Christina Aguilera Net Worth in 2020,Husband, Boyfriend, Kids and Songs

What is the net worth of Christina Aguilera?

Christina Aguilera’s net worth in 2020 is $185 Million. Christina Aguilera is a singer, songwriter, actress, and entrepreneur. She is famous for her vocal power and also for provocative personality. She is known with names of Xtina, Candy, Chrissy, and Babe Jane. She along with song-writing and singing also served as a judge on the reality show of music competition ‘’The Voice’’.

Christina Aguilera life and career

Christina Aguilera belongs to Staten Island, New York United States. She was born on 18 December 1980 that makes her 39 years old as of today. Her father was a soldier and mother from a mixed ancestry of German, Dutch, Irish and Welsh. Due to his father’s job as a soldier, Christina had to move place to place but settled after the separation of her parents in Rochester, Pittsburg. At the time of her parent’s divorce, she was six years old. She was passionate about her interest despite the incomplete requirement of age she auditioned for ‘’ The Mickey Mouse Club’’ in 1991. She was selected and worked with now-known stars, Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling.

She worked there until its completion in 1998 then after that Christina was called by Disney for the song in ‘’Mulan’’ an animated movie released in 1998. ‘’Reflection‘’ the theme song of Mulan released in June 1998 made to top fifteen at the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart along the hit song came the opportunities for Christina.

Christina’s other hit songs and albums are Stripped in 2002, Back to Basics in 2006, Bionic in 2010 and Lotus in 2012 that put her in the list of millionaires.

Christina Aguilera Net Worth in 2020,Husband, Boyfriend, Kids and Songs
Source: Instagram @xtina
Net worth$185 Million
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter, Actress
HusbandDivorce Jordan Bratman
BoyfriendMatthew Rutler
FatherFausto Xavier Aguilera
MotherShelly Loraine
ReligionRoman Catholic
zodiac signSagittarius

Christina Aguilera artistry

Christina is a Vocal Power singer and has a vocal range from C3 to C7. From starting Christina was compared with Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. In The New York Times, David Brown wrote that Christina is a practitioner of category 5 of a vocal style called melisma and she is champion along Ms. Carey and Ms. Houston of the 80s and 90s. Christina was placed on 5th by MTV for Best Voices in Music Ever list in 2003. She also faced critics for overdoing melisma and ‘’oohs and aahs’’.

Christina Aguilera image

Christina Aguilera is a four-eight vocal range singer and have a vocal power and with provocative personality. She was criticized for overdoing nudity in her song Stripped in 2002 and remained with mix positive and negative review but she has built positive reviews with recent songs like liberation.

Christina Aguilera legacy

Christina’s legacy started with the solo hit song ‘’Genie in a Bottle’’. She was nominated for two categories of Grammys awards in 2000 one in Best New Artist and second in Best Female Vocal Performance and she got the award of Best New Artist. She has won five Grammy awards four of these are for Lady Marmalade, ‘Beautiful,’ Say Something and ‘’Ain’t No Other Man’’. Her first song made Christina third debut female to be listed in a Hot chart of 100 and also by and AOL radio was kept on 2nd and 1st respectively on their list tope ten and top hundred songs. Christina produced three number-one single and four top-ten singles just in her first album. She was also nominated by Grammys and MTV for her What a Girl Wants song.

Christina Aguilera other ventures

Christina with music also pursued a film career and starred in Burlesque along Cher in 2010 which made $90 million on box office. She did voice over for The Emoji Movie in 2017. Along actress she has been a judge to the real musical show The Voice in season 1,2,3,5,8 and 10.

She is also an entrepreneur and has cosmetics brand and released fragrances Xpose in 2004, Simply Christina in 2007 and Inspire in 2008 and won Number One Celebrity Brand in 2017. She has also worked with brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Oreo and Levi’s.

Christina Aguilera discography

Christina Aguilera’s discography is as she had done 8 studio albums, 6 compilation album, 1 Eps, 42 Singles, 1 Soundtrack album, and 10 promotional Singles.

Christina Aguilera filmography

Christina first appeared on the movie Burlesque in 2008 and then shaded voice in The Emoji Movie and her last entry was in Zoe in 2018. Her film Burlesque made $90 million on box office and was nominated for Best Comedy-Motion Picture 68th Golden Globe Award.

Christina Aguilera tours and concerts

Christina Aguilera made her first concert tour to North and South America, Europe and Japan in 2001 and her second tour from 2006 to 2008 ‘’Back to Basics Tour’’ which made her $48.1 Million. She made her third tour in the US for liberation from September to December 2018 and X Tour in Europe from July to December 2019.

Christina Aguilera occupation

Christina Aguilera is a singer, songwriter, and actress.

Christina Aguilera education

Christina Aguilera got her early education at Rochester her hometown and middle in Marshall Middle School in Wexford. She went briefly to North Allegheny and was homeschooled after being bully.

Christina Aguilera born

Christina Aguilera was born on 18th December 1980 in Rochester in New York USA.

Christina Aguilera birthday

Her birthday is on the 18th of December.

Christina Aguilera age

Christina is 39 years old.

Christina Aguilera height

Christina is 1.56 m tall.

Christina Aguilera weight

Christina weighs 50 kg.

Christina Aguilera hometown

Christina’s hometown is Staten Island, New York, USA. 

Christina Aguilera husband

Christina married Jordan Bratman, a record producer in 2005. She had a son Max Liron Bratman from Jordan Bratman in 2008. They both separated in 2010.

Christina Aguilera partner

After divorcing Christina dated Matthew Rutler in 2010. He is her production assistant during the movie Burlesque and is together since then.

Christina Aguilera children

Christina Aguilera has two children one is a boy from Jordan Bratman and the second is her daughter from Matthew Rutler.

Christina Aguilera awards

Christina has got 5 Grammy Awards and nomination VMA for MTV. Her first song Genie in a Bottle became top first on the list of US Billboards.

Christina Aguilera which company for work

Christina had signed a contract with RCA Records and also worked in The Voice music reality show for $15 million a season.

Christina Aguilera family

Christina was born to Fausto Xavier an American soldier and her Sherry is from mixed ancestry. She got married to Jordan Bratman and was separated in 2010 and she is with Matthew Rutler now. She has two children one from Jordan and another from her fiancé Matthew.

Christina Aguilera parents

Christina was born to Fausto Xavier an American soldier and her Sherry Loraine Fidler is from mixed ancestry. Her father was abusive there her parents separated when she was six. Her mother then married Jim Karens.

Christina Aguilera siblings

Christina has 4 siblings. Rachel Aguilera her younger sister, Michael Kearns her half-brother, Stephanie Kearns her step-sister and Casey Kearns a step-brother.

Christina Aguilera best songs

Some of the following are the best songs by Christina Genie in a Bottle from 1999, What a Girl Wants from 1999, Dirrty from 2002, Beautiful from 2002 and Lady Marmalade.

Christina Aguilera best albums

Stripped, Back to Basics, Bionic, Lotus, and Liberation are the best albums by Christina Aguilera.

Christina Aguilera first song

Genie in a Bottle in 1999 was the best song by Christina which topped US Billboard among 100 songs.

Christina Aguilera first album

Mi Reflejo is the first album by Christina released in 2000.

Christina Aguilera boyfriend

Matthew Rutler is her boyfriend. They started dating after the separation of Christina in 2010. They engaged on 14 February 2014 and have one child.

Christina Aguilera daughter

Christina Aguilera has one daughter Summer Rain Rutler from Matthew Rutler. She is born on 16 august 2014 and is 5 years old.

Christina Aguilera dating

Christina Aguilera is dating Matthew Rutler since 2010 and had one daughter.

Christina Aguilera eyes

Christina Aguilera has blue eyes naturally but she wears contact lenses to light it.

Christina Aguilera movies

Christina Aguilera appeared first-time Burlesque movie in 2010. Her second movie in which she had a voice is The Emoji Movie and also she is in Zoe.

Christina Aguilera makeup

Christina wears a vivid eyeliner and deep shades of lipstick but recently in Paper Magazine she makeup-free shots and she looked stunning.

Christina Aguilera new songs

Following are the new song by her Loyal Brave True, Fall On Me, Haunted heart and Maria.

Christina Aguilera new albums

Her new album came in the 2018 Liberation.

Christina Aguilera old songs

Some of the following are the old songs by Christina Genie in a Bottle from 1999, What a Girl Wants from 1999, Dirrty from 2002, Beautiful from 2002 and Lady Marmalade.

Christina Aguilera real name and nickname

Christina Maria Aguilera is her real name and her nickname is Xtina.

Christina Aguilera nationality

She is American

Christina Aguilera religion

Christina does not practice religion but she said she is Roman Catholic.

Christina Aguilera son

She has a son from her ex-husband. His name is Max Liron and he was born on 12 January 2008.

Christina Aguilera sister

She has two sisters. Rachel Aguilera her younger sister and Stephanie Kearns her step-sister

Christina Aguilera YouTube

She has CAguileraVEVO named YouTube channel with 3 million subscribers.

Christina Aguilera zodiac sign

Sagittarius is her zodiac sign.

Christina Aguilera interesting facts

  1. Christina auditioned for Disney despite her age was short.
  2. Christina has a net worth of $185 million.
  3. She is among the best singers of the 80s and 90s.
Photo ofChristina Maria Aguilera
Christina Maria Aguilera
Job Title
Singer, Songwriter, Actress
RCA Records, Voice music

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