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Nobu Matsuhisa Net Worth - The Master Chef Of Japan

Japanese chef and restaurateur Nobu Matsuhisa net worth is $200 million. High-end sushi restaurants across the world are operated by Nobu Matsuhisa. His famous dish, black cod in miso, combines elements from Peru with traditional Japanese cuisine.

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Japanese chef and restaurateur Nobu Matsuhisa net worthis $200 million. High-end sushi restaurants across the world are operated by Nobu Matsuhisa.
His famous dish, black cod in miso, combines elements from Peru with traditional Japanese cuisine.
Along with opening his own restaurants, Nobu has also entered the luxury hotel sector of the global hospitality market.
In addition to the Nobu Restaurants alongside Robert De Niro, he also owns the Matsuhisa Restaurants, Nobu Hospitality, and other eateries.

Quick Facts About Nobu Matsuhisa

Date of BirthMar 10, 1949
Place of BirthSaitama Prefecture, Japan
ProfessionChef, Actor
Nationality Japanese
Net Worth$200 Million

Early Life Of Nobu Matsuhisa

On March 10, 1949, in Japan's Saitama Prefecture, Nobu Matsuhisa was born. His elder brothers are two.
When Nobu was seven years old, his father passed away in a car accident, leaving his mother to raise him.
After the father passed away, the family started traveling, which exposed Nobu to a wide range of international cultures in all their splendors and flaws.

Career Of Nobu Matsuhisa

Nobu Matsuhisa wearing chef's clothes
Nobu Matsuhisa wearing chef's clothes
Nobu got work as a dishwasher at the Matsue sushi restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo, after finishing high school.
He eventually received training there to become a sushi master. After working there for around seven years, a Japanese-Peruvian frequent client asked Nobu to launch his own restaurant in Peru.
Following this advice, Nobu relocated to Lima, Peru in 1973 and partnered with his sponsor to start a Matsue restaurant.
Nobu was forced to improvise since he was unable to find several of the essential components he had used back in Japan.
He started developing his unique culinary technique, which combines Peruvian and Japanese cuisines, as a consequence.
Nobu's restaurant in Lima had to shut down after three years of business. After that, he relocated to Anchorage, Alaska, where he was able to start a new restaurant, and then to Argentina.
Sadly, an electrical fire caused the restaurant to burn down just two weeks after it first opened.
Nobu moved to Los Angeles, California in 1977 and spent some time working at Oshou and Mitsuwa, two Japanese eateries.

Restaurant Expansion

In Beverly Hills, California, Nobu launched the first Matsuhisa restaurant in 1987. It later developed into one of the city's trendiest locations and a celebrity favorite.
Robert De Niro, one of those stars, quickly became a lasting friend and business partner for Nobu.
The Academy Award-winning actor persuaded Nobu to extend his gastronomic empire to the East Coast after becoming a particularly huge admirer of the chef's black cod in miso.
In a partnership with actor Robert De Niro, financier Meir Teper, and fellow restaurateur Drew Nieporent, Nobu debuted his first Nobu-branded restaurant in the Tribeca district of New York City in 1994.
Three years later, Nobu opened a location in London. Later, the business established branches in Malibu, Tokyo, and Las Vegas. Aspen, Colorado now has a Matsuhisa restaurant.
In the twenty-first century, Nobu restaurants opened in new places all over the globe. Cities including Miami, Dallas, Dubai, Hong Kong, Waikiki, San Diego, Melbourne, Perth, Mexico City, Kuala Lumpur, and Chicago all received restaurant additions.
In the meanwhile, restaurants with the Matsuhisa name started to appear in places like Denver, Munich, St. Moritz, Mykonos, and Paris.

Hotel Chain

Nobu Matsuhisa smiling
Nobu Matsuhisa smiling
After creating his culinary empire, Nobu expanded into the hotel business, developing posh hotels all around the world.
Chicago, Las Vegas, London, Malibu, Warsaw, Perth, Barcelona, Manila, and Doha are among the locations.
The Nobu Hotel Miami Beach, one of the hotel chain's crown jewels, has Japanese design, expansive views of the ocean, and modern conveniences.
The locations for Nobu's well-known gourmet event World of Nobu have been his hotels.
Numerous chefsfrom Nobu restaurants across the globe attend the international festival for activities including themed dinners, master seminars, and tastings. World of Nobu's earnings supports a number of charitable causes.

Net Worth

The wealth of these wealthy cooks significantly increases after Puck. Don't get me wrong, the others still have enormous riches that most people could only dream of, but the cash amount disparity is rather striking.
Nobu Matsuhisa, owner of the Nobu franchise restaurant, a favorite of celebrities, is among the wealthiest celebrity chefs.
Matsuhisa has restaurants all over the globe, including Dubai, Tokyo, Monte Carlo, and Malibu, among many other places, and has an estimated net worth of $200 million.


For serving Atlantic bluefin tuna, which was formerly an endangered species, Nobu and his restaurants have come under fire from certain environmental campaigners.
Putting a warning on its menus as a response, the restaurant was harshly criticized by campaigners for taking inadequate action.

People Also Ask

What Is Nobu Matsuhisa Known For?

Celebrity chef and restaurateur from Japan named Nobu Matsuhisa is renowned for his fusion cuisine, which combines ingredients from Peru with traditional Japanese meals. Miso-marinated black fish is his hallmark dish.

Who Made Nobu Famous?

But it wasn't until he relocated to Los Angeles and launched his name-brand eatery, Matsuhisa, in 1987 that he really hit it big in the food world: It immediately became a hotspot for celebritiesand caught the eye of legendary actor Robert De Niro, who would later join Nobu in business.

How Much Do You Tip At Nobu?

Please be aware that 15% ABST and 10% gratuity, which will be applied to your final bill, are subject to rates.


Nobu is still a well-known celebrity chef and restaurant in Japan that specializes in fusion cuisine, which combines ingredients from Peru with classic Japanese meals.
Blackfish with miso is a Nobu trademark dish. In several nations, he has restaurants with his name on them. He has also had supporting roles in three important movies.
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