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John Cusack Net Worth In 2022 - Birthday, Age, Wife, Kids And Sibilings

How much John Cusack net worth? In the early 1980s, Cusack began acting in films. In 1989 he starred in the debut film of Cameron Crowe’s.

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As of 2022, John Cusack net worthis $50 Million.
John Paul Cusack was born on 28 June 1966. Johnny holds an American nationality and citizenship. He lives in Chicago as he was born in an Irish Catholic family, so you can predict that he is a Christian by religion.
A 56-year-old actor is 6ft 2 inches and 78kg. His zodiac sign was cancer. He was born in the United States, and currently, he lives in Chicago.

John Cusack Early Life

Cusack was born in an Irish Catholic family. His family moved from Manhattan, New York, to Illinois. At the age of 9, he attended the ‘Piven Theatre Workshop.’ He performed in various local stage productions while attending Nicolas Junior High School. Soon John became a well-known voiceover artist.

John Cusack Career

In the early 1980s, Cusack began acting in films. In 1989 he starred in the debut film of Cameron Crowe’s, Say Anything. He played a central character in the film ‘The Sure Thing,’ released in 1985. His work in the movie ‘2012’ is commendable. The film garnered a whooping success of $769 Million at the box office.
Both critics and fans highly appreciate his work in the hit film ‘Grosse Pointe Blank.’ In that movie, he was the writer, co-producer and played the role of ‘Martin Q blank.’

John Cusack Gets Jimmy to Make His Nephew's Graduation Special

John Cusack Wife, And Kids

John Cusack always kept his personal life private. He has not married and does not have any child. So, stop now if you are wondering the name of his wife or a life partner. His dating history is extensive, but the actor has successfully managed to keep his personal life behind the curtains.

John Cusack Parents

John is the son of Dick and Ann Paula Cusack. His father was born on 29 August 1925 in New York City as Richard John Cusack. He was an American actor and filmmaker who graced the silver screen many times throughout his Hollywood career. Due to pancreatic cancer, he died on 2 June 2003.
His mother was born on 22 May 1961, and she was an American actress. She has played guest appearances and minor roles in several TV shows and movies. By profession, she was a Maths teacher and a political activist.

John Cusack Siblings

The actor has 4 siblings, three sisters and one brother.
  • Joan Cusack is an American actress and comedian born on 11 October 1962 in New York City. She received a nomination for the Academy Award for best supporting actress for comedy-drama working girl (1988) and the romantic comedy In and Out (1997).
  • Ann Cusack- She is an American actress.
  • Susie Cusack- The actress is well known for Short Cuts (1993), Not Again (1996), and High Fidelity (2000).
  • Bill Cusack- He is an actor, and producer known for The Fugitive (1993), ED Wood (1994), and Grosse Pointe Blank (1997).

John Cusack Awards And Nominations

Johnny began acting in films in 1980 and has starred in more than 85 films. Johnny for ‘Say anything’ won the award of the most promising actor in 1989. In 2014 he won the award as the Best Performance by an actor supporting ‘Maps to the Stars.’
Besides, the actor was a nominee for several awards. For instance:
  • Best actor, Saturn award 2008.
  • Best performance by an actor in a motion picture, Golden Globe 2001.
  • Best Screenplay, BAFTA Film award 2001.
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