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Rashel Kolaneci - A Kickboxing Champion From Albania Who Became A Tiktok Star

In the United States, Rashel Kolaneci is a well-known kickboxing champion. On June 22, 1997, she was born in Tirana, Albania and she will soon be 25 years old as of June 2022.

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In the United States, Rashel Kolaneciis a well-known kickboxing champion. On June 22, 1997, she was born in Tirana, Albania and she will soon be 25 years old as of June 2022. In addition to kickboxing, she is a well-known TV personality and actress.

Rashel Kolaneci Wiki

Rashel Kolaneci, an actress, TV personality, kickboxing champion, and social media influencer, was born on June 22, 1997, in Tirana, Albania. She is known for her photoshoots and daring styles. She is also a TV host, has been on shows such as Xing Me Ermalin, Bricijapi, and Shiko Khush Luan, among others. We'll inform you about Rashel Kolaneci's wiki, height, weight, boyfriend, and more on this page.
She has been interested in modeling since she was a youngster, and when she established her Instagram account, some of her photos went viral due to her bold and attractive appearance, and she became famous. She then opted to pursue a career as a model, and after establishing herself as a well-known model, she began working with a number of major fashion houses. She's also competed in a number of modeling competitions at her high school and college.
She has also acted in the film "Falco," in which she portrayed the character of Sekretarja. She is also a kickboxing champion who has competed in several competitions and won numerous trophies. She got even more notoriety when she began hosting the popular Albanian show "Xing me Ermalin."
Rashel Kolaneci wearing printed suitpants and denim sweater while posing on the grass
Rashel Kolaneci wearing printed suitpants and denim sweater while posing on the grass

Rashel Kolaneci Career

Rashel Kolaneci has just become one of the most well-known models, but she only got there through a lot of hard work. She competes in a lot of different modeling competitions, but she hasn't won any of them yet, though. She then concentrates on her modeling profession after completing her further schooling.
After a while, she gains notoriety and signed contracts with a number of modeling companies. She's a multi-talented young lady. Aside from modeling, she is a professional kickboxing champion who has won several honors in the sport.
She has acquired notoriety and a reputation in the television business as a skilled model and kickboxing champion. As a television actor, she has a large following.
Her debut performance on the Albanian program "Xing Me Ermalin" catapulted her into the spotlight. She also features in a number of well-known programs.
She currently manages her bikini fashion company, also known as a "Super Zeber," after doing these things in recent years.

Rashel Kolaneci Social Media

Rashel Kolaneci has over 1.5 million followers on TikTok and 6.9 million likes. Videos from her TV programs abound on the account. All of the videos on the platform have the watermark "rashelkolaneciofficial01" on them. Rashel was already well-known as a TV personality, but TikTok helped her gain even more fame. Rather than the original account, this one is more like a fan page.
Despite having over a million followers and a million likes, the account has not been authenticated, and there are no videos that the person has created themselves. As a result, many people are speculating about whether or not the account is real. account on TikTok. Kolaneci may also be found on Instagram under the handle @rashelkolaneci and verified accounts, in addition to TikTok. There are over 664 million users on the network, with more than 660K of them following her.

Rashel Kolaneci Social Relationship

Rashel Kolaneci is a well-known fashion model who is well-liked by her followers. Everyone wants to know about her relationship and personal life. Kolaneci, on the other hand, keeps her love life and relationship status private. Rashel is single, according to sources (as of February 2022). She also enjoys meeting up with her buddies in new cities.

Rashel Kolaneci Height

According to his similar social networks, Rashel Kolaneci will be 25 years old in 2022. She is a well-known actress with a diverse range of skills. Rashel Kolaneci was born on June 22nd, 1997. She is active on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, among other social media networks.
In addition to her acting profession, the actress is a blogger and a kickboxing champion in Albania. Her TikTok videos helped her get notoriety. Her nationality is Albanian. She is roughly 5'5" tall and weighs around 60 kg. Her Instagram account currently has over 1 million followers, which is a significant accomplishment.

Rashel Kolaneci Net Worth

Rashel Kolaneci's net worth may be attributed to her exuberant outer look as well as her intuitive ability to connect with audiences. She does this by incorporating pranks and amusing dares into her videos. Through her films, she also shows off her sense of humor and enjoyment. Her net worth is estimated to be $3 million by 2021, according to several estimates.
If we talk about Rashel Kolaneci's net worth, she is projected to have a net worth of $2–4 million USD (about) in 2022. Her remuneration for additional sources of income has yet to be revealed. Rashel Kolaneci earns a career as an actor, and this is her primary source of income.

What Does Rashel Kolaneci Do?

She is a kickboxing champion, TV personality, and actress by trade. Her TikTok videos have also made her famous. Bloc 13 Marketing Agency, a worldwide marketing company, is responsible for her promotion.

Is Rashel Kolaneci Turkish?

No. Rashel is an Albanian national who was born in 1997.


Rashel Kolaneci appears to be headed for a bright career future. Wishing for her continued success in both her professional and private life in the coming years. Here's hoping.
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