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Jason Giambi Net Worth In 2023, Birthday, Age, Wife And Kids

Jason Giambi, a name synonymous with power hitting and home run heroics, has not only left an indelible mark on the baseball diamond but has also amassed considerable wealth throughout his illustrious career. So, Let's delve into Jason Giambi's net worth and explore the wealth he has accumulated over the years.

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Jason Giambi, the renowned baseball slugger, has not only made a name for himself on the diamond but has also amassed substantial wealth throughout his career. From his early days with the Oakland Athletics to his time with the New York Yankees and Colorado Rockies, Giambi's prowess at the plate and his business ventures have contributed to his financial success. In this article, we delve into Jason Giambi net worth, exploring the figures behind his impressive fortune.

Quick Facts About Jason Giambi

NameJason Giambi
BirthdayJanuary 8, 1971
ProfessionBaseball player
Net worth$35 million

Early Life

Jason Giambi wearing a blue polo and red cap
Jason Giambi wearing a blue polo and red cap
Jason Giambi, the renowned baseball player, was born on January 8, 1971, in West Covina, California. He grew up in a sports-oriented family, with his father, John Giambi, being a former minor league player and his older brother, Jeremy Giambi, also pursuing a professional baseball career.
From a young age, Giambi displayed a passion for the game and dedicated himself to honing his skills. He attended South Hills High School in West Covina, where he excelled as a multi-sport athlete, participating in baseball, football, and basketball. His exceptional abilities on the baseball field quickly garnered attention, and he established himself as a standout player.
After completing high school, Giambi received a scholarship to play collegebaseball at Long Beach State University. During his collegiate career, he continued to impress, showcasing his power-hitting prowess and solidifying his status as a top prospect. His performances caught the eye of Major League Baseball (MLB) scouts, setting the stage for his professional journey.

College Career

During his college career, Jason Giambi played baseball for Long Beach State University, where he continued to showcase his exceptional talent and solidify his status as a top prospect. His time at Long Beach State University was marked by impressive performances and numerous accolades.
Giambi's collegiate journey began in 1989 when he joined the Long Beach State Dirtbags baseball team. As a freshman, he wasted no time making an impact, hitting .345 with 12 home runs and 57 runs batted in (RBIs). His outstanding performance earned him the Big West Conference Freshman of the Year award.
In the following seasons, Giambi's skills only improved. He consistently displayed power at the plate, drawing attention from professional scouts. In his sophomore year, he hit .386 with 12 home runs and 57 RBIs, earning him All-Big West First Team honors.
Giambi's junior year in 1992 was nothing short of spectacular. He had a remarkable batting average of .397, along with 20 home runs and 61 RBIs. His outstanding performance led to him being named an All-American and the Big West Conference Player of the Year.
With one more year of college eligibility remaining, Giambi decided to forgo his senior season and enter the Major League Baseball (MLB) draft. His impressive college career and consistent success at the plate made him an enticing prospect for professional teams.

Professional Career

The Giambi Years

Jason Giambi's professional baseball career spanned from 1995 to 2014, during which he played for several teams in Major League Baseball (MLB). He began his career with the Oakland Athletics, where he played from 1995 to 2001 and established himself as one of the premier power hitters in the league.
Known for his prodigious power and a keen eye at the plate, Giambi quickly established himself as one of the premier sluggers in the league. He spent seven seasons with the Athletics, during which he achieved significant personal and team success.
In 2002, Giambi joined the New York Yankees, signing a seven-year contract worth approximately $120 million. His time with the Yankees was highly successful, as he played a key role in the team's success, including their run to the World Series title in 2009.
After leaving the Yankees, Giambi returned to the Oakland Athletics for a brief stint from 2009 to 2011. He then joined the Colorado Rockies and played with them until his retirement in 2014. Throughout his career, Giambi was known for his power-hitting, patience at the plate, and ability to drive in runs.

Awards Of Jason Giambi

Jason Giambi, the former Major League Baseball (MLB) player, has received several notable awards and accolades throughout his career. Here are some of the awards he has earned:
  • American League Most Valuable Player (AL MVP)- In 2000, Giambi won the AL MVP award while playing for the Oakland Athletics. He had an outstanding season, leading the league in on-base percentage (.476) and slugging percentage (.647) and contributing 43 home runs and 137 runs batted in (RBIs).
  • Silver Slugger Award- Giambi won the Silver Slugger Award twice in his career. He received the award in 2000 as the best offensive first baseman in the American League and again in 2001.
  • Hank Aaron Award- In 2001, Giambi was honored with the Hank Aaron Award, which recognizes the top offensive performer in each league. This award is named after Hall of Famer Hank Aaron, who is considered one of the greatest hitters in baseball history.
  • All-Star Game Selections- Giambi was chosen for the MLB All-Star Game five times in his career. He represented the American League in 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005.
  • Players Choice Awards- Giambi was recognized by his fellow players with two Players Choice Awards. He won the AL Outstanding Player award in 2000 and the AL Comeback Player of the Year award in 2005.
These awards highlight Jason Giambi's remarkable performances, offensive prowess, and impact on the field throughout his career. They serve as a testament to his status as one of the premier players of his era.

Jason Giambi Net Worth And Salary

Jason Giambi wearing black shirt and black cap
Jason Giambi wearing black shirt and black cap
As of 2023, Jason Giambi net worth is $35 million. However, during his playing career in Major League Baseball (MLB), Giambi earned substantial salaries and amassed a significant fortune.
Giambi signed several lucrative contracts throughout his career, which contributed to his financial success. He began his professional career with the Oakland Athletics, where he played from 1995 to 2001. During his time with the Athletics, Giambi earned substantial salaries, including a multi-year contract extension.
In 2002, Giambi joined the New York Yankees, signing a seven-year contract worth approximately $120 million. His time with the Yankees was highly successful both on and off the field, with his performance contributing to the team's achievements. He was a key player in the Yankees' run to the World Series title in 2009.
After his stint with the Yankees, Giambi returned to the Oakland Athletics for a brief period and later played with the Colorado Rockies before retiring in 2014. Furthermore, Giambi's net worth is likely influenced by endorsement deals and business ventures. He has had endorsement partnerships with various brands throughout his career, which provided additional income opportunities.

Jason Giambi Wife

Jason Giambi's wife's name is Kristian Rice Giambi. His wife is the creator and owner of a company called Brulee, which makes lingerie and loungewear. She prefers to maintain her privacy or has chosen to focus on her personal life rather than a public career.
Regarding how Jason Giambi met his wife, specific details about their initial meeting are not widely known. However, it is not uncommon for professional athletesto meet their partners through social circles, events, or mutual acquaintances. Given their private nature, the specifics of their meeting remain undisclosed.
Jason Giambi and Kristian Rice got married on February 2, 2002. Their marriage has endured for over two decades, and they have been supportive partners throughout Jason's baseball career and beyond. Together, they have built a life and a family, although further information about their personal lives is not extensively available in the public domain.

Jason Giambi Kids

Jason Giambi and his wife, Kristian Rice Giambi, have one daughter, her name is London Giambi. However, specific details about their personal lives, including how they live, are not extensively available in the public domain. As private individuals, Jason Giambi and his family prefer to keep their personal lives away from the spotlight. It is common for celebritiesand athletes to prioritize the privacy and well-being of their families, allowing them to live relatively normal lives outside of the public eye.

Philanthropic Works Of Jason Giambi

Jason Giambi wearing a gray baseball uniform an black cap
Jason Giambi wearing a gray baseball uniform an black cap
Jason Giambi has been actively involved in philanthropic endeavors throughout his career, supporting various charitable causes. While specific details about his philanthropic activities may not be extensively available, he has shown a commitment to giving back to the community.
One cause that holds personal significance for Giambi is cancer research. He has been involved in initiatives aimed at raising awareness and funding for cancer research organizations. This may be attributed to his own personal experiences or connections with individuals affected by the disease.
Additionally, Giambi has been supportive of youth development programs. As a mentor and role model, he has dedicated time and resources to help young athletes and aspiring baseball players in their development and pursuit of their dreams.
While specific projects or organizations he supports may not be widely publicized, Jason Giambi's commitment to philanthropy highlights his desire to make a positive impact beyond the baseball field. His contributions and support have likely benefited numerous causes and individuals in need, reflecting his dedication to giving back to the community.

Interesting Facts About Jason Giambi

  • Jason Giambi comes from a baseball-oriented family. His father, John Giambi, was a former minor league player, and his older brother, Jeremy Giambi, also had a career in professional baseball.
  • Giambi was drafted by the Oakland Athletics in the second round of the 1992 Major League Baseball (MLB) draft after his successful college career at Long Beach State University.
  • Known for his power at the plate, Giambi hit over 400 career home runs in the MLB. He achieved multiple 40+ home run seasons and had a career-high of 43 home runs in a single season.
  • Giambi was selected to play in the MLB All-Star Game five times throughout his career. These appearances highlight his recognition and respect among his peers and fans.
  • In 2009, Jason Giambi won a World Series championship with the New York Yankees. He played a significant role as a designated hitter and provided veteran leadership to the team.
  • Giambi has been involved in charitable endeavors throughout his career, particularly in cancer research and youth development. He has supported organizations and initiatives aimed at making a positive impact in these areas.
  • Giambi was beloved by fans for his charismatic personality and energetic playing style. He was known for his unique approach to the plate, which included wearing a gold thong to break out of slumps.
  • Throughout his career, Giambi was respected as a leader in the clubhouse and a mentor to younger players. He shared his knowledge and experience to help guide and develop the next generation of baseball talent.

People Also Ask

What Teams Did Jason Giambi Play For?

Jason Giambi played for the following teams during his MLB career: Oakland Athletics (1995-2001, 2009-2011), New York Yankees (2002-2008), and Colorado Rockies (2009-2012).

How Many Home Runs Did Jason Giambi Hit?

Jason Giambi hit a total of 440 home runs during his MLB career. This impressive tally places him among the top power hitters in baseball history.

Did Jason Giambi Use Steroids?

Jason Giambi admitted to using performance-enhancing substances during his career. He was one of the players involved in the MLB steroid scandal and cooperated with the subsequent investigation.

Is Jason Giambi A Hall Of Famer?

Giambi is the 11th baseball player to be admitted into the 49er Hall of Fame. He joins teammate Don Barbara, who was inducted in 1998, as the only player from the Dave Snow era. The Hall of Fame selection process involves voting by the Baseball Writers' Association of America (BBWAA), and the results can change over time.


Jason Giambi net worth stands as a testament to his outstanding career as a power hitter in Major League Baseball. With significant earnings from contracts, endorsement deals, and strategic investments, Giambi has solidified his financial standing.
Beyond his accomplishments in the sport, Giambi's philanthropic efforts and mentorship in the baseball community have further enhanced his legacy. Jason Giambi's journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes and showcases the potential for financial success in the world of professional sports.
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