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El Debarge Net Worth In 2022 - Is Singing His Only Source Of Income?

El Debarge's primary source of income is through him being an R&B singer. As of 2021, El Debarge's net worth is about $1.5 million.

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Eldra Patrick "El" DeBarge (born June 4, 1961) is a singer, composer, and musician from the United States. To know El Debarge Net Worth, continue to read this article. He was the family group DeBarge's main point and key lead singer. "Time Will Reveal," "Who's Holding Donna Now," "Stay with Me," "All This Love," and "Rhythm of the Night" are some of El DeBarge's most popular tracks.

El Debarge Early Life

He was born on the 4th of June in 1961. He is a Gemini and was born in the year of Ox. He is 5’9 in height. Or 1.7 meters tall. El Debarge is a native of Detroit in Michigan and was the sixth of ten children of Robert Louis DeBarge and Etterlene DeBarge. He was born to an Afro-American family who followed Christianity.
His brothers are - Bobby DeBarge, Chico DeBarge, James DeBarge, Mark DeBarge, Randy DeBarge, Thomas DeBarge, and Darryl DeBarge.
He initially started to be part of a choir at a local church. He spent several years with music educator Ricky Callier, and in 1975 he expressed his desire to become a performer.
El DeBarge smiling in a white coat
El DeBarge smiling in a white coat

El Debarge Personal Life

DeBarge had a problematic childhood facing his parent’s tumultuous marriage. He expressed his feelings via the book written by his mum in later years. He became the father of his first child at the age of 16 and eventually fathered 11 more children. He was very close to Bobby and is said to have never recovered fully from his death.
His current wife is Tracey Ferguson. His ex-wives are - Bobbie Debarge and Monique DeBarge. He has a total of twelve children, seven sons, and five daughters.
He has seven sons, namely Kyndall, Zach DeBarge, Tanen DeBarge, El DeBarge, Jr., Noah Debarge, Nicholas DeBarge, and Joshua Ferguson. He has five daughters: Kennedy DeBarge, Jordan DeBarge, Bobbie Debarge, Adris Debarge, and Melody Robinson.

El Debarge Career

The DeBarges was their first album on which the whole family worked. The collection was noted for most of its songs. Then he also worked on All This Love (1982), In a Special Way (1983), and Rythm of the Night (1985). The rhythm of the night was mostly worked upon by El without much help from his siblings. He also produced solo albums after that - El Debarge (1986), Gemini (1989), In the Storm (1992), etc.
Some of the labels he got associated with are Warner Bros., Interscope Records, Motown Records, Gordy Records, and Hip-O Records.

El DeBarge Talks "Rhythm of the Night," Maintaining His Voice and Upcoming Show in Anaheim

Net worth$1.5 million
ProfessionSinger-Songwriter, Musician, and Producer
WifeTracey Ferguson

El Debarge Discography

  • EL DeBarge - 1986
  • Gemini - 1989
  • In the Storm - 1992
  • Heart, Mind, and Soul - 1994
  • Second Chance – 2010
  • Ultimate Collection – 2003

El Debarge Albums

His famous albums include El DeBarge (1986), Gemini (1989), In the Storm (1992), Heart, Mind, and Soul (1994), Second Chance (2010)
Some of his best songs are Who's Johnny; I like it, Another Chance, Close to you, Stay with me, heart, mind and soul, There will never be, lay with you.

El Debarge Movies

Jumping the Broom release in the year 2011 and grossed around USD 37.71 million. The movie was directed by Salim Akil and was about the collision of two Afro – American families that come from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

El Debarge Net Worth

El Debarge is an R&B singer from the United States with a net worth of $400,000. El Debarge is most known for being the lead singer and falsetto singer of the DeBarge family group, which was highly famous in the 1980s.
He has been working in the music industry since 1979 and is a three-time Grammy nominee.
El Debarge departed the group in 1986 to pursue a solo career, which proved to be as profitable. He has collaborated with a number of other singerson songs that became enormous successes.
His net worth has grown as a result of his recordings and musical performances. He has a lengthy list of successful records under his belt, both with his band and as a solo artist. The star's net worth has risen as a result of his continued availability for future performances.

El Debarge House And Residence

He is said to live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the United States, with his family.
El DeBarge standing with three men and a woman while all wearing colorful costumes
El DeBarge standing with three men and a woman while all wearing colorful costumes

El Debarge Social Media

El DeBarge uses Instagram and has a verified account with over 170k followers. He posts different photos for his fans. You can follow him on the username @iameldebarge. He is also an active user of Twitter and is vocal about his opinion on the account. You can follow him @ElDeBarge on Twitter.

El Debarge Interesting Facts

  • He is the lead singer of the family R&B group DeBarge and is known for singles like "Rhythm of the Night" and "All This Love."
  • Before getting fame, he used to perform gospel music at a local church.
  • His most loved song was "Who's Johnny," and he has been nominated three times for Grammy Awards.
  • He first became a father at the age of 16 years and eventually had twelve children.
  • He has collaborated with Quincy Jones.
El DeBarge in a black coat
El DeBarge in a black coat

People Also Ask

What Is El DeBarge's Real Name?

His real name is Eldra Patrick DeBarge.

Is El DeBarge Still Using Drugs?

Debarge, who has been drug-free for two years, claims he is not at risk of relapsing since the desire to use narcotics is no longer in his system. He claims, "I didn't get on drugs for any other reason than I liked the way they made me feel."

Is El DeBarge Clean And Sober?

El Debarge previously spoke up about his 22-year addiction to crack and heroin. What you may not know is that after completing a two-year jail sentence, he was on the verge of relapsing, and it was rapper 50-Cent who stepped in to save him.


Through this article, you can get to know about El DeBarge Net Worth. The rapper has been in this field for a long time and has earned his name. Through singing, he has earned a fair amount and is enjoying his life with luxuries.
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