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Henry Rollins Net Worth in 2021, Birthday, Age, Personal life and Girlfriend

Henry Rollins Net Worth in 2021, Birthday, Age, Personal life and Girlfriend

How much is Henry Rollins worth? Henry Lawrence Garfield popularly known as Henry Rollins is an American entertainer. As of 2021, his net worth is $14 mill.

Harriet Shaw
Jul 07, 2020

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Henry Lawrence Garfield, popularly known as Henry Rollins, is an American entertainer. He is a talent box filled with a writer, television and radio show host, comedian, musician, singer, and actor. Being an all-rounder for his talent and acting and the music field, he has his net worth of $15 million. He is even working as a journalist with a good name of 59 years of age.

Henry Rollins Early Life

Henry Rollins, the only son of Paul and Iris, is born on 13 February 1961. Currently Henry age 60 years, a height of 1.75m, weight 176 lbs and holds an American nationality. He has done his schooling from All-boys preparatory school that makes him highly discipline and a dedicated person in his life. Rollins starts writing from this school, and later, he joined American University, but after one semester only he left that university. His mother has raised him alone as his parents got divorced at an early age, and he also faces sexual harassment. Therefore his childhood life is not that simple.

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Henry Rollins Music Career

In 1980 his official music career began when Rollins and the members of Extorts create a band in which he is a lead singer. In 1987 Hot Animal Machine and Drive-by Shooting albums are released as his solo albums. Henry Rollins then formed his band named Rollins Band. They released many albums like 24 Black Flag that hit the chart.  If we talk about Henry's net worth in 2021 January, it is about 15$ million. Except for a large amount of earning from music, he also earns by working in movies and television.

Henry Rollins Media Work

Henry Rollins did lots of media work by appearing on television like in MTV sports, Alternative Nation, etc. HE also appeared in an episode of series named Unsolved Mysteries, in which his best murder was explored.  He made appearances in many television shows, also like Welcome to Paradox. In 2013 he also hosted a show on History channels named 10 Things You don’t know about and voiced many characters in different shows.

Henry Rollins Personal Life

As far as his personal life is concerned, there is not so much to talk about.  He does not believe in any religion, but he is not an atheist. He is not addicted to any drugs and loved to eat fish but not beef. He does not like to talk very much about himself.

Henry Rollins Girlfriend

Henry Rollins said that he does not believe in love at all this is because of their parents’ divorce, I believe.  Therefore as far as his girlfriend details, he did not date any women, according to him. Still, there is a rumour that he is in a relationship with actress Janeane Garofalo, Madonna, Diamanda Galas, and Laura Cloud. But he has never been married.

Henry Rollins House and Resident

Rollins has a 2100 square foot house in Los Angeles Hollywood Hills, but according to the information, he is selling that house for about $1,150,000. As of 2021, Henry Rollins's net worth is estimated at $14 million.

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