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Rapper Birdman Net Worth In 2022 - Wife, Girlfriend, Kids And Songs


Everyone has a questioning mind about what the actual net worth of Birdman rappers is. Well, Birdman is a well-known American rapper, record producer, and also a businessman.

Birdman, who used to go by a few names, is Baby and B-32 is Cash Money Records founder. Also, he is a member of “hip hop due to the big time.” He is widely known through YMCMB that is Young Money cash billionaires. He has released four collaborative albums and five studio albums. According to the source, Birdman net worth is figured out $100 million approximately.

Birdman Early Life

Bryan William, known as Birdman, was born on 15th February 1969 in New Orleans. Unfortunately, his mother died very soon after two years of his birth, and also, his father died in a car accident when he turned 27 years. He rises in New Orleans in the notorious crime-ridden magnolia projects. He started selling heroin and committing robberies.

When he was 18 years for drug possession, he got arrested. He was sentenced to the Elayn Hunt Correctional centre for 3 years. After about 22 months of his sentence, he was set free with all the charges.

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Birdman | Drink Champs (Full Episode)

Net worth$100 million
Professionrapper, songwriter, record producer, Investor, and Entrepreneur
BornNew Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
Birthday15 February 1969
Birth nameBryan Christopher Brooks
Age52 years
Height5’11” or 180 cm
GirlfriendToni Braxton
WifeToni Braxton
FatherJohnnie Williams
MotherGladys Brooks
Nationality United States of America
Real nameBryan Christopher Brooks
NicknameB-32, Atrice, Baby, Stunna, Bubba, and Beatrice
Zodiac signAquarius

Birdman Career

His career as an American rapper started in a duo with DJ Mannie Fresh, a producer. The team released many albums, and the most succeeding one, “I got that work,” over 1 million copies were sold out in the US and were certified as Platinum. In the year 2005, the group split, and later the same year, Lil Wayne into Cash Money records was signed. The twosome released the album “Like father, like son” together, and it was certified as Gold.

Later on, the YMCMB era came into the field, and it has been much responsible for the success of several stars. It includes Drake &NikiMinaj. The label has also worked with other artists, namely Young Jeezy, Tyga, Rick Ross, Young Thug, DJ Khaled, Richie Home Qual, and many more. Some of the best highlights from his career are Rich Gang: all-stars, Priceless, 5th Stunna, Fast Money, Birdman, and Founded cash records.

Birdman Personal Life

Birdman’s mother, named Gladys Brooks, became ill and was died when he was tiny in his childhood days. He is music has made many references to her mom. His father was Johnnie Williams. He owned many small businesses, including Laundrette and multiple bars.

Very soon, his father was dead in a car accident. Birdman is Cash record’s co-founder. Also, his youngest sister named Tamara, died in a car accident significantly earlier. As his mother died, he raised his younger bro and his sis, referring to her as his daughter. He had a good relationship with Eldrick Wise, who was killed sooner, stepbrother.

In 2007 he got arrested in Tennessee, Kingsport, and was charged with the possession of clobber of marijuana. In 2009 October, cash record, Birdman, Lil Wayne, and other music distributions outlet was sued by Thomas Marasciullo for copyright infringement, claiming that his voice was made in use without taking permission.

Birdman Birthday And Birth Name

Birdman was born on February 15, 1969. His place of birth was New Orleans, Louisiana, situated in the United States. Birdman as Bryan Christopher William’s birth name is Bryan Christopher Brooks.

Birdman Born

As Bryan Christopher Brooks, Birdman was born on 15 February 1969 in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.

Birdman Height

Birdman, no doubt, is a bright personality and is having a proper height that is 5’11” or 180 cm. This is making him a pleasant and dashing personality.

Birdman Age

As he was born on 15 February 1969, so obviously at present, his age will be 53 years.

Birdman Real Name

Birdman’s real name is Bryan Christopher Brooks that he was given when he was born.

Birdman Nickname

Birdman’s nickname is B-32, Atrice, Baby, Stunna, Bubba, and Beatrice.

Birdman Occupation

He is a talented personality specialising in one field; instead, he is a successful rapper, songwriter, record producer, Investor, and Entrepreneur.

Birdman Wife

Birdman’s wife is, no doubt, a beautiful piece of historical fiction. It is reimagining Elizabeth Gould's life, who, John Gould's wife, is well known for the excellent work into Australia’s birds Documenting.

At last, Birdman’s wife gave the voice to the adventurous and passionate spirit more than the women beneath a man. She was a personality of her time, managing the artistic life's demand with roles like helpmate, lover, wife, and mother.

Birdman Girlfriend

Toni Braxton opened up her relationship with Birdman was married to Keris Lewis and had two sons, and her 12 years of marriage relationship ended up in the years 2013.

Birdman Dating

As per the sources, it was discovered that Birdman's dating is Toni Braxton, and their love story is the notebook for the new age as they both cannot survive alone, and it is harder for them to quit each other.

Birdman Children

Birdman had two children: a boy child named Bryan Williams Jr. and a girl child named Bria Williams.

Birdman Family

Birdman is having two children, one son and one daughter. They were named Bryan Williams Jr., his son, and Bria Williams, his daughter. And his father's name is Johnnie Williams, who was born on September 20, 1920, and unfortunately died in a car accident on July 13, 1996. His mother's name is Gladys Brooks, and she was born on August 29, 1935, and died on January 21, 1975.

Birdman Siblings

Birdman is having 12 sisters and ten brothers. His youngest sister, named Tamara, unfortunately, in the car accident, died significantly earlier. Unluckily his mother died, so Bridman raised his younger brother and sister, referring to her as his daughter. Also, he had a secure relationship with Eldrick Wise, his stepbrother. Also, unluckily he died in the unsolved murder.

Birdman Genres

His genres are including hip and southern hip hop.

Birdman Which Companies For Work

He is well known for being a member at Duo BygTymers and is remarkably break the new ground money cash record label.

Birdman Best Songs

Birdman‘s all time songs that always is loved by music lovers, and of course, his fans and followers are including pop bottles, 100 million, intro, the neck of the woods, neck of the woods (album version), been about money, four my town, I run this, always strapped, out the ghetto, fully loaded, Y.U.mad, I’m a stunna, we got that. The best songs are - get it all together, pop bottles (primary), head Busta, outro, wet paint, B - boyz, stunting like my daddy, moMilly, fire flame, R.I.P, I went it all.

Birdman Nationality

As a birdman born in New Orleans in Louisiana in the United States, which is also called America or the United States of America, his nationality will be America. He is an American personality.

Birdman Religion

Birdman appears to be a wholly devout Christian. He is an interview who said that he is blessed as a god gift swagger.

Birdman Tattoos

Birdman or Bryan Christopher Brooks is a well-known American rapper, a member of BygTymers is having many new tattoos made on his body, making him a stylish person. He has a tattoo at different parts of the body like a dating tattoo on his arm, a 5-star tattoo on his heart, a cross tattoo on his forehead, and a RichGang on his right side face, a BMW wrote on his front left side, etc.

Birdman Zodiac Sign

He was born on 15 February 1969 on Saturday into the rooster year, so his zodiac star in Aquarius, whose ruling planet is Uranus, resembles shy and quiet. Also, they can be energetic and eccentric.

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