Jaime Camil Net Worth in 2020, Age, Height, Wife, Kids and Movies

Jaime Camil is a well known Mexican-Brazilian singer, actor, and television personality. His real name is Camil Saldana da, Gama. Professionally. He is famous with the name Jaime Camil. He is known for his acting in Jane the Virgin, where he played the role of Rogelio de la Vega. He was nominated twice for the best supporting actor in a comedy series. As of 2020, Jaime Camil’s net worth is $17 million.

Jaime Camil early life

Jaime Camil was born in Mexico City, Mexico in 1973. His father, Jaime Camil Garza, was a prominent businessman and a famous singer. Jaime Camil attended the Anahuac University. He received his training in acting in the US and classical Opera training in Italy.

source: Instagram @jaimecamil
Net worth$17 million
ProfessionActor, Singer, Television personality
WifeHeidi Balvanera

Jaime Camil career

He started his career as a radio commentator in radioactive 98.5. He made his small-screen debut in 1995 as a host. He continues as a host and finally co-hosted in 2009. His first album Para Estar Contigo was released in 1999 and made him famous in Mexico, South America, and the united states. He made his film debut in 1997, but he struggled till 2003. In 2004, he filmed three different movies successfully.

Jaime Camil personal life

The personal life of Jaime Camil is merry with his wife, Heidi Balvanera, who is a model and two children. He has two half-siblings and three step-siblings.

Jaime Camil filmography

The career of Jaime Camil touched the height of success after 2004, where he signed a lot of successful films. Punis Rosas, Zapata, in 2004. Volver, Volver in 2005, etc. the latest movie of Jaime Camil is Madness in the method which was released in 2019. Besides his performance in these movies, he has performed in a lot of television shows, and his latest television show is “Broke,” where he is in the role of Javier. This show will be broadcast in 2020.

Jaime Camil biography

Jaime Camil is a successful actor in television as well as films. Besides acting, he is also a well-known musician. He is an active actor whose latest television show is about to come in 2020, titled as “broke.” He is happily married to the model, Heidi Balvanera, and has two children Elena Camil and Jaime Camil. He speaks in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Jaime Camil born and birth name

Jaime Camil was born on July 22, 1973, in Mexico City, Mexico. His birth name is Camil Saldana da, Gama. He is professionally known as Jaime Camil.

Jaime Camil birthday

The famous Mexican-Brazilian actor Jaime Camil celebrates hi birthday on 22nd July.

Jaime Camil age

The actor Jaime Camil will celebrate his 46th birthday this July 2020.

Jaime Camil height

The actor is enjoying a proper height of 6ft 1inch, about 1.9 m.

Jaime Camil occupation

Jaime Camil is currently an actor, musician, and a tv host. He is well known in the field of acting in a comic role. He was twice nominated for the best comic character.

Jaime Camil education

Jaime Camil is a professional actor and musician who obtained his education at Anahuac University.

Jaime Camil real name

The real name of Jaime Camil is Jaime Federico, said Camil Saldana da, Gama.

Jaime Camil nicknames

As this man is known in the world of films, the same is the nickname of the actor, Jaime Camil.

Jaime Camil wife

The wife of Jaime Camil is Heidi Balvanera. She is 41 years old and a permanent resident of Mexico City. She got married to the actor in 2013.

Jaime Camil children

Jaime Camil has two children, namely Elena Camil and Jaime Camil 3.

Jaime Camil sibling

Jaime Camil has two half-siblings and three step-siblings, they are Isabela Camil, Jorge Camil Starr, kali stores Starr, Melissa Trouyet Starr, Alexia Camil Starr.

Jaime Camil family

The family of Jaime Camil is not too large. He is living with his wife Heidi Balvanera and two children Elena Camil and Jaime Camil.

Jaime Camil parents

The name of Jaime Camil’s father is Jaime Camil Garza, and the name of the mother is Cecilia Saldana Da Gama.

Jaime Camil behind the voice actors

Jaime Camil has given his voice behind some actors, they are:

  1. Chupacabra in Hotel Transylvania 3: summer vacation (2018)
  2. Panchito in the legend of the Three Caballeros (2018)
  3. Papa in coco (2017)
  4. Don Karnage in duck tales (2017)

Jaime Camil dad net worth

The net worth of Jaime Camil’s father is $1 billion.

Jaime Camil girlfriends

Jaime Camil was spotted dating with Adriane Galisteu, Anahi and Thalia. Amongst these girls, relationships with Anahi can be a rumor.

Jaime Camil house and residence

The residence of Jaime Camil is in Los Angeles, California, the U.S. and another apartment are at Mexico City.

Jaime Camil movies

Jaime Camil started working in movies from 2004 and till he is working.

  • Coco (2017)
  • pulling strings (2013)
  • Recién Cazado (2009)
  • 7 Dias (2005)
  • Hotel Transylvania 3 (2018)
  • The Secret Life of Pets (2016)
  • Saving Private Perez (2011)
  • Regresa (2010)
  • Ilusiones S.A (2015)
  • My Boyfriend’s Meds (2019)
  • Madness in the Method (2019)
  • I Love Miami (2006)
  • El Cielo en tu Mirada (2012)
  • Glass Jaw (2018)
  • 200 Cartas (2013)
  • Little Bitches (2018)
  • Elsa and Fred (2014)
  • Zapata: El sueño de un héroe (2004)
  • El Agente 00-P2 (2009)
  • The Streets of Mexico City (2006)
  • Chiapas: El Corazon Del Cafe (2012)
  • Puños Rosas (2004)
  • Zero Hour (2013)

Jaime Camil best movies

Best movies of Jaime Camil are pulling strings, 7 Dias, Recién Cazado, etc.

Jaime Camil nationality

Jaime Camil is a Mexican and Brazilian by nationality.

Jaime Camil religion

Jaime Camil is a staunch believer and follower of Christianity.

Jaime Camil tv-shows

Jaime Camil started his career as a tv host, and some of his television shows are:

  • El Show De Jaime Camil
  • La Parodia
  • Duck tales
  • Charmed
  • Star vs. the forces of evil

Jaime Camil series

Jaime Camil has worked in some of the successful series like Jane the virgin and La Fea mas Bella.

Jaime Camil songs

Jaime Camil is a singer and useful collection of songs are there in his name like;

  • El Sexo Debil
  • Nada es Igunal sin ti
  • Dime
  • Mulata

Jaime Camil tattoo

Jaime Camil twitted in 2014 about a new tattoo where he wrote about the coming of modern love in his life.

Jaime Camil zodiac sign

Zodiac sign of Jaime Camil is cancer, the crab.

Jaime Camil facts

  1. Jaime Camil is a famous Mexican- Brazilian actor.
  2. He is married to a Mexican model after getting separated with two girlfriends.
  3. He has two half-siblings with three step-siblings.
  4. His new television show “broke” is coming in 2020.
Photo ofJaime Federico said Camil Saldana da, Gama
Jaime Federico said Camil Saldana da, Gama
(Jaime Camil)
Job Title
Actor, Singer, Television personality
Hollywood Film Industry

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