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Peter Avsenew Net Worth - Double Murder Verdict Reversed, New Trial On The Horizon


Peter Avsenew hails from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he was a prostitute and was later convicted of murder. In August of 2018, he was given the death penalty for the murders that took place in Wilton Manors, Florida, in 2010 of a lesbian couple.

After killing a homosexual couple in their home, Peter Avsenew went to his mother's house for Christmas, despite the fact that he had just committed the murders.

Peter had a difficult childhood, and when he was younger, he once made a threat to blow up the school. Peter absconded with their vehicle, their money, and their credit cards before arriving at Jeanne's residence in Polk County. Many people are eager to know about Peter Avsenew net worth and lifestyle even after he is sentenced to jail for murder charges.

Quick Facts About Peter Avsenew

NamePeter Avsenew
ParentsJeanne Avsenew
SiblingsJennifer and Erica (Sisters)
Peter Avsenew Net WorthUnknown

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Peter Avsenew Wikipedia

Peter Avsenew, the convicted murderer, does not yet have a page on Wikipedia dedicated to him. Despite this, he has attracted both national and worldwide attention for the horrible acts he has committed up to this point.

His early life history and life narrative have been portrayed in the true-crime documentary series 'Evil Lives Here,' which was published in April 2021. The episode titled 'My Son Is Damaged Goods' was described by Jeanne Avsenew.

The true-crime documentary program 'Evil Lives Here' is produced by Investigation Discovery and chronicles the real stories of those who have lived with a killer. Each episode focuses on a particular crime and features dramatic reenactments, genuine images from the time period, and enlightening interviews with those who were close to the perpetrator. Its purpose is to provide a different point of view about that individual.

In the episode titled "My Son is Damaged Goods," Jeanne Avsenew details the traumatic events that occurred throughout the course of her parenting of her son Peter, who later went on to be convicted of murder.

According to what Peter has said, he began murdering animals at an early age and eventually moved on to killing humans since he believed animals to be an easy target for him.

An Old Picture Of Peter Avsenew With His Friend
An Old Picture Of Peter Avsenew With His Friend

Family Of Peter Avsenew

Since Peter Avsenew has not yet tied the knot, information about his future bride is not yet available. When he was just 8 years old, his older sister, Jennifer, was brutally killed by an ex-boyfriend. He comes from a troubled household in which his sister's killer was an ex-boyfriend.

Jennifer, Erica, and Peter Avsenew were the three children that Jeanne Avsenew was the mother. Jennifer, the woman's oldest child, was killed in 1995 by an ex-boyfriend, and her mother, who is now 74 years old, has never recovered from the loss. According to her, Peter's problems with rage and violence began around this time, and she believes that this is when they began.

He used to be preoccupied with knives, often engaged in physical altercations, and, in general, displayed unusual conduct that made her feel uneasy. She had indicated that Peter had done some unpleasant things when he was a youngster, such as coming after her with a sword and threatening to blow up his school. Specifically, she said that he had come after her.

He was taken into custody after his mother turned him in, and his mother has severed all contact with him while his sister Jeanne and her extended family of grandkids live in Sebring, Florida.

Peter Avsenew In Jail Dress
Peter Avsenew In Jail Dress

Crime History Of Peter Avsenew

After being convicted of killing a homosexual couple in Wilton Manors, Florida, in 2010, Peter Avsenew was sentenced to die by lethal injection on August 28, 2018, the state of Florida said. In 2017, a jury found Peter Avsenew guilty of murder in the first degree for his role in the murders of Kevin Adams and Steven Powell.

After responding to the sexually explicit advertisement that Avsenew had posted on Craigslist, the couple invited Avsenew into their house. The couple, identified as Adams and Powell, were found dead in the house that they had occupied together for the previous three decades.

After that, Asvenew took their credit cards, money, and automobile, and on Christmas Day he went to his mother's house in Polk County, Florida, which is located farther north. She went and reported him to the authorities as soon as she understood that he was a murderer.

Avsenew was found guilty on many charges, including two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of armed robbery, two counts of grand theft auto, two counts of credit card fraud, and two counts of possessing a handgun while being a convicted felon.

Avsenew did not exhibit any sorrow or response when the death sentence was handed down to him, but while the families of Mr. Adams and Mr. Powell were leaving the courtroom, he gave the middle finger to them.

Is Peter Avsenew Still Alive?

Peter is still with us at this time. However, as of right now, he is sitting on death row at the Union Correctional Institution located in Raiford, Florida. In 2017, Peter was found guilty of the first-degree murders of Stephen Adams and Kevin Powell, as well as two counts each of armed robbery and credit card fraud, among other offenses.

He was ultimately sentenced to the death penalty for his crimes. Peter sent a letter to the court in which he expressed no remorse for his acts and argued against homosexuality from a white supremacist perspective.

During this time, he was caught giving the victim's family the middle finger as he was standing trial. Peter was charged with a number of crimes, including but not limited to two first-degree murders, charge card fraud, burglary, and possession of a firearm.

A sentence of death was handed out for Avsenew. The attorney for Avsenew defended the protest by claiming that his client may have been impacted by the death of his sister as well as his own history of sexual abuse.

According to The Cinemaholic, Peter Avsenew is now serving his sentence in the Union Correctional Institution in Raiford, Florida, where he is awaiting the execution of his sentence for capital murder. The presence of retirement is something that Jeanne Avsenew is continuing with.

Since Jeanne found out that Peter had been sentenced to prison, she had not communicated with him in any way, and they had not exchanged any letters. Jeanne Avsenew and her family make their home in the city of Sebring, in the state of Florida. In 2017, Jeanne battled illness, and she is now focusing her energies on spending time with her grandchildren and children.

Man Sentenced To Death In Wilton Manors Murders

Some Interesting Facts About Peter Avsenew

  • In 2010, Peter Avsenew was found guilty of murdering a gay couple in the city of Wilton Manors, Florida. The victims were Kevin Adams and Steven Powell.
  • In accordance with his sentence, which called for his lethal injection execution, the state of Florida put him to death on August 28, 2018.
  • In 2017 a jury found Peter Avsenew guilty of first-degree murder for his involvement in the deaths of Kevin Adams and Steven Powell. The murders took place in 2017.
  • The tragic confrontation that occurred between the pair was precipitated by the fact that Asvenew had placed a sexually graphic posting on Craigslist, to which the couple responded.
  • The couple welcomed Asvenew inside their home, which was afterward where their bodies were discovered after they had died.
  • Before their untimely deaths, Kevin Adams and Steven Powell had lived together in the same house for the preceding three decades.
  • After committing murder against the couple, Asvenew made off with their credit cards, money, and cars.
  • On Christmas Day, he traveled to Polk County, Florida, which is situated farther north in the state, to spend time at his mother's residence.
  • As soon as his mother discovered that her son was a killer, she did not waste any time in turning him into the police.
  • Asvenew was accused of many offenses, including two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of armed robbery, two counts of grand theft auto, two counts of credit card fraud, and two counts of having a pistol while being a convicted felon. All of these allegations were stacked against him.
  • As the verdict of death was read to him, Asvenew did not exhibit any symptoms of sadness or an emotional reaction.
  • As the relatives of Kevin Adams and Steven Powell were leaving the courtroom, Asvenew made a sign of hostility toward them by giving them the middle finger.
  • Due to the horrific nature of the crimes that were committed, the case of Peter Avsenew got a lot of attention from the media.
  • The terrible deaths of Kevin Adams and Steven Powell serve as a sobering reminder of the risks involved in engaging in conversations with strangers in person or online.
  • The victims and their bereaved families were afforded a greater opportunity to seek justice as a result of the legal processes and the eventual punishment.

Peter Avsenew Net Worth

There have been no additional updates on his lifestyle or Peter Avsenew net worth. He is not, however, still married. He was convicted for the murder of a gay couple.

People Also Ask

Has Peter Avsenew Ever Been Married?

Peter Avsenew has not yet been married.

What Happened To Jennifer, Peter Avsenew's Elder Sister?

When Peter Avsenew was just 8 years old, an ex-boyfriend viciously murdered Jennifer.

How Did Peter Avsenew's Dysfunctional Upbringing Affect His Behavior?

The murder of Peter Avsenew's sister by an ex-boyfriend caused conflict in his family. It is said that his issues with fury and aggression first surfaced shortly after his sister passed away.

What Were Examples Of Peter Avsenew's Unsettling Childhood Behaviors?

Peter Avsenew had strange behavior, including a fascination with knives, getting into fights, and threatening others.

What Steps Did The Mother Of Peter Avsenew Take In Response To His Illegal Activity?

The mother of Peter Avsenew reported him to the police and broke off all communication with him. As soon as she understood he was a killer, she denounced him to the police.

Where Do Jeanne Avsenew's Relatives, Including Her Sister Peter, Reside?

In Sebring, Florida, Jeanne and her extended family reside.

What Did Peter Avsenew Have A 2017 Conviction For?

After murdering a gay couple in Wilton Manors, Florida, Peter Avsenew was found guilty of first-degree murder.

How Did Peter Avsenew Get Into The Home Where The Couple Lived?

Peter Avsenew's sexually suggestive Craigslist ad prompted Kevin Adams and Steven Powell to extend him an invitation into their home.


Peter Avsenew's life has been characterized by tragedy, violence, and criminal activity. Following the brutal murder of his older sister when he was a young child, Avsenew's life took a terrible turn and he developed strange tendencies. Although many people are curious to know about Peter Avsenew net worth and lifestyle, it's not made public since he is sentenced to jail for murder charges.

His conviction for the murder of a gay couple and subsequent convictions on several more counts solidified his criminal reputation. The fact that his mother reported him to the police and cut off all communication highlights the significant effect of his deeds on his family.

The despicable character of Avsenew is chillingly brought to mind by his lack of remorse at the sentence and his contemptuous gesture towards the families of the victims. The sad narrative of Peter Avsenew is one of a disturbed person whose deeds had terrible repercussions for others and left a lasting impression on everyone concerned.

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