was a resident of Paris.
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People Also Ask

What Did Richard Wright Believe In?

The writings Wright published during this time period show his opinion that communism is the only system now in existence that is capable of restoring human values to the planet, according to Wright himself, who claims to have been a member of the Communist party from 1932 until 1944.

Why Did Richard Wright Write Black Boy?

In reaction to his childhood experiences, Wright composed Black Boy.
Given that Black Boy is somewhat autobiographical, many of the tales are based on events that really happened to Wright when he was a boy.

What Did Richard Wright Do In Pink Floyd?

Pink Floyd's co-founder Richard William Wright was an English musician who lived from July 28, 1943, until September 15, 2008.
He performed on practically every Pink Floyd album and tour, playing keyboards and singing.


Richard Wright, a Pink Floyd co-founder and keyboardist, contributed to the band's numerous successful songs with his highly textured keyboard layers, which helped to define Pink Floyd's unique sound.
His bandmates, notably David Gilmour, who described to him as "his musical companion," were severely saddened by his passing.
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