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Full Story Of Pokeprincxss Case, Nintendo Lawsuit, Her Net Worth & Arrest Report

When fans of TikToker and Twitch broadcaster pokeprincxss saw that her account had disappeared from the internet, they may have been alarmed. Do not be alarmed; she is not really dead; she has only changed her name.

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May 28, 2022982 Shares245525 Views
When fans of TikToker and Twitch broadcaster pokeprincxsssaw that her account had disappeared from the internet, they may have been alarmed. Do not be alarmed; she is not really dead; she has only changed her name.
The TikTok star went into additional detail after the publication of her YouTube video, in which she said she had been "sued" by Nintendo. Continue reading to find out all you need to know.
Pokeprincxs is a popular TikTok and Twitch streamer with over 1.9 million followers on both platforms. Her gaming equipment is well-known, as is her love for the Pokemon brand. The 23-year-old American also has a small YouTube channel with 20,000 subscribers and more than 280,000 Instagram followers, which she uses to advertise her work.
Pokeprincxss in Blacktop
Pokeprincxss in Blacktop

Pokeprincxss Case

Her brand name, Pokerprincxs, brought her into difficulties because of its relationship with the Pokemon franchise. Nintendo sent a cease-and-desist letter to the actress in late 2020 in order to prevent her from trademarking her business name.
She had attempted to trademark her pseudonym via the assistance of an online legal service website. Nintendo also filed a lawsuit against her because she used Pokemon graphics on the products she sold via her online business.

Pokeprincxss Nintendo Lawsuit

The prominent TikToker and Twitch presenter, formerly known as pokeprincxss, has disclosed that she was sued by Nintendo, forcing her to completely rebrand. Nintendo has a reputation for vigorously protecting its intellectual property, as seen by Pokemon Uranium and the Super Mario Bros. battle royale game, both of which were immediately taken down by the firm. Nintendo has reportedly targeted TikTok star pokeprincxs, ordering her to completely rebrand her online image and give back any money she has made via products and other ways.
She has 1.9 million TikTok followers at the time of this writing, and she is a prominent Twitch broadcaster with a significant following. However, she can no longer use the moniker "Pokeprincxss" and is instead referred to on the internet as "digital princess." This was disclosed in a recent YouTube video by TikTok sensation pokeprincxs, who explained why Nintendo had sued her and forced her to alter her identity.

Pokeprincxss Arrest Report

The Lee County Sheriff's Department in Florida responded to a complaint about a child alone, uninjured, and crying. The sheriff contacted the child's mother, whom they named influencer Pokeprincxss, and tracked her down.
She was visibly dressed up when she arrived at her house, as if she had just returned from a party, and was handcuffed by police. Her hearing was set on August 27, and she was freed on August 25 and charged with child neglect without bodily harm.

What Is Pokeprincxss Net Worth

Pokeprincxs is a well-known gaming and social media figure with a large following. Throughout her life, she has been successful in a multitude of efforts, including obtaining notoriety, popularity, and attracting fans, to name a few.
As a consequence, she has undoubtedly acquired a large sum of money via her professional pursuits. According to several online sources, Pokeprincxs' net worth is expected to be between $2 million and $3 million as of 2021, which is a significant amount. She is able to earn a good living thanks to her streaming and social media activities. Without a doubt, Marrissa lives a wealthy existence.

How Much Did Nintendo Sue Pokeprincxss?

It sent a cease-and-desist letter on January 1, 2018, for a 3D-printed Bulbasaur planter, and on January 2, 2018, it reached a $12 million settlement in a dispute against unlicensed video game websites.

Who Is Marissa Cloutier?

Marrissa Cloutier, better known on TikTok, OnlyFans, and Twitch as @digitalprincxss, is cautioning her followers not to believe everything they read in the aftermath of her recent arrest for child neglect. Her mother had arrived at the time of her arrest, much to her surprise, to seek custody of their child.

What Happened To Digital Princess Kid?

The TikToker Digital Princess is receiving critical reaction online after her return to social media. On suspicion of child mistreatment, the creator of pornographic content was seized. Netizens were upset at the TikToker for leaving her little child at home as she went out with her friends.


After being sued by Nintendo, popular TikTok client and Twitch decorator Pokeprincxs had to rename and pay up. With over 1.9 million followers on TikTok and over 50,000 on Twitch, the celebrity has been selling shares based on her mark and reserving her username. The Pokémon institution promotes its brand and merchandise using symbols like Poké Balls. The actress has gone to YouTube to explain her sudden channel name change, revealing that she will now be known as digitalprincxss.
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