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Albert Bourla Net Worth In 2023, Birthday, Age, Wife And Kids

If you're searching for information about Albert Bourla net worth, you've found the right place. If you continue, we will address all of your questions. The CEO and chairman of Pfizer Inc., Albert Bourla, 60, was born on October 21, 1961. He was raised in Thessaloniki, Greece. When he made the decision to pursue a career in the production of animal vaccinations at the age of 32, he began his adventure with Pfizer.

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If you're searching for information about Albert Bourla net worth, you've found the right place. If you continue, we will address all of your questions. The CEO and chairman of Pfizer Inc., Albert Bourla, 60, was born on October 21, 1961. He was raised in Thessaloniki, Greece. When he made the decision to pursue a career in the production of animal vaccinations at the age of 32, he began his adventure with Pfizer.
He was appointed Technical Director of the Pfizer Animal Health Division in Greece in 1993, which is now known as Zoetis. He has since resided in 8 cities across 5 continents. Throughout his career, he held key leadership roles and oversaw several scientific advancements in animal and veterinary medicine at Zoetis. The present "Patient First" strategy of Pfizer is frequently linked to Mr. Bourla.
He reorganized Pfizer into a smaller, R&D-focused business that specialized on branded, patent-protected prescription drugs. During his time at Pfizer, he made tactical choices that allowed the company to concentrate only on developing new drugs and eliminate all non-drug assets.
At some point, Albert Bourla was in charge of Pfizer's work on, among other things, medicines for heart problems and cancer. Additionally, he had a hand in the development and introduction of the anticoagulant Eliquis and the breast cancer medication Ibrance.

Quick Facts About Albert Bourla

Born October 21, 1961
Height 5′ 7”
Country of Origin Greece
Source of Wealth Business
Marital Status Married
Famous For Chairman and CEO of Pfizer Inc.
Net Worth$35 Million

Early Life And Education

Born and reared in Greece's Thessaloniki, Bourla. According to Bourla, his mother was allegedly seconds away from being executed by firing squad when she was spared thanks to a ransom paid to a Nazi Party official by her non-Jewish brother-in-law, while his father just so happened to be outside the Jewish ghetto when the residents were taken to the Auschwitz concentration camp and went into hiding, never to see his parents again.
His parents were Sephardi Jews, and they were among the 2,000 Jews out of 50,000 in Thess At the Veterinary School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Bourla received a PhD in the biotechnology of reproduction in 1985.
"Effect of melatonin implants on sperm characteristics and on the freezability of Karagouniki ram semen" is the title of Bourla's PhD dissertation from 1991.Six rams from each of the two groups of the 12 rams were implanted with melatonin. After receiving a promotion at Pfizer, he and his wife left Greece when he was 34. Since then, they have lived in seven different cities across four different nations.


Albert Bourla wearing a black suit
Albert Bourla wearing a black suit
In 1993, Albert Bourla began his career by working for Pfizer Inc. He joined the business as the technical director for the firm in Greece and a doctor. In 2001, Albert relocated to the United States. He had a number of executive positions at Pfizer Inc. Albert was named Area President for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for Animal Health (a part of Pfizer Inc.) in 2005.
He was named general manager and president of Pfizer Inc.'s Established Products Business Unit later in 2010. He was appointed group president for the global vaccines, consumer healthcare, and oncology businesses later in 2014. Albert was appointed group president of Pfizer Inc.'s Innovative Health business in 2016. Later in the year, he was appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the business.
Albert was appointed the company's chief executive officer (CEO) the following year, in 2019. He received the "Preeminent Greek Leader" prize from the global pharmaceutical industry at the Prix Galien Greece Awards the same year. Albert was named America's Top CEO in the Pharmaceutical Industry by Institutional Investor Magazine later in 2020.
Additionally, in 2022 he received the "Genesis Prize" for his pioneering work on the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. As of 2023, Albert Bourla will continue to serve as Chairman and CEO of Pfizer Inc. The business has expanded and thrived under his direction.

Pfizer Under Bourla’s Leadership

Albert Bourla wearing a blue suit
Albert Bourla wearing a blue suit
Under the leadership of Albert Bourla, Pfizer has experienced notable growth, innovation, and global impact. Bourla's tenure as CEO has been marked by significant achievements and strategic initiatives that have positioned Pfizer as a key player in the pharmaceutical industry. Here are some highlights of Pfizer's trajectory under Bourla's leadership:
  • COVID-19 Response and Vaccine Development -One of the most significant milestones during Bourla's leadership was Pfizer's rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The collaboration with BioNTech resulted in the development of the Comirnaty (BNT162b2) COVID-19 vaccine, which gained worldwide recognition for its effectiveness and played a pivotal role in global vaccination campaigns.
  • Innovation and R&D - Under Bourla's guidance, Pfizer continued to invest in research and development, focusing on innovative therapies and treatments for various diseases. The company has maintained its commitment to advancing science and bringing transformative medicines to patients.
  • Pipeline Expansion -Pfizer's pipeline of potential new drugs expanded under Bourla's leadership. The company worked on developing treatments for a range of medical conditions, including rare diseases and cancer, demonstrating its dedication to addressing unmet medical needs.
  • Digital and Technological Integration -Bourla emphasized the importance of digital and technological advancements within the healthcare industry. Pfizer explored ways to integrate technology into its operations, from research and development to manufacturing and distribution.
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility:Pfizer, under Bourla's leadership, has shown commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. The company has focused on reducing its environmental impact and increasing access to healthcare in underserved communities.
  • Global Supply Chain Resilience -The challenges posed by the pandemic highlighted the importance of a resilient supply chain. Pfizer, under Bourla's direction, worked to ensure the consistent supply of medicines, including the COVID-19 vaccine, to patients around the world.
  • Strategic Partnerships -Bourla pursued strategic partnerships and collaborations to enhance Pfizer's capabilities and expand its reach. These partnerships have enabled the company to leverage the expertise of other organizations to accelerate progress.
  • Financial Performance -Pfizer's financial performance remained strong under Bourla's leadership. The success of the COVID-19 vaccine contributed to the company's revenue and demonstrated its ability to respond to dynamic market demands.
  • Employee Well-being -Bourla placed emphasis on employee well-being and engagement. Pfizer's response to the pandemic included measures to protect its workforce while maintaining critical operations.
  • Long-Term Vision -Bourla's leadership has been characterized by a long-term vision for Pfizer's role in global health. His efforts to address immediate challenges while also setting the groundwork for sustainable growth have shaped the company's trajectory.

Albert Bourla Wife

Albert resides in Scarsdale, New York, with his wife, Myriam Alchanati Bourla. At the age of 34, he left his native Greece and has since resided in a total of seven different cities across four different nations.

Albert Bourla Kids

Scarsdale, New York is the home of Bourla and his wife. The couple is blessed with two children, a son, and a daughter.

Albert Bourla Net Worth

When he became Pfizer's CEO in 2019, his remuneration package increased by 82% from when he was the COO. He now has a comfortable $35 million in net worth. This assumption was established by sources based on his stock holdings and other disclosures throughout the preceding fiscal year.
He earned more than $17.9 million in 2021 alone as the CEO of Pfizer. This sum includes his $1.62 million salary as well as a $8 million cash bonus. In addition, Albert Bourla is the owner of around 123,055 shares of Pfizer stock, valued at nearly $12.2 million. Wallmine claims that during the last eight years, he has sold PFE shares totaling more than $5.5 million.

Interesting Facts

Albert Bourla at a conference
Albert Bourla at a conference
  • He earned a Ph.D. in the Biotechnology of Reproduction from the Veterinary School of Aristotle University.
  • Bourla joined Pfizer in 1993, initially working as a Technical Director in the Animal Health Division.
  • He climbed the ranks within Pfizer and played key roles in various divisions, including Pfizer Innovative Health.
  • In 2018, he became Pfizer's Chief Operating Officer (COO), overseeing global operations and commercial strategies.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bourla led Pfizer's collaboration with BioNTech to develop the Comirnaty (BNT162b2) COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Under his leadership, the vaccine received emergency use authorization and full approval in record time.
  • The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine became a cornerstone of global COVID-19 vaccination efforts.
  • Bourla's veterinary background brought a unique perspective to the pharmaceutical industry.
  • His philanthropic efforts extend to healthcare, education, and community support.
  • His leadership during the pandemic earned him recognition and awards from various quarters.
  • Bourla advocates for science-based decision-making and vaccination to combat health crises.
  • He has combined his veterinary and pharmaceutical knowledge to make a significant impact.
  • Beyond the pandemic, his innovative approach continues to shape the healthcare sector.
  • Albert Bourla's legacy is marked by his dedication to human and animal health, his rapid response to global health challenges, and his transformative leadership at Pfizer.

People Also Ask

What Is Albert Bourla's Background In Healthcare?

Albert Bourla has a background in veterinary medicine. He earned a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and later completed a Ph.D. in the Biotechnology of Reproduction from the same institution.

How Did Albert Bourla Contribute To The COVID-19 Vaccine?

Albert Bourla played a crucial role in leading Pfizer's collaboration with BioNTech to develop the Comirnaty (BNT162b2) COVID-19 vaccine. Under his leadership, the vaccine received emergency use authorization and full approval, becoming a key player in the global fight against the pandemic.

What Are Albert Bourla's Achievements During His Time At Pfizer?

Albert Bourla's accomplishments at Pfizer include holding various leadership positions within the company, contributing to the development and launch of successful drugs and therapies. He became Pfizer's Chief Operating Officer (COO) in 2018 and led the company's global operations and commercial strategies.

How Has Albert Bourla Advocated For Vaccination?

Albert Bourla has been an advocate for science-based decision-making and vaccination. He emphasized the importance of COVID-19 vaccination to combat the pandemic and worked to ensure the availability and distribution of Pfizer-BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine worldwide.

What Is Albert Bourla's Impact On The Healthcare Industry?

Albert Bourla's leadership in Pfizer, especially during the pandemic, showcased innovative approaches to healthcare. His veterinary background, dedication to public health, and rapid response to global challenges have left a lasting impact on the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.


The guy of Jewish and Greek descent, a trained veterinarian, toiled for 25 years to be prepared to lead the battle against Covid. What began as a desire to investigate larger, more promising areas of veterinary medicine quickly grew into a game-changing vaccine that prevented the end of the planet.
After over 30 years with Pfizer, Albert Bourla has held several top positions in a variety of industries and fields of expertise. His involvement on several continents has increased his understanding of the needs of patients and medical healthcare systems throughout the globe. Additionally, it has strengthened his commitment to providing equitable access to medications and vaccinations.
He still fights for more reasonable drug prices and champions the important idea of "patient first," all the while keeping his Greek background near to his heart. In addition to the scientists, frontline heroes, and vital employees who helped us survive this epidemic, Bourla deserves praise as well.
Even though he may not have developed the vaccine, he did foster a working atmosphere for the German BioNTech. He keeps updating LinkedIn with his own opinions and Pfizer's advances. Additionally, his writing exudes a sense of pride for his business that most readers only want to imitate. After learning about his ascent to the top, it is worthwhile to be motivated by him.
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