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Michael Gladis Net Worth In 2023, Relationship With Beth Behrs, Kids, Real Estate And More

American actor Michael Gladis net worth is $5 million. The character of Paul Kinsey on "Mad Men" is arguably what Michael Gladis is most known for. He featured in 38 of the highly regarded vintage drama's episodes. Before obtaining his theatrical degree from the State University of New York at New Paltz, Gladis studied at the SUNY School of Art Design at Alfred University in New York.

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American actor Michael Gladis net worthis $5 million. The character of Paul Kinsey on "Mad Men" is arguably what Michael Gladis is most known for. He appeared in 38 of the highly regarded vintage drama's episodes. Before obtaining his theatrical degree from the State University of New York at New Paltz, Gladis studied at the SUNY School of Art Design at Alfred University in New York.
The 2002 film "K-19: The Widowmaker" featured Gladis in the role of Yevgeny Borzenkov. A year later, in a "Hack" episode from 2003, he made his television debut as Dan Kelley. Before getting the role of Paul Kinsey on the popular television show "Mad Men" from 2007 to 2009, Gladis had appearances on "Third Watch," "Law & Order Criminal Intent," and "Life."
The Good Wife, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Medium, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, House, Eagleheart, How I Met Your Mother, Justified, The Mentalist, Revolution, Reckless, and Battle Creek are just a few of the TV shows Gladis later appeared in. The Argument with Beth Behrs & Michael Gladis, Devil's Knot, Knights of Badassdom, Low Expectations, Not Safe for Work, Without Word, and Terminator: Genisys are just a few of Gladis' movie credits.

Quick Facts About Michael Gladis

NameMichael Gladis
Height6 ft 1 in (1.87 m)
ProfessionActor, Film Producer
NationalityUnited States of America
Date Of BirthAug 30, 1977
Place Of BirthHouston
Net Worth$5 Million

Michael Gladis Early Life

The date of Michael Gladis' birth is August 30, 1977. He was raised and went to high school in Farmington, Connecticut. His graduation was in 1995. He first became interested in acting and theatre while living in Farmington by volunteering for plays at Miss Porter's institution, a renowned all-girls institution that often required male players for its shows.
He went to Alfred University's SUNY School of Art Design after graduating from high school. The State University of New York at New Paltz eventually received his transfer. In 1999, he graduated with a bachelor's in theater.

Career Of Michael Gladis

Michael Gladis biography

Gladis signed on for "K-19: The Widowmaker" in 2002, when he portrayed the part of Yevgeny Borzenkov. Two years later, he had an appearance in the short film "Press Gang." It wasn't until 2012 that he had another movie appearance; he was a part of the short film "The Argument" starring Beth Behrs & Michael Gladis. He had three movie appearances in 2013: "Armed Responses," "Devil's Knot," and "Knights of Badassdom."
In the same year, he also appeared in the short film "Low Expectations". He had an appearance in the 2014 movie "Not Safe for Work." He was cast in "Terminator Genisys" in 2015, and then "Without Word" in 2017. Gladis has also been a regular contributor to television since his appearances as Eugene Rossi in three episodes of "Third Watch" and a "Hack" episode in 2003.
He made an appearance in a "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" episode in 2005. In 2007, he had a part in "Life". Gladis landed the part that would make him famous in the television show "Mad Men" in 2007. From 2007 until 2009, he played the role of Paul Kinsey, and he returned in 2012. He appeared in 38 episodes of the well-known program altogether.
Following that, he consistently secured one-off parts in episodes of programs including "The Good Wife," "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," "Medium," "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," "House," and "Leverage." A voice part for the video game "L.A. Noire" in which he voiced the character Dudley Lynch was also secured for him in 2011. He played the Chief character in 13 episodes of the "Eagleheart" television series from 2011 to 2012.
Then he secured roles in "Justified," "The Mentalist," "How I Met Your Mother," and "Revolution." He signed on to play Deputy Chief Holland Knox in the television series "Reckless," playing in 13 episodes. The next year, he had guest appearances in three episodes of "House of Lies," six episodes of "Extant," as well as episodes of "Battle Creek" and "The Librarians."
He had appearances in the 2016 films "Elementary" and "The Call Room." In the same year, he was cast in "Feed the Beast" as Patrick Woichik. He had an appearance in a "Lucifer" episode in 2017, and in "Criminal Minds" in 2018. In 2020, he was added to "Penny Dreadful: City of Angels"' main cast. In 2021, he had appearances in "The Neighborhood" and "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit."

Michael Gladis "Mad Men"

Michael Gladis of Mad Men

Michael Gladis played the role of Paul Kinsey in the television series "Mad Men." Paul Kinsey is a recurring character in the show and is a part of the advertising agency Sterling Cooper, where much of the series is centered. Here's a brief overview of his character and his role in "Mad Men":
  • Character Description -Paul Kinsey is depicted as a young and ambitious copywriter at Sterling Cooper, the fictional advertising agency in the series. He is known for his creative ideas, eccentric personality, and his aspirations to climb the corporate ladder in the competitive world of advertising.
  • Role in the Series -Paul Kinsey is introduced in the first season of "Mad Men" and becomes a recurring character throughout the show's run. He is often seen working on advertising campaigns alongside other main characters and navigating the complexities of office politics. Kinsey's creative talents are evident, but he also grapples with personal and professional challenges that reflect the era's societal norms and changes.
  • Character Arc -Over the course of the series, Paul Kinsey's character experiences ups and downs. He is known for his intellectual pursuits, including his interest in writing a novel and his involvement in the emerging counterculture of the 1960s. However, his ambitions often clash with the realities of the advertising world and his personal life.
  • Impact on the Show -Michael Gladis's portrayal of Paul Kinsey contributed to the ensemble cast's dynamic and helped illustrate the diversity of characters within the Sterling Cooper agency. Kinsey's interactions with other characters, including his relationships with colleagues and his pursuit of success, added layers to the show's exploration of the advertising industry and the broader societal changes of the 1960s.

Wife And Children

Beth Behrs Extended Interview | ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’

The marriage of Michael Gladis and Beth Behrs is prosperous. She is a well-known actress as well. Martha Stewart Weddings reports that they wed on July 21, 2018, at Moose Creek Ranch in Victor, Idaho.
They have been in a relationship since June 21, 2010. On July 10, 2016, they got engaged after dating for six years. On June 13, 2022, Beth published a photo of herself and her infant daughter holding hands. Emma George Gladis is her name. new-born. Michael's prior relationships are also revealed in the report.

Michael GladisNet Worth

As of 2022, Gladis's projected net worth is $5 million. This includes his possessions, funds, and earnings. His acting job is his main source of income. Michael has amassed a sizable fortune from his multiple sources of income, yet he likes to live simply.

Real Estate Of Michael Gladis

Beth and Michael invested $2.7 million in a residence in Studio City, California, in February 2020.

Interesting Facts About Michael Gladis

Michael Gladis with his wife Beth Behrs
Michael Gladis with his wife Beth Behrs
  • He pursued his passion for acting by studying theater at the State University of New York at New Paltz.
  • Michael rose to fame for his role as Paul Kinsey on the iconic TV series "Mad Men."
  • Before "Mad Men," he began his career with appearances in short films and TV guest roles.
  • Displaying versatility, he voiced characters in animated series like "Star vs. The Forces of Evil."
  • Michael's stage experience includes participation in several theater productions.
  • Following "Mad Men," he played a significant role in the TV series "Feed the Beast."
  • He expanded his TV presence through roles in notable series such as "The Good Wife" and "Aquarius."
  • His film appearances include a role in "Terminator Genisys."
  • Beyond acting, he enjoys photography and music as creative outlets.
  • Michael leverages his platform to raise awareness for environmental and social causes.
  • Engaging with fans, he maintains an active presence on various social media platforms.
  • Collaborating with talented professionals, he enriched his artistic journey in the entertainment industry.
  • His acting range shines through diverse characters across various genres.
  • Michael Gladis's commitment to both stage and screen reflects his deep appreciation for storytelling.

A Symphony Of Interests

Outside of acting, Gladis's creative soul finds expression in various pursuits. His fascination with photography allows us to glimpse the world through his lens, while his love for music offers an intimate look into the depths of his passions. These creative outlets not only enrich his own life but also offer fans a more profound connection to the man behind the characters.

People Also Ask

What Movies And TV Shows Has Michael Gladis Been In?

Michael Gladis is known for his role as Paul Kinsey on "Mad Men." He has also appeared in TV shows like "Feed the Beast," "The Good Wife," and voiced characters in animated series such as "Regular Show."

What Is Michael Gladis's Role In "Mad Men"?

Michael Gladis played the character Paul Kinsey in the TV series "Mad Men." Paul Kinsey is a copywriter at the advertising agency featured in the show and is known for his creative flair.

Is Michael Gladis Involved In Any Advocacy Work?

Yes, Michael Gladis has used his platform to raise awareness about various causes, including environmental and social issues, showcasing his engagement in advocacy work.

What Are Some Of Michael Gladis's Hobbies Outside Of Acting?

Apart from acting, Michael Gladis has interests in photography and music, which he has pursued as hobbies.

Has Michael Gladis Worked In Theater Apart From TV And Film?

Yes, Michael Gladis has a theater background and has been involved in various stage productions, highlighting his commitment to both stage and screen acting.


In conclusion, Michael Gladis is a versatile American actor known for his breakout role as Paul Kinsey in the acclaimed TV series "Mad Men." Beyond his television success, he has also ventured into voice acting and film, showcasing his diverse talents.
His engagement in advocacy work, interests in photography and music, and continued involvement in theater productions further highlight his multifaceted persona. With a range of roles and collaborations under his belt, Michael Gladis has left a notable mark in the entertainment industry and continues to captivate audiences with his performances.
In the ever-evolving tapestry of the entertainment world, few individuals shine as brightly and demonstrate as much versatility as Michael Gladis. With his magnetic presence, chameleon-like acting prowess, and unwavering commitment to his craft, Gladis has carved a niche for himself that extends far beyond his acclaimed role on "Mad Men." From memorable characters to diverse projects, and from the screen to the stage, Gladis stands as a true virtuoso.
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