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Kanye West And Bianca Censori Banned For Life By A Boat Company In Venice For Obscenities

Kanye West and Bianca Censori banned for life by a Venice boat business because of what they did on one of their boats recently.

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Sep 06, 202313673 Shares189906 Views
Kanye West and Bianca Censori banned for lifeby a Venice boat business because of what they did on one of their boats recently. The rapper officially changed his name to "Ye" in 2021. At the end of August, he was seen on a boat ride in Venice with an Australian architect named Censori.
But some of the pictures showed the two of them in a not-so-good pose. West's pants were down in the picture, showing his bottom, and Censori looked like he was sitting between West's legs.

Kanye West And Bianca Censori Banned For Life

Kanye West on a boat with Bianca Censori
Kanye West on a boat with Bianca Censori
A boat company in Venice has banned Kanye West and his girlfriend, Bianca Censori, after photos of them in a compromising position in the back of a water taxi emerged last week.
Even though they said they were going to marry each other in a secret ceremony in January, they haven't gotten a marriage license yet. This week, the controversial artist was in the newsbecause pictures of him and the model on a water taxi were shared on social media.
In a statement to the Independent, a representative of the Italian city's water cab company, Venezia Turismo Motascafi, said that West and Censori "will certainly no longer be welcome on board our company’s boats."
We completely dissociate ourselves from such acts and behaviour.- Venezia Turismo Motascafi
West officially changed his name to Ye in 2021. Last week, he and Censori were photographed doing what looked like a sex act on the back of the boat, with Censori kneeling in front of West and West's naked rear end visible in some of the photos.
The pictures went viral, which led many readers to criticize the rapper and Censori for doing such things in public in a country where Catholics tend to be very conservative.
A representative for Venezia Turismo Motoscafi said that Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, and Ben Affleck are among the celebritieswho have used their services. The representative said that the driver did not hear "these obscenities" because he was watching out for other boats.
The statement also said that if the driver had seen the couple doing anything lewd, they would have “immediately disembarked and reported the transgressors to those in authority”.
In addition, there was a third person on board the taxi, who accompanied Mr and Mrs West, who obstructed the captain’s view to the stern in any case.- Venezia Turismo Motascafi
West, who is 46, and Censori, who is 28, are seen together in public for the first time this year. They were seen eating at the Waldorf Astoria in January. Censori is an engineer who works for West's company, Yeezy. Later that month, it was said that Censori and West got married in a ceremony that wasn't legally binding. This was only a few months after West's divorce from Kim Kardashian was settled.
West's relationship with Censori comes after he got a lot of backlash for making violently anti-Semitic comments in public last year, like tweeting that he planned to go "death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE" in October 2022 and saying that the "Jewish underground media mafia" controls Hollywood on Chris Cuomo's show in October 2022.
In December 2022, he went on the TV show of far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and said that he saw "good things" in Hitler, which was the same thing he had said before. Because of these views, he was banned from several social media sites and brands like Gap, Balenciaga, and Adidas cut ties with him.
Kanye West is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. He was born on June 8, 1977, in Atlanta, Georgia, but raised in Chicago, Illinois. Kanye West is known for his influential and innovative contributions to the music industry and popular culture.
He first gained recognition as a producer in the late 1990s, working with artists like Jay-Z and producing tracks for his album "The Blueprint." In 2004, Kanye released his debut album, "The CollegeDropout," which was critically acclaimed and commercially successful. This marked the beginning of his successful career as a solo artist.
Throughout his career, Kanye has released numerous highly acclaimed albums, including "Late Registration," "Graduation," "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy," "Yeezus," "The Life of Pablo," "Ye," and "Donda." His music often explores themes of race, identity, mental health, and fame, and he is known for pushing the boundaries of hip-hop and rap with his innovative production and unique style.

Final Words

Rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, and his wife Bianca Censori have been in the news lately for doing strange things, like going around barefoot or wearing mostly revealing clothes. But recently, Kanye and his wife went too far when they were seen doing strange things and West exposed his buttocks while they were on a boat ride through a canal in Venice.
The Donda singer and his Australian wife can never rent a boat in Venice again because of the things they did that people didn't like. The couple rented a boat from Venezia Turismo Motoscafi. The company told the couple that they are "no longer welcome" on their boats.
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