Future Net Worth in 2021, Birthday, Girlfriend, Wife, Kids and Songs

How much is future worth?


Net Worth$40 Million
Earning SourceRapper - Singer
Birthday20 November 1983
Age35 years
Height1.8 m long
EducationColumbia High School
GirlfriendsLori Harvey
Zodiac SignScorpio

The future is a rapper, lyricist, and songwriter. He was blessed to be born in Kirkwood, Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The name knows him of “Future of the music.” He has released several albums, but the most famous is “DS2,” released in 2015.

The musical style of the future includes the use of auto-tune in all of his songs. He uses it for both the rapping and the singing part of his albums.

The future has a beautiful personal life, which is reflected by the fact that he has four children, all belong to different women.

Future has several award nominations such as Grammy, BET awards, MTV video music, World music awards, and BET hip hop awards.

Future blessed the hip hop industry by stepping into this world from his mother’s womb on the 20th of November in 1983. which means his birthday is on 20 November 1983.

And as you can count from his birth date, his age is 37 years currently. He is 1.8 m long in height.

Some of his albums are Honest, FUTURE, HNDRXX, 56 Nights, Pluto, The wizard, Monster, Beast mode, Beast mode 2, World on drugs, Dirty sprite, and a lot more.

He is earning a major part of his income through raping only and has made around 23 million dollars with it.

The future belongs to a group named “Dungeon Family,” which is a renowned music group.

The future owns a property named Versace mansion, and he celebrated his last birthday at that place.

By profession, he is a rapper, record producer, songwriter, and singer as well. He also calls himself a lyricist. He is an American as well as a Haitian by nationality. This hip-hop sensation’s real name is Nayvadius demon Wilburn, but he likes to be called “Future.”

He is also known by other names such as Nayvadius cash, Nayvadius Wilburn, and Nayvadius D. Wilburn.

The future had six wives in total, but the current one is Ciara. He got engaged with her in October 2013. Meanwhile, he never mentioned his father, and it is clear that his father never lived along with his family. And then the name of his mother is also unknown.

The wife of the future was Ciara, but they agreed to a divorce after claiming that he was cheating on her. He had other partners as well, such as Jessica Smith, Brittni Mealy, etc.

The future has three children, current, two sons, and one daughter named future Zahir Wilburn, prince Wilburn, and Londyn Wilburn.

The last girlfriend of the future was found to be Ciara, and since then, no other affairs have been seen or disclosed. However, her latest girlfriend is Lori Harvey.

The future has a daughter named Laundyn Wilburn, and she is a school-going girl. The future also has a brother named Rocko, and he is also involved in the profession of rapping.

Future loves to own cars, and that’s why he holds some of the most expensive ones, such as the Lamborghini Aventador, Rolls Royce Ghost, Bentley bentayga, Bentley flying spur, and Mercedes Maybach.

Future believes in charity and has established a foundation with his family to fill up the literacy gap for the seniors in Atlanta.

The future went to Columbia high school for his studies, and he also has a college degree. However, the name of the college is still unidentified.

The ex-wife of the future was Ciara, with whom he had a son named Zahir Wilburn. They broke up because she believed that he was cheating on her.

The future has four companions to call as a family; he had a former partner named Ciara and had three kids, out of which two were boys, and one was a girl. The boys were Prince Wilburn and Future Zahir Wilburn, and the daughter was named Londyn Wilburn.

The future has one brother in the name of siblings, and his name is Rocko. Rocko is also involved in the rapping profession. The future is ranked number 17 on the list of highest-paid rappers that exist in 2019. As of 2020, the future net worth is $55 million.

The future owns a private jet that he uses for his international tours and concerts. The future has three labels, namely Epic records, Rocky road records, and Freebandz.

The future rapper was married to Ciara in October 2013. Moreover, he has married 5 more women, excluding Ciara.

The best songs of the future rappers are mask off, March madness, turn on the lights, perky calling, and serve the base.

There are no updates about the future’s upcoming albums, which means he might not be releasing any tracks this year or in 2020.

The future has a profile on Instagram with the username future, and he has 14 million followers on that platform. He has a total of 44 posts on it.

On Twitter, you can find him with the username “1future,” and he has got 5.69 million followers over there. The future has made around 14k tweets.

The future also has a youtube channel, which has gained 7.4 million subscribers. His channel exists with the name “future” and features his music videos only.

The future also has a stream on the sound cloud, where he has 9.82 million followers in figures and has uploaded a total of 543 tracks.

On my feed, he has 50,934 connections in total, and he has connected to 4.2k people. He is currently promoting his album “honest there.”

He has several nicknames, such as the future, future Pendergrass, and Future Hendrix.

There is no appropriate information about the future rapper’s religion, but people say he is a Christian.

His latest album achieved a record sale of 126,000 in the United States alone, and he has made 144 million streams on various streaming clients.

The future has 31 tattoos in total all over his body, and he says there is a meaning of every symbol he has got carved on his body.

The future has 32 teeth. They are beautiful, and girls prefer his teeth more than his lips.

The future has the zodiac sign of Scorpio, which might be why he makes such poisonous songs.

Photo ofNayvadius demon Wilburn
Nayvadius demon Wilburn
Job Title
Rapper, Singer, Songwriter
Epic Record, Freebandz, Rocky Road Recrods

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