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Miguel Wework Net Worth In 2023, Birthday, Age, Wife And Height

Miguel McKelvey, a prominent figure in the American business world and a financial counselor, is also known by his alias Miguel Wework. He is a co-founder of the startup WeWork, which offers solutions for flexible shared working environments. In 2019, Miguel's net worth was estimated to be $2.9 billion. Despite this, it is now believed that the businessman Miguel Wework net worth is estimated to be $900 million. His wealth has declined over the course of time.

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Miguel McKelvey, a prominent figure in the American business world and a financial counselor, is also known by his alias Miguel Wework. He is a co-founder of the startup WeWork, which offers solutions for flexible shared working environments. In 2019, Miguel's net worth was estimated to be $2.9 billion. Despite this, it is now believed that the businessman Miguel Wework net worthis estimated to be $900 million. His wealth has declined over the course of time.
When McKelvey first started working for the company in 2017, he was promoted to the position of Chief Culture Officer, and he remained in this role until the year 2020 when he finally left the business. The journal Fast Company recognized him as one of the most innovative people in the world in the year 2019 and gave him the award. He is well-known for his role as a co-founder of the company WeWork.

Early Life Of Miguel Wework

Miguel McKelvey was born in the year 1974 in the city of Eugene, Oregon. His mother, Lucia, was an entrepreneurwho owned a neighborhood newspaper. According to Miguel, his mother and a few other women from the community managed the local newspaper company together, and he credits them with inspiring him to become the dynamic businessman he is today.
After completing his elementary education, he enrolled at South Eugene High School and then went on to complete his education at Colorado College. Miguel made the decision to major in architecture when he was attending college since one of his professors suggested that he do so. He enrolled in the architecture program at the University of Oregon after transferring there, and he earned his degree there in 1999.
After graduating from college, Miguel wasted little time getting his business ventures off the ground. While he was visiting his buddy in Tokyo, he saw that a great number of individuals, particularly students, need assistance with their English comprehension. He established a website called English Baby, the primary objective of which was to assist native speakers in acquiring the English language via the use of tests.
The company flourished under his leadership, but he ultimately decided to sell it so that he could concentrate on other matters that were as essential. After that, he uprooted his life and relocated to New York in order to concentrate on his career as an architect.

Quick Facts About Miguel Wework

Full NameMiguel McKelvey
Professional NameMiguel McKelvey
Sexual OrientationStraight
Year of Birth1974
Place of BirthEugene, Oregon, United States of America
Height6 feet 8 inches
Weight87 kg
Miguel Wework net worth900 million dollars
Ex-Wife NameHiyam Khalifa
Miguel Wework On A Bicycle With A Blue Bag
Miguel Wework On A Bicycle With A Blue Bag

The Career Of Miguel Wework

Miguel McKelvey, better known by his stage name Miguel Wework, has made a name for himself in the American business community. McKelvey's professional trajectory is a monument to his tenacity and entrepreneurial drive, having started out in the most disadvantaged of circumstances as a busboy and employee at an Alaskan fish processing facility.
Following graduation from college, McKelvey moved to Tokyo where he co-founded English, Baby!, a website and social network that promotes learning other languages. The website expanded in popularity and now employs 25 people. It provides vocabulary tests, grammar lectures, and a social network where language learners may communicate with native speakers.
Later, McKelvey moved to New York City and worked for the American Apparel projects company Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture. He met Adam Neumann, his future business partner, at this period of time. Green Desk was founded in 2008 when the pair persuaded their landlord to convert an unused structure into a group of semi-communal workspaces.
McKelvey, who created Green Desk's name, logo, and website in a single night, was essential to its founding. Recycled furniture and renewable energy sources, such as wind power, were the main themes of the eco-friendly coworking space. McKelvey and Neumann went on to co-found WeWork in 2010, building on the success of Green Desk, with their first office location in Manhattan's SoHo district.
McKelvey took over as WeWork's chief cultural officer, leading the creation and upkeep of the company's culture in addition to supervising building, architecture, and web design. The We Company developed a number of new businesses, including WeLive, a co-living idea, Rise by We, a high-end fitness concept, and WeGrow, a private primary school.
Fast Company named McKelvey one of its Most Creative People in 2019 in celebration of his work and leadership at WeWork. He was crucial in forming the company's ethos and encouraging an inventive work environment as WeWork's chief culture officer.
But McKelvey revealed on June 5, 2020, that he would be leaving WeWork at the end of the month, signaling a major change in his professional trajectory. Although the precise reasons for his resignation were not made public, it is obvious that McKelvey's contributions and passion have had a profound impact on the company's operations and culture.
Miguel Wework's professional trajectory demonstrates his capacity to grasp opportunities, work with like-minded people, and create distinctive workplaces that encourage creativity and community. His reputation as a significant businessman and entrepreneur has been cemented by his contributions to the coworking sector and his dedication to sustainability. It would be interesting to observe how his vision and enthusiasm continue to alter the corporate environment as he starts on new projects.

Miguel Leaving Wework

Miguel resigned from his position as WeWork's chief cultural officer in spite of the firm's outstanding success. He now supervises the operations of the business without taking part in the day-to-day operations of the company. On June 5th, 2022, the corporation made the announcement that he would be leaving the organization, but they did not provide any other information or clarification.
Adam Neumann departed the firm earlier in 2019 and said that he did so due to the fact that he had been a distraction to the company's aspirations to go public. He stated that this decision was based on the notion that he had become a distraction. Prior to the departure of the two, the firm had already incurred significant losses.

About Wecrushed

Because WeWork was one of the most respected companies in the market of coworking spaces, the demise of the company received a lot of attention from the mainstream media. There have also been a number of documentaries made on the two business tycoons.
WeCrushed is a popular web series that depicts the tale of the three people who were instrumental in the establishment of WeWork: Miguel, Adam, and Adam's wife Rebeccah. Miguel McKelvey is portrayed by Kyle Marvin in the program, in which he is a part.

Miguel Wework Net Worth

It is believed that Miguel Wework net worth is 900 million dollars. He amassed the majority of his wealth via his work as an architect and through WeWork. In addition to that, McKelvey serves as Known Holdings' financial adviser. As a result of his prosperous career as an architect and his revenues from WeWork, he now leads an opulent lifestyle and is regarded as one of the most successful business persons in the United States.
In the year 2020, McKelvey announced his intention to stand down from his job as chief cultural officer at WeWork. Since then, he has kept a low profile in public life but continues to work actively as a financial adviser for Known Holdings Ltd. In addition to that, he works on architectural projects despite the fact that his educational background is in architecture. In addition to that, he is a full-time partner at the firm NAYAH, which is based in the United Kingdom.
Miguel Wework Holding A Mike And Giving A Speech
Miguel Wework Holding A Mike And Giving A Speech

Miguel Wework Wife

Before the two of them divorced in 2017, McKelvey was married to Hiyam Khalifa, a once-successful investment banker who was born in Detroit.

What Does Miguel Wework's Wife Do?

She is a businesswoman and a retired investment banker.

How Miguel Wework Meet His Wife?

There is no specific information available about the first meeting of Miguel Wework and his ex-wife Hiyam McKelvey.

When Did Miguel Wework Marry?

Mckelvey was married to Hiyam McKelvey but the exact date of their marriage is not known.

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Some Interesting Facts About Miguel Wework

  • Miguel McKelvey was born in 1974 in Eugene, Oregon.
  • McKelvey credits his mother and other women from the community for inspiring his entrepreneurial spirit.
  • He attended South Eugene High School for his secondary education.
  • McKelvey studied architecture at Colorado College and later transferred to the University of Oregon to complete his degree.
  • While visiting a friend in Tokyo, he recognized the need for English language assistance and founded English Baby, a website aimed at helping learners improve their English through quizzes.
  • English Baby gained popularity and success under his leadership.
  • McKelvey eventually sold English Baby to focus on other ventures.
  • He then moved to New York City to pursue a career in architecture.
  • In New York, he worked at Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture, where he managed the international retail roll-out for American Apparel projects.
  • McKelvey met Adam Neumann, his future business partner while working in the same office building.
  • In 2008, McKelvey and Neumann founded Green Desk, an eco-friendly coworking space, which laid the foundation for WeWork.
  • WeWork was launched in 2010, with McKelvey serving as the chief culture officer.
  • McKelvey played a crucial role in the design and construction of WeWork spaces, as well as in shaping the company's culture.
  • In 2019, Fast Company recognized McKelvey as one of its Most Creative People.

People Also Ask

When Was Miguel Mckelvey Born?

Miguel McKelvey was born in 1974.

What Inspired Miguel Mckelvey To Become A Dynamic Businessman?

He credits his mother and other women from the community, who managed the local newspaper together, as his inspiration.

Which College Did Miguel Mckelvey Attend?

Miguel McKelvey attended Colorado College.

Why Did He Major In Architecture?

One of his professors suggested he should major in architecture, which influenced his decision.

What Was The Name Of The Website Miguel Mckelvey Founded In Tokyo?

He founded a website called English Baby, aimed at helping native speakers acquire English language skills through quizzes.

What Was Miguel Mckelvey's Role In WeWork?

He served as WeWork's chief culture officer, overseeing construction, architecture, and web design, and shaping the company's culture.


Miguel McKelvey, also known as Miguel Wework, has had a significant impact on the business world and the concept of flexible shared working environments through his co-founding of WeWork. Despite a decline in Miguel Wework net worth from $2.9 billion to $900 million, his contributions to the industry cannot be understated.
Starting as the Chief Culture Officer in 2017, McKelvey played a vital role in shaping the company's innovative culture until his departure in 2020. His achievements were recognized when he received an award from Fast Company, cementing his status as one of the world's most innovative individuals.
While his journey has had its ups and downs, McKelvey's resilience and dedication to pushing boundaries continue to define his career. As he continues to make strides in the business world, his impact on the future of work and entrepreneurship remains a testament to his visionary leadership.
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