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Alice Braga Net Worth In 2023, Birthday, Age, Partner And Height

Beyond her undeniable acting prowess, a topic that often surfaces in conversations about public figures is their financial standing. In this context, Alice Braga net worth takes center stage, inviting us to explore not only her remarkable journey in the entertainment industry but also the financial rewards she has garnered along the way.

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In the realm of entertainment, where talent and charisma converge, few names shine as brightly as that of Alice Braga. With a career spanning over decades and a versatile range of roles, she has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Beyond her undeniable acting prowess, a topic that often surfaces in conversations about public figures is their financial standing. In this context, Alice Braga net worthtakes center stage, inviting us to explore not only her remarkable journey in the entertainment industry but also the financial rewards she has garnered along the way.

Quick Facts About Alice Braga

NameAlice Braga Moraes
BirthdayApril 15, 1983
Net Worth$2 million

Early Life

Alice Braga Moraes, a prominent Brazilian actress, first graced the world on April 15, 1983, in the bustling city of São Paulo, Brazil. Born to the talented Ana Braga and the esteemed Nico Moraes, Alice's lineage was steeped in the world of acting. Her familial ties to the industry ran deep, as her aunts Sônia and Maria Braga, along with her uncle Júlio Braga, all shared the spotlight as accomplished actors. It was within this backdrop that Alice's passion for acting took root and flourished.
Growing up, Alice Braga Moraes was immersed in the captivating realm of film and theater from an early age. Her mother, aunts, and uncle frequently whisked her away to film sets, granting her a privileged behind-the-scenes view of the world of cinema. This exposure nurtured her innate fascination with acting and provided her with a unique apprenticeship that many could only dream of.
Intriguingly, even her sister Rita Moraes became an integral part of the entertainment industry, carving her own path as a film producer. The Moraes family seemed destined to leave an indelible mark on the world of entertainment, with each member contributing their unique talents.
During her formative years, Alice Braga's artistic inclinations were evident as she eagerly participated in school plays and even ventured into the world of commercials. Her enthusiasm for acting was undeniable, propelling her to explore this passion on various platforms.
Alice Braga wearing a white gown while sitting on a couch with a smile on her face
Alice Braga wearing a white gown while sitting on a couch with a smile on her face
Alice's academic journey began in her hometown of São Paulo, where she pursued her elementary schooling. However, the Moraes family embarked on a new chapter when they relocated to the United States. In the vibrant city of Los Angeles, Alice continued her education at a local high school. It was during this period that her aspirations to become an actress intensified, leading her to venture into the world of cinema at a relatively young age.
Despite her early successes in the film industry, Alice Braga Moraes recognized the importance of a well-rounded education. Displaying remarkable determination and a commitment to her personal growth, she took a hiatus from the glitz and glamour of showbiz to focus on her university studies.
A linguistic virtuoso, Alice is proficient in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. This multilingual prowess undoubtedly contributes to her ability to immerse herself seamlessly in a variety of roles, transcending cultural and linguistic boundaries with grace and authenticity.
Alice Braga Moraes' journey from a young girl enchanted by the magic of the silver screen to a seasoned and accomplished actress is a testament to her unwavering dedication and undeniable talent. Her story showcases not only her family's deep-rooted connection to the world of acting but also her personal drive to excel in both her artistic pursuits and her educational endeavors.

Rise To Stardom

Alice Braga's journey into the world of acting commenced at an astonishingly young age, a mere eight years old, when she took her first steps onto the stage through a yogurt commercial. This initial taste of the limelight served as the catalyst for a lifelong love affair with the craft of acting. As she transitioned into her teenage years, her passion intensified, prompting her to embark on a quest for more substantial roles in television and film.
In the year 1998, a pivotal moment arrived as Alice, still juggling the demands of school, made her debut appearance in the Portuguese-language short film 'Trampolim'. This marked the commencement of her formal journey into the realm of professional acting, setting the stage for what would become a remarkable trajectory.
A mere four years later, the universe aligned to grant Alice the opportunity of a lifetime. She secured the breakthrough role of Angélica in the internationally acclaimed Brazilian crime opus 'City of God'. This cinematic masterpiece thrust her into the spotlight, capturing both critical acclaim and audience admiration. Her remarkable performance not only left an indelible mark on the film but also earned her a coveted nomination for the esteemed 'Best Supporting Actress Award' at the 'Cinema Brazil Grand Prize' in the subsequent year.
Following this exhilarating ascent, Alice, displaying wisdom beyond her years, decided to take a temporary pause from the glitz and glamour to fulfill her educational pursuits. She dedicated herself to her studies, proving her commitment not only to her artistic endeavors but also to her personal growth and development.
In 2005, Alice resurfaced on the silver screen with a fervor that radiated from every frame she inhabited. Her triumphant return included a significant role in the Brazilian drama 'Lower City', a film that resonated deeply with both audiences and critics alike. Her portrayal garnered accolades galore, including prestigious awards such as the 'Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival Award', the 'ACIE Awards', and the 'São Paulo Association of Art Critics Awards'. This triumphant comeback underscored her mastery of her craft and her ability to breathe life into multifaceted characters.
Yet, Alice's artistic endeavors were not limited to the silver screen alone. She graced the television realm with her presence in the popular Brazilian program 'Carandiru, Outras Historias' in 2005. Simultaneously, she delivered a compelling lead performance in the Mexican-Brazilian drama 'Only God Knows' in 2006, further exemplifying her transcendent ability to seamlessly transition between cultures and languages.
With her formal education fulfilled, Alice set her sights on the international stage. The Hollywood arena beckoned, and she answered its call with a series of resounding successes. From her memorable appearances in iconic films like 'I Am Legend' and 'Predators', to her compelling role in 'Elysium', she demonstrated her knack for leaving an indelible mark on every project she embraced.
Further cementing her status as a sought-after actress, Alice took on the titular role of Teresa Mendoza in the gripping crime-drama series 'Queen of the South'. This portrayal showcased her innate ability to embody complex characters within the long-form storytelling medium, adding another layer to her ever-evolving narrative.
Alice Braga's journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication to her craft. From her humble beginnings in commercials to her meteoric rise on the global stage, she embodies the spirit of an artist committed to both her personal growth and the art of storytelling. Her path is one that continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.
Alice Braga wearing a black and white stripes gown at an event
Alice Braga wearing a black and white stripes gown at an event


Stepping onto the international stage in 2006, Alice Braga embarked on her English-language cinematic journey with an unforgettable role in Eric Eason's poignant independent creation, 'Journey to the End of the Night'. Sharing the screen with luminaries such as Brendan Fraser, Mos Def, and Catalina Sandino Moreno, she unveiled her prowess as an actress poised for greatness. This pivotal step marked the beginning of a series of remarkable accomplishments in the world of film.
After leaving an indelible mark in her debut, Alice continued to make waves in the industry. She ventured into a multitude of small yet impactful roles that paved the way for her meteoric rise. It was in 2007 that she was catapulted into the spotlight alongside the iconic Will Smith in the sensational film 'I Am Legend'. This blockbuster success solidified her reputation as a talented and sought-after actress.
The following year, Alice's star continued to shine brightly as she took center stage in two captivating films: 'Redbelt' and 'Blindness'. Sharing the screen with luminaries like Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo, Alice showcased her ability to seamlessly embody diverse characters. Her dedication to her craft was evident as she delved into roles that demanded both emotional depth and sheer versatility.
In 2009, Alice Braga's on-screen journey took yet another riveting turn with her role as Mireya Sánchez in the gripping crime-drama 'Crossing Over'. Cast alongside luminaries such as Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta, and Ashley Judd, Alice once again demonstrated her ability to stand toe-to-toe with Hollywood heavyweights.
The subsequent years bore witness to Alice's unwavering commitment to her art. In 2010, her presence graced the films 'Repo Men' and 'Predators', adding another layer to her ever-expanding repertoire. A year later, she enthralled audiences as Angelina Vargas in the supernatural horror sensation 'The Rite', showcasing her mastery of both tension and emotion.
Diversifying her creative canvas, 2012 brought a medley of roles. She exhibited her acting prowess in 'On the Road', leaving an indelible mark on the narrative. Alice also ventured into the realm of television with a guest role in the Brazilian series 'As Brasileiras' and lent her essence to the documentary 'City of God - 10 Years Later'. This foray into documentary film underscored her commitment to the art form in all its diverse facets.
Notably, 2013 was a pinnacle year for Alice Braga, as she shared the screen with the remarkable Matt Damon in Neill Blomkamp's sci-fi extravaganza 'Elysium'. This collaboration further cemented her status as a force to be reckoned with in the realms of both acting and storytelling.
In the years that followed, Alice's filmography continued to flourish. From starring roles in films like 'Latitudes', 'The Ardor', and 'Kill Me Three Times', to her appearance alongside Woody Harrelson and Liam Hemsworth in 'The Duel' (2016), Alice showcased her unyielding dedication to her craft.
However, it was her role as Teresa Mendoza in the crime-drama series 'Queen of the South' that truly captivated audiences. Her portrayal of this multifaceted character resonated deeply, demonstrating her ability to tackle the complexities of long-form storytelling.
Even beyond the silver screen, Alice remained a dynamic presence. She graced 'The Shack' with her supporting role in 2017 and added a touch of her unique charm to the Brazilian web comedy series 'Samantha!'. With her trajectory soaring ever higher, Alice Braga is poised for a significant role in the eagerly anticipated superhero horror film 'The New Mutants', further solidifying her status as a powerhouse in the entertainment industry.
Alice Braga smiling as she attends an event
Alice Braga smiling as she attends an event

Alice Braga Net Worth

Alice Braga's remarkable talent, unwavering dedication, and hard work have undoubtedly borne fruit, contributing to her well-deserved success. With a career spanning diverse roles across international cinema, she has amassed an estimated net worth of $2 million. This financial accomplishment stands as a testament to both her undeniable acting prowess and her ability to choose roles that resonate with audiences.

Alice Braga Partner

For much of her career in the film industry, Braga had successfully shielded her personal life from media attention. However, in 2020, she made a significant revelation about her relationship status. Braga openly discussed her romantic involvement with actress Bianca Comparato, marking a significant milestone in her public life. In 2020, she also shared that she identifies as a lesbian. Furthermore, she disclosed that her relationship with Bianca Comparato had already spanned nearly three years by that point, having begun in 2017.

People Also Ask

Why Is Alice Braga Famous?

She came to international prominence after appearing opposite Will Smith in I Am Legend (2007) and has since become a familiar face in Hollywood, appearing in films such as Repo Men and Predators (both 2010), The Rite (2011) and Elysium (2013).

Is Alice Braga Any Relation To Sonia Braga?

Born in 1983, Brazilian actress Alice Braga grew up in the city of Sao Paolo. She was the daughter of Ana Braga, an actress, and the niece of Sonia Braga, also an actress, and young Alice would often join her mother and aunt on film sets.

Why Did Alice Braga Leave Queen Of The South?

Leading actress Alice Braga is now confirmed to be swapping the USA Network series for Netflix as she's just been tapped to head an original thriller for the streaming giant.


In the ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment industry, individuals like Alice Braga stand as inspiring testaments to the power of talent and hard work. Her journey from a promising talent to an internationally recognized actress has not only brought her critical acclaim and fan adoration but has also led to the accumulation of wealth.
While Alice Braga net worth might be a trend that piques curiosity, it's essential to remember that her financial success is a reflection of her dedication, resilience, and the mark she has left on the world of entertainment. As we applaud her accomplishments, let us also celebrate the stories and achievements that make every artist truly remarkable.
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