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Richard Harris Net Worth - $20 Million, The Marcus Aurelius Of Modern Cinema

Richard Harris net worth is $20 million at the time of his death in 2002. He was an Irish actor and singer. In October 1930, Richard Harris was born in Limerick, Ireland, and he died there in October 2002. He appeared in various movies, including This Sporting Life, Camelot, A Man Called Horse, Unforgiven, Gladiator, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and others. He also performed on stage.

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Richard Harris net worthis $20 million at the time of his death in 2002. He was an Irish actor and singer.
In October 1930, Richard Harris was born in Limerick, Ireland, and he died there in October 2002. He appeared in various movies, including This Sporting Life, Camelot, A Man Called Horse, Unforgiven, Gladiator, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and others. He also performed on stage.

Quick Facts About Richard Harris

NameRichard Harris
Date Of BirthOct 1, 1930 - Oct 25, 2002 (72 years old)
Height6 ft (1.85 m)
ProfessionSinger-songwriter, Actor, Film Director, Film Producer, Screenwriter
NationalityRepublic of Ireland
Net Worth$20 Million

Career And Personal Life

Richard Harris In The Count Of Monte Cristo
Richard Harris In The Count Of Monte Cristo


Richard Harris started off as a singer and actor. In addition to playing the lead role in The Ginger Man on Broadway, Harris made his film debut in 1959's Alive and Kicking.
He acted with James Cagney in Shake Hands with the Devil (1959), playing a brief part as an IRA volunteer.
Michael Anderson, who directed the movie and had it filmed in Ireland, gave Harris a part in his next movie, The Wreck of the Mary Deare (1959), which was made in Hollywood.
The seven-minute song "MacArthur Park" (which Harris insisted on singing as "MacArthur's Park") can be found on one of the music CDs he made, A Tramp Shining.
Jimmy Webb composed this song, which peaked at number two on the American Billboard Hot 100 list.
During the summer of 1968, it also reached the top of various music sales charts in Europe.
The success of "MacArthur Park," which sold over a million copies and won a Golden disc, raised Richard Harris's net worth.

Personal Life

In 1957, David Rees-Williams, the first Baron Ogmore, married Elizabeth Rees-Williams.
Jamie Harris, Jared Harris, and Damien Harris, all actors, are the couple's offspring. Following the divorce of Richard Harris and Rees-Williams in 1969, Elizabeth wed Rex Harrison. He wed American actress Ann Turkel for a second time. In 1982, they got divorced.
Richard belonged to the Roman Catholic Knights of Malta, and the Queen of Denmark knighted him in 1985.
After learning that American comedian Liberace had planned to buy the home but hadn't yet put down a deposit, he paid £75,000 in 1968 for William Burgess' Tower House in Holland Park.
Richard Harris hired Campbell Smith & Co. Ltd., the building's original decorators, to do major interior repair.

Top 8 Movies And Earnings

Richard Harris In Gladiator
Richard Harris In Gladiator
Frank Machin in "This Sporting Life" (1963), for which he won the "Greatest Actor Award" at Cannes and was nominated for a "Academy Award," and "Bull" McCabe in "The Field" (1990), for which he was nominated for both a "Academy Award" and a "Golden Globe," are two of his best performances.
He received a "Golden Globe" for his performance as King Arthur in the 1967 musical drama "Camelot."

Gladiator (2000)

The son of ailing Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Commodus, usurps the throne by killing his father and the family of his favorite commander, Maximus, who has been imprisoned and sold into slavery in Africa.
However, Maximus makes a comeback to Rome as a well-liked gladiator and concocts a scheme to topple the ruler.
Domestic Box Office$187,683,805
International Box Office$268,751,783
Worldwide Box Office$456,435,588

The Count Of Monte Cristo (2002)

The film, which is based on the Alexandre Dumas book, follows Edmond Dantes, who is betrayed by his friends Fernand Mondeg, Danglars, and Villefort and is wrongfully convicted of treason and imprisoned as a result.
He makes his way out of jail in order to exact vengeance on those who mistreated him and to save Mercédès Mondego from Fernand.
Domestic Box Office$54,228,104
International Box Office$21,160,986
Worldwide Box Office$75,389,090

Unforgiven (1992)

The other prostitutes are upset by Sheriff Little Bill Daggett's order after two cowboys assault and disfigure a prostitute.
They offer a reward of $1,000 for killing the two. William Munny, a once violent criminal who now enjoys a calm life, is drawn to this. He is out to re-enter the perilous world with his former criminal associate, Ned Logan.
Domestic Box Office$101,157,447
International Box Office$58,000,000
Worldwide Box Office$159,157,447

Patriot Games (1992)

In the follow-up to The Hunt for Red October, Jack Ryan is seen shooting Patrick Miller, a terrorist from the IRA, as his brother Sean looks on.
After being found guilty, Sean Miller escapes from jail and joins forces with other IRA members to exact vengeance on Ryan and his family.
Domestic Box Office$83,287,363
International Box Office$94,812,637
Worldwide Box Office$178,100,000

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone (2001)

When Harry Potter, an orphaned eleven-year-old living a dull life with his aunt's family, is granted admission to Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, he discovers that he is the son of two formidable wizards.
The joy of meeting new people, like as the half-giant Hagrid and his students Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, is quickly overshadowed by having to face Voldemort.
Domestic Box Office$317,871,467
International Box Office$647,182,655
Worldwide Box Office

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2002)

Hermione, Ron, and Harry are second-year Hogwarts students in this second film in the Harry Potter series.
Things get deadly at the school as students start to fear a monster that's hiding there and a bloody inscription on the wall announcing the opening of the Chamber of Secrets. The three must now discover the truth and identify the offender.
Domestic Box Office
International Box Office
Worldwide Box Office

The Bible: In The Beginning... (1966)

Is a 1966 American-Italian religious epic movie that John Huston directed and Dino De Laurentiis produced.
It tells the narrative from The Creation and Adam and Eve to the binding of Isaac in the first 22 chapters of the biblical book of Genesis.
Domestic Box Office$34,900,023
International Box Office$3,507
Worldwide Box Office$34,903,530

The Guns Of Navarone (1961)

The Second World Military is the setting of the war adventure movie The Guns of Navarone.
The plot follows a group of British troops who are dispatched into German-occupied Greece to destroy a sizable artillery installation that controls a vital route.
Domestic Box Office$28,900,000
International Box Office$18,820
Worldwide Box Office$28,918,820


The estimated net worth of Richard Harris is $20 million. He was a popular actor and singer who garnered several accolades and made this considerable money.
His primary sources of income, which significantly contribute to Richard Harris' total net worth, are movies and music.


Real Estate

In the Bahamas, an auction for a lavish property owned by the late actor Richard Harris brought in $10 million (€9.2 million).
The Irish actor bought Kilkee House in 1971, although it is located on the appropriately named Paradise Island, far from the Co. Clare town after which it was named.
Only reachable by boat, the magnificent mansion provides breathtaking ocean views. It has access to both the beach and the water at each end and is situated on more than two acres of property on Paradise Island.
The $10 million (€9.2 million) luxury house, which has a square footage of 10,000 m2, will be auctioned on January 14.


As a performer, Harris has put out a number of albums and peaked at number one in Australia and Canada with the Jimmy Webb song "MacArthur Park." For both This Sporting Life in 1964 and The Field in 1991, he received nominations for the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. Harris received Golden Globe nominations for both Camelot and The Field.


Top 10 Interesting Facts About The Legendary Actor Richard Harris

  • He could have played rugby for Ireland
  • He blagged his way to his first stage role.
  • He was a man of many talents.
  • He received threats from loyalists and republicans.
  • He almost didn't play Dumbledore.
  • He was a real life knight.
  • He went to buy a paper and was gone for two weeks.
  • He was never the shy, retiring type.
  • Showbusiness runs in his family.
  • There are doubts over his final resting place.

People Also Ask

Who Was The First Dumbledore In Harry Potter?

Albus Dumbledore was portrayed by Michael Gambon in the Harry Potter movies, succeeding Richard Harris, who passed away after appearing in the role in two movies.

What Was Richard Harris Famous For?

Richard Harris was an Irish actor who appeared on both stage and cinema. He was born in Limerick, Ireland, on October 1, 1930, and passed away in London, England, on October 25, 2002.

What Was Richard Harris Worth At Death?

Richard Harris had a net worth of $20 million at the time of his death in 2002. He was an Irish actor and singer.


Richard Harris net worth also increased because, during the height of his fame in the 1960s and early 1970s, Harris was renowned nearly as much for his obnoxious habits and excessive drinking as he was for his acting.
He had a lengthy history of addiction before he began drinking in 1981. But a decade later, he started drinking Guinness again. After almost passing away from a cocaine overdose in 1978, he gave up narcotics.
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