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John F. MacArthur Net Worth in 2021, Birthday, Age, Wife and Children

John F. MacArthur Net Worth in 2021, Birthday, Age, Wife and Children

How much John F. MacArthur's net worth? John is an American pastor-teacher for sermons. As of 2021, his net worth is estimated $15 million.

Harriet Shaw
Nov 26, 2019

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John MacArthur's net worth is estimated to be more than $15 million. He, for his service, has earned an annual salaried income of $160,000. It is expected to figure out his net worth more in the upcoming year.

John MacArthur career

He at Calvary bible Church was the associate pastor in Burbank in California. For Talbot Theological Seminary, he was faculty. At the Sun Valley, California, nondenominational grace community church, he was the 3rd pastor. For his sermons, he created audio cassettes. He becomes ‘The master’s university’ president in 1985, liberal arts Christian college. John is a renowned Calvinist, a strong preacher and Christianity religion recognizes him as the inspiring preacher of his days.

John MacArthur early life

In the year 1985, he became a Master’s College president, a liberal arts Christian college. He established mastery’s seminary in 1986. He was also embroiled in several disagreements, a famous for that; an evangelical church was prosecuted for malpractice. 24 years old Kenneth Nally, a seminary student in 1979, committed suicide. This year John MacArthur and other staff members were asked to come to the court to determine the legality of counseling people, from Bible, instead of modern psychology, even though Kenneth Nally was receiving psychological help. Finally, after 7 years of the court's ruling, appeals, and challenges, the Supreme Court in California found that no sufficient evidence was there to step ahead for trial.

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Net worth$15 Million
ProfessionPastor, Author
Birthday19th June 1939
Age81 Years
Zodiac signGemini

John MacArthur Biography

The child of Irene Dockendorf & Jack MacArthur, he was born in Los Angeles. He went to Bob Jones University before he transferred to Azusa Pacific University. From 1964-66 was the associate pastor in California’s Calvary Bible Church. Also, from 1966-69 for Talbot Theological Seminary, he was the faculty representative. At non-denominational Grace Community Church in Sun Valley in California, he became 3rd pastor. Furthermore daily radio program “Grace to You” is broadcasted globally and then begun as a ministry for providing the audio cassettes to the listeners of his sermons. Also, he started up with broadcasting in Baltimore, in Maryland. Also, he became the president at “The master’s University,” a liberal arts Christina college. This college in 2018 July, by WASC, was placed on probation. This is for intimidation, the climate of fear, uncertainty, bullying, nepotism, inexperienced leadership, and financial irregularities. Also, from The Talbot Theological Seminary, he received the honorary dictionaries and from Grace Graduate school.

John MacArthur wife

In his life, He got married to Patricia. Both met in John’s home as she was his sister’s friend and he started liking her, and later both got married.

John MacArthur children

He, after getting married to Patricia, has got 4 children and is also having 14 grandchildren. They had 2 boys and 2 girls named Matt, Mark, Melinda, and Marcy.

John MacArthur books

He, as an author, has written many books. The notable one is his MacArthur Commentary Series and also The MacArthur Study Bible. He works together with Phil Johnson that edits mostly books written by him. he writes many more books up is including “The Quest for the character,” Our Sufficiency in Christ,” “A tale of two sons,” “Acts,” “God’s high calling for women,” “drawing near,” “The key to spiritual growth,” “Anxiety attacked,” “What the bible says about parenting,” “The pillars of Christian character” and so on.

John MacArthur new book

The collection books in the new one are “One faithful life,” “The John MacArthur handbook,” “Final word: why we need the bible,” “Remaining faithful in the ministry: 9 essential conviction for every pastor”, “Christ’s call to reform the church: Timeless demand from the lord to his people,” “The Gospel according to god,” “The gospel according to Paul.”

John MacArthur family

John F MacArthur is an American pastor and author. He became famous for “Grace to You.” That was an internationally collective Christian teaching radio plan. His parents were Jack Macarthur as a father, Irene MacArthur, as a mother, Patricia MacArthur as a wife, Jeanette F MacArthur as a sister. After the marriage, they had four children, namely Melinda MacArthur as a daughter, Marcy MacArthur as a daughter, Mark MacArthur as a son, and Matt MacArthur.

John MacArthur facebook

Follow him on Facebook. This is the best way to stay updated with all happening in his life.

John MacArthur house and residence

He resides with his family members in Sun Valley in California in the U.S.

John MacArthur Instagram

Grace to you is John MacArthur's media ministry. You can follow GTY on Instagram through this link.

John MacArthur earning source

He earns as a pastor-teacher for sermons, at the Sun Valley’s Grace Community Church, in California. He has also created and sold audio cassettes of sermons before airing services to the radio shows globally.

John MacArthur salary

John MacArthur's net worth to date is expected to be exceeding $15 million. He, for his work, use to earn a twelve-monthly salaried income of about $160,000.

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