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Vivian Falcone Net Worth As American Child Actress And Eldest Daughter Of Melissa McCarthy And Ben Falcone

American child actress Vivian Falcone is the eldest daughter of actress Melissa McCarthy and director Ben Falcone. Melissa McCarthy is also an actor, and Ben Falcone is a filmmaker. Learn more about Vivian Falcone net worth and other details.

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American child actress Vivian Falcone is the eldest daughter of actress Melissa McCarthy and director Ben Falcone. Melissa McCarthy is also an actor, and Ben Falcone is a filmmaker.
Learn more about Vivian Falcone net worthand other details.
Vivian, the more reserved of the two sisters, has never been out of the public eye, even from the moment she was born.
In spite of this, her parents have exerted a great deal of effort in the direction of providing her and her sister with some degree of order and consistency in their personal life.
In the comedy film "The Boss," which also starred her mother and was directed by her father, she had her first appearance as an actress in the year 2016.
Vivian Falcone's younger sister, Georgette Falcone, became interested in pursuing a career in the film industry after learning that her older sister was already employed in the industry.
Both of their children were allowed to participate in the movie when their parents finally gave up and agreed to let them.

Family & Personal Life

On May 5, 2007, in the United States of America, Melissa McCarthy, and Ben Falcone welcomed their daughter Vivian Falcone into the world. Georgette, her younger sister, was born on February 11, 2010, making her the younger of the two sisters.
McCarthy and Falcone had been together for a number of years at this point. Melissa and Ben accomplished their Hollywood goals together by working their way up through the ranks.
On October 8, 2005, the pair participated in a wedding ceremony and exchanged vows.
Melissa McCarthy, who was born in Illinois, began her comedy career as a stand-up performer before obtaining her first acting job.
She first began her career in stand-up comedy in the bars of Los Angeles, but then relocated to New York.
In 1997, she made her first appearance on screen in her cousin Jenny McCarthy's television series, which was titled The Jenny McCarthy Show.
Her breakout performance as Sookie St. James in Gilmore Girls was her first significant role. After that, she had roles such as Dena in "Samantha Who?", Mindy Boone in "Rita Rocks," and Molly Flynn in "Mike & Molly."
It was the 2011 comedy picture Bridesmaid that made her a household name, and since then she has been in films such as the action-comedy Central Intelligence (2016), the comic horror Ghostbusters (2016), and the crime comedy The Happytime Murders (2016). She was the breakthrough star of Bridesmaid (2018).
In addition, she has impersonated Sean Spicer, who served as press secretary for the White House during the presidency of Donald Trump, on many episodes of Saturday Night Live.
Ben Falcone, Vivian's father, is likewise involved in the entertainment business in various capacities.
In films such as "What to Expect When You're Expecting" (2012) and "Enough Said," he has played supporting roles that stand out as particularly noteworthy (2013).
Her first film, a comedy titled Tammy, which he directed and starred in with his wife was released in 2014.
McCarthy is the only actor who has appeared in all of the film's leading roles, including the protagonist.
Sandra and Michael McCarthy are Vivian's paternal grandparents. Vivian's middle name is McCarthy.
Her aunts on her mother's side include the actress, model, and television personality Jenny McCarthy, as well as the professional basketball player Joanne McCarthy.
Peg and Steve Falcone are her grandfather and grandmother on her father's side.

Acting Aspirations

Vivian Falcone walking with Melissa McCarthy from her movie The Boss
Vivian Falcone walking with Melissa McCarthy from her movie The Boss
The comedy film "The Boss" in 2016 marked Vivian Falcone's first appearance in a film.
Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell, Kathy Bates, Tyler Labine, and Peter Dinklage are among the actorsfeatured in this film, which was directed by Ben Falcone.
Ben Falcone, Melissa McCarthy, and Steve Mallory all contributed to the writing of the screenplay.
Vivian played a younger version of her mother's character, Michelle Darnell, who was 10 years old in the show.
In addition, Georgette makes a cameo appearance in the movie.
Her mother and her father are both opposed to the idea of her and her sister pursuing a career in acting any time soon. Instead, they want students to prioritize their education as a top priority in their lives.
In response to eonline.com's inquiry on the acting careers that his daughters may one day pursue, Falcone remarked, "We'll see what happens... I'm not going to try to talk you out of it, but I also won't try to encourage you to do it.
During the course of the same interview, he disclosed that they had not made any requests for more work as of yet.

Vivian Falcone Movies And TV Shows

Due to the fact that she has been performing since she was a youngster, Vivian Falcone has been in a number of films and television series.
In a similar vein, she is well-known for being the eldest daughter of an actress and a director, who encouraged her to devote her role and attention to the film industry.
As a result of this, it will be simple for her to play diverse and difficult parts in the future. Her mother is an actress.
People's interest in her Thunder Force and The Boss series on Netflix has led to her being well-known in the industry.
Both of these shows have been quite successful.
The only movies and television series in which Vivian has appeared are those two, and after each of her roles, the public has shown a clear indication that they are pleased with her performance; as a result, she has gained an enormous amount of notoriety and renown.

Vivian Falcone Net Worth

Vivian is regarded as the most popular and one of the wealthiest members of the family at the same time.
According to the findings of our investigation as well as Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Vivian Falcone has an estimated net worth of 1.5 million dollars.

Some Amazing Facts About Vivian Falcone

  • The 5th of May, 2007, saw Vivian Falcone being brought into this world in the United States of America.
  • Vivian Falcone is an actress who has appeared in two movies that are available on Netflix.
  • It is believed that she has a net worth of $1.5 million.
  • Vivian Falcone does not maintain a separate Instagram account for herself.
  • According to the year 2022, Vivian Falcone has reached the age of 15 years old.

People Also Ask

What Movies Has Vivian Falcone Played In?

Melissa McCarthy wearing black tight suit from her movie Thunder Force
Melissa McCarthy wearing black tight suit from her movie Thunder Force
Vivian Falcone is an actress, known for showcasing her acting skills in the following movies.
  • Thunder Force (2021)
  • The Boss (2016)

Is Vivian Falcone In Nine Perfect Strangers?

The young version of Frances is portrayed by Vivian Falcone, who is the daughter of Melissa McCarthy, who also portrays Frances.
Co-star Regina Hall, who plays the role of divorcee Carmel, claims that Nicole Kidman kept the Russian accent for the length of shooting (which lasted for six months) and that she did not resume her Australian accent until after filming was over.

Who Did Vivian Falcone Play In The Boss?

Both of Melissa McCarthy's real-life kids have appearances in the film; Melissa's eldest daughter Vivian Falcone portrays Michelle when she was 10 years old in the year 1980, while Melissa's younger daughter Georgette is an extra in the film.

Who Plays Melissa McCarthy As A Kid In Thunder Force?

The two had been childhood friends until they were estranged from one another; McCarthy's daughter Vivian Falcone portrays her role when she was younger, and the likeness between the two is obvious.
After Emily grants herself the ability to become invisible, they join forces to combat crime.


Now that she has a mother, Vivian Falcone is able to enjoy the wonderful life she has built for herself with her family.
Father with one of his children.
She was able to meet all of her wants and requirements thanks to the money she made from working on the film that was released on Netflix.
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