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Jayceon Terrell Taylor Net Worth - The Big Wealth Of The Game

The Game, whose real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, net worth is estimated to be huge. His mother gave him his stage name because she thought it fit him because he is up for anything. The Game is an American rapper whose first album, The Documentary, made him famous in 2005.

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In 2022, Jayceon Terrell Taylor net worthis huge. The Game, whose real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, is an American rapper and actor who is well-known.
He is known for coming back to the West Coast hip-hop scene in a big way.
He first became well-known when he started working with the famous rapper Dr. Dre. His mother gave him his stage name because she thought it fit him because he is up for anything.
During his 20-year music career, he put out a total of eleven albums and started his own record labels, such as Black Wall Street Records and Blood Money Entertainment. He also started a few other businesses.

Quick Facts About Jayceon Terrell Taylor

NameJayceon Terrell Taylor
BirthdayNovember 29, 1979
Net Worth$10 million

Who Is Jayceon Terrell Taylor?

THE GAME | Before They Were Famous | Jayceon Terrell Taylor

Taylor was born on November 29, 1979, in Los Angeles, CA. He said that he was born into a "dysfunctional" family that was full of drugs, hustlers, gang wars, and guns. Even though he is so young, he has already caused some trouble in the neighborhood.
You Know What It Is Vol. 1, which was made by The Game and his brother Big Fase, came out in 2002. This got him a record deal with JT the Bigga Figga's independent label Get Low Recordz.
In 2003, Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment label signed him. He worked with G-Unit and 50 Cent when he was working for Dr. Dre. In the end, he had small roles in the music videos of Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent, Fabolous, and Young Buck.
Later, he decided to focus more on music, and in 2003, he signed his first recording contract with 50 Cent's G-Unit record label. He left the company in the end to start his own record label, Black Wall Street Records.
His first album, "The Documentary," was a big hit right away. In fact, the album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. The single "Hate It or Love It," from the album, got him two Grammy nominations.
In 2005 and 2006, he was able to put out two albums, Documentary and Doctor's Advocate, which helped him break into the mainstream. The New York Times named his album Doctor's Advocate the best hip-hop album of 2006.
His third album, called LAX, came out two years later. His fourth album, which opened at number one on the Billboard 200, was also a hit. As of September 2011, The Game had already begun making Jesus Piece, his fifth album.
The Game was once engaged to Valeisha Butterfield, who is a model and actress. They were supposed to get married in March 2007, but in June 2006, they broke off their engagement. He has two sons and a daughter.

Top 5 Songs Of Jayceon Terrell Taylor

The Game, 50 Cent - Hate It Or Love It (Official Music Video)

  • Hate It Or Love It
  • How We Do
  • Eazy (Feat. Kanye West)
  • Ali Bomaye
  • Party We Will Throw Now!

Jayceon Terrell Taylor Net Worth

The Game's Lifestyle & Net Worth 2022

Jayceon Terrell Taylor has a $10 million net worth, and he keeps adding to it with his acting and recording jobs. He has been on TV shows like the dating show Change of Heart.
His girlfriend broke up with him on the show, saying that he was trying to be too tough when, in real life, he was very sensitive.
In the movie Waist Deep, which came out in 2006, he played a character named Big Meat. He is making two more movies that should come out in the coming year.

Other Ventures Of Jayceon Terrell Taylor

The Game was on the dating show "Change of Heart" in the year 2000. He was in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in 2004. In the video game "Def Jam: Icon," he used his own voice.
In 2006, "Waist Deep" was The Game's first full-length movie. The Game also played for and bought shares in the basketball team the Inglewood Cobras. But the team, which was coached by Sean Higgins, a former NBA player, quit after only four games.
The Game worked with 310 Motoring to make his own shoe, called "The Hurricanes." Part of the money made from selling these shoes went to help people affected by Hurricane Katrina.
The Game and the rapper Stat Quo started a new record label called Rolex Records in December 2012. To mark the start of his new label, he gave all of his employees' Rolex watches.
After a legal battle with Rolex, he changed the name of the record label to "The Firm," and it eventually became "Blood Money Entertainment." The label has signed many well-known rappersfrom the West Coast, such as Pharaoh Jackson and Skeme.

Interesting Facts About Jayceon Terrell Taylor

  • The Game was once engaged to actress Valeisha Butterfield, who is the daughter of US Congressman GK Butterfield. But in June 2006, they broke up.
  • After they broke up, he went out with a sixth-grade teacher named Tiffney Cambridge. Even though they were together for eight years, there were no plans to get married.
  • On his VH1 show, "Marrying the Game," he showed his three kids. Harlem Caron Taylor is the name of one of his children.
  • Game has been in trouble with the law more than once. In 2005, he was sued for beating up a fan. In the same year, he was arrested for acting out at a mall. He was arrested in 2007 for making a threat with a gun. In 2008, he was found guilty of assault and weapons charges and given 60 days in jail and 150 hours of community service.
  • In 2011, he was not allowed to go to Canada because he was thought to have ties to the Bloods. In 2016, he was accused of sexually assaulting Priscilla Rainey, a contestant on "She Got Game."

People Also Ask

Who Discovered The Game Rapper?

When Sean Combs, the founder of Bad Boy Records, heard Game's mixtape, he was almost ready to sign him to his label. Five months later, Dr. Dre found out about him after listening to the mixtape that his brother had made.

How Rich Is The Rapper Game?

The Game is a rapper, producer, and actor from the United States. He is worth $10 million. In 2003, he made deals with Aftermath Entertainment and 50 Cent's G-Unit Records. Since then, he has become a very successful entrepreneur, rap artist, and activist.

How Long The Game Rapper Was In A Coma?

Taylor spent two days in a coma. He told his brother to go buy all of the classic hip-hop albums while he was getting better.


The Game is a well-known rapper and actor who works hard at what he does. He has made a huge difference in his field. The Game net worth is $10 million as of 2022.
He has won a lot of awards for his work, which is very impressive. In the music business, he has won the Ozone Award for best rap album in 2007 and been nominated for a Grammy for "Love It or Hate It" in 2006.
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