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Colleen Coyle Net Worth - The Weather Girl

Colleen Coyle is an American journalist based in Dallas, Texas. Since July 2010, she has worked as a meteorologist and weather reporter for WFAA TV.

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Colleen Coyleis an American journalist based in Dallas, Texas. Since July 2010, she has worked as a meteorologist and weather reporter for WFAA TV. Let's find out more about Colleen Coyle net worth.


Between 2004 through 2008, Collen was a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He graduated with top honors in meteorology and a minor in business administration. She held a Bachelor's degree in earth and atmospheric sciences previously. Prior to going into broadcasting, Colleen interned at Georgia Tech's Severe Storms Research Center.
She and her colleagues concentrated on developing new methods of tornado detection following an F-2 tornado that passed through downtown Atlanta in March 2008.
In 2008, she and her co-authorspresented a thesis titled "A Combined NEXRAD and CG Lightning Examination of the Atlanta Tornado" at the American Meteorological Society's Severe Local Storms Conference.
Coyle had a strong interest in meteorology when she was younger, and she was known as a "weather geek." She also has a strong musical background, having learned to play the guitar and violin from her father. She became interested in photography as a recreational activity. She goes on to say that if she weren't a reporter, she would most likely be a photographer instead. Her interest in weather has led her to exciting events such as launching weather balloons at the National Weather Service and storm chasing in HD Chopper 8 (a helicopter used to chase storms).
Colleen worked as a morning meteorologist at KPSP Local 2 in Palm Springs, California, prior to joining the WFAA staff. She also worked as a weather producer for WSB-TV in her birthplace of Atlanta, Georgia, before coming to the West Coast. Colleen began working for WFAA-TV in July 2010, where she delivers comprehensive meteorological information as well as feature articles and package stories for newscasts and special events.
Colleen Coyle wearing a yellow long sleeve blouse
Colleen Coyle wearing a yellow long sleeve blouse


The meteorologist stands at a typical height of 5'8", which makes her an excellent choice for live television broadcasts.

Personal Life

Colleen met her future husband, Mike Rogers, during her collegedays at Georgia Tech when they met during a “Pancake Dinner” Social during their dorm Freshman Year in 2004. Mike proposed to her in a highly romantic manner, similar to that of a fairy-tale proposal. The following day, after a hike in Fredericksburg, he presented her with a Shutterfly book, in which each page chronicled their tale from their college days, and in which a stunning ring was hidden. They were married on January 17, 2015, in Dallas, Texas, after he replied yes to her proposal.


She was forced to take a six-month break from television after she and her husband announced the birth of their first child. She is expected to return to the airwaves in the first week of March. “We are adopting a great, wonderful, fantastic foster child,” Coyle says in a Facebook Live video from her home. “We are adopting a wonderful, wonderful, incredible foster child,” Coyle says. “Words fail me when it comes to describing this adventure. It has been a rollercoaster ride over the last few months.”
“My faith is really, extremely important to me, and I believe that God has had a hand in all of this,” she adds in a Facebook Live broadcast. “We had thought about adopting before, but we didn't believe it would be possible so quickly, but God had a different plan for our lives.”
Approximately three weeks have passed since newsanchor Cynthia Izaguirre returned from her own adoption leave, which turned out to be far more time-consuming than she had anticipated.
Colleen Coyle wearing a blue dress during her live weather broadcast
Colleen Coyle wearing a blue dress during her live weather broadcast

Salary And Net Worth

Her annual pay ranges from $53,650 to $78,650 on average. Her net worth is estimated to be $100,000.

Did Colleen Coyle Move To Atlanta?

Colleen has always pursued her interest in weather, whether it was releasing weather balloons at the National Weather Service or storm chasing on the plains of Texas and Oklahoma. Also, she enjoys being actively associated with local schools, where she educates youngsters on the marvels of nature and the fundamentals of severe weather preparedness and survival.
Additionally, Colleen has represented Texas in New York City, sitting in for the morning weather anchor, Sam Champion, on the ABC television show, Good Morning America. Colleen also reported from GMA's Backstage Pass segment when she was in New York.
Traveling, hiking, running, photography, yoga, and listening to music are some of her favorite pastimes. In addition, she has been a violinist in the orchestra for about ten years. Colleen is now concentrating on her guitar skills, which she acquired from her father. Also a thrill-seeker, she has achieved the world's highest bungee leap in Switzerland, which she describes as "awesome!"

Is Colleen Coyle Leaving WFAA?

Colleen, the afternoon meteorologist for WFAA/Channel 8, revealed on the air and on social media — via a Facebook Live — that she will be off the air for six weeks beginning Jan. 22. Additionally, she and her spouse adopted a foster child. Coyle originally announced the news on her own Facebook page on Jan. 17, 2019, the day before she and her husband celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary. She then left WFAA to work for the Weather Channel as a freelance meteorologist.LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/colleencoyle/

Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/colleenweather
Instagram: @colleenwx
Twitter: @colleenweather
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