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Sienna Miller - $18 Million Net Worth, Hollywood's Beautiful Girl

English actress, model, and fashion designer Sienna Miller net worth is $18 million. Miller started her career as a model, but she later found fame as an actor.

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English actress, model, and fashion designer Sienna Millernet worthis $18 million. Miller started her career as a model, but she later found fame as an actor.
Due to her appearances in Italian "Vogue" and a topless photo session for the 2003 Pirelli calendar, she started to become well-known.
Sienna made her acting debut the following year in 2004 movies including "Layer Cake" and "Alfie." The Edge of Love, Factory Girl, and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra were among the next movies to come out.

Quick Facts About Sienna Miller

NameSienna Miller
Date Of BirthDec 28, 1981
Height5 ft 4 in (1.65 m)
ProfessionActor, Model, Fashion designer
NationalityUnited States of America
Net Worth$18 Million

Sienna Miller Career

Sienna Miller wearing her blonde hair down and red and white top while smiling
Sienna Miller wearing her blonde hair down and red and white top while smiling
Miller started out in the modeling industry, working with companies like Coca-Cola before making appearances in publications including "Vogue," "Nylon," "Marie Claire," and "Porter Edit."
She also rose to prominence quickly after removing her top for the 2003 Pirelli Calendar.
But even as early as 2001, she was securing playing parts in films like "South Kensington."
She made appearances in early seasons of programs including "The American Embassy," "Bedtime," and "Keen Eddie."
In 2004, she started dating Jude Law, which led to her enjoying more attention and landing more gigs.
Miller had a significant part in "Layer Cake," and she later made an appearance in "Alfie."
With "Casanova," "Factory Girl," and "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh," she received further parts.
She was starting to feel quite disenchanted with the entertainment industry by the time she made an appearance in "The Edge of Love" (2001).
She took a break from acting in movies after "G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra," before ultimately agreeing to play the lead in the Broadway production of "After Miss Julie."
She made a comeback to acting in 2012 and started to take on more challenging, serious parts in movies like "The Girl," "Two Jacks," and "Just like a Woman."
With "Mississippi Grind," "Unfinished Business," "High-Rise," and "Burnt," more roles were added.
As of 2018, Sienna's performances in movies like "The Catcher Was a Spy," "21 Bridges," and "The Loudest Voice" were met with a great deal of critical praise.
She has continued to take on several modeling gigs throughout her acting career. She started her two-year agreement with Pepe Jeans London in 2006.
She was named a new ambassador for Hugo Boss' newest fragrance in 2009. She collaborated with the Swedish clothing company Lindex in 2016.
She took part in a Gucci photo shoot in 2020. Along with her sister Savannah, a seasoned fashion designer, Miller has also started her own clothing line.

Sienna Miller Personal Life

Sienna Miller Smiling
Sienna Miller Smiling
In New York City, Sienna Rose Diana Miller was born on December 28, 1981. She moved to London with her family just 18 months later.
Her father is an American financier and art dealer, while her mother is a former model from South Africa.
Sienna, who was raised with her sister Savannah, relocated to Parsons Green in 1987 as a result of her parents' divorce.
Miller attended boarding schools when she was younger and excelled at lacrosse. During her high school years, Sienna was labeled a "rebel" since she often smoked and drank.
After finishing high school, she was hired as a model in Germany right away. She subsequently relocated to New York City and enrolled in the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute after receiving her money.
Most people are undoubtedly familiar with Sienna Miller from her "on-again, off-again" romance with Jude Law.
In 2004, the two were engaged; however, a year later, the engagement ended when Law revealed that he had been having an affair with the nanny of his kids.
Miller and Law attempted to keep their marriage together, but they finally parted ways in 2006.
Nevertheless, they reconciled in 2009, only to break up once again in 2011. Miller formerly dated stars including Tom Sturridge and Balthazar Getty. In 2012, she had a kid with Sturridge.

Sienna Miller Controversy

Sienna Miller and the media have a troubled history together. She has long been an opponent of tabloid journalism and paparazzi-style reporting.
Perhaps the most egregious instance of this was the 2011 phone-hacking affair, which led to her receiving a $100,000.00 damage compensation.
It was discovered that Newsof the World had accessed her phone via hacking. She also testified during the Leveson Inquiry, when she expressed frustration at being pursued and harassed by photographers.

Sienna Miller Top 6 Movies And Earnings

For her work in "The Edge of Love," Sienna received a "BAFTA Award" nomination. She took a temporary break from the silver screen under intensified media scrutiny.
She had a triumphant comeback in "The Girl," for which she was nominated for a "Golden Globe" and a "BAFTA Award."

Stardust (2007)

Tristan Thorn is in love with Victoria and makes a vow to fetch a deceased star if they are married.
He learns that the star is really a lady by the name of Yvaine in the mythical country of Stormhold, and that the king's son, three wicked witches, and the star are all chasing her. On the trip back, he strives to keep her safe while also discovering who he really is.
Domestic Box Office$38,634,938
International Box Office$98,387,307
Worldwide Box Office$137,022,245

American Sniper (2014)

The film, which is loosely based on a novel by U.S. Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle, recounts the moving tale of how Kyle rose to become the greatest marksman in American military history but ultimately let his personal life to suffer as a result. It is Clint Eastwood's most financially successful movie to date.
Domestic Box Office$350,126,372
International Box Office$197,200,000
Worldwide Box Office$547,326,372

Layer Cake (2004)

A cocaine dealer may retire before XXXX. Jimmy Price, his supervisor, assigns him two jobs.
He has to find Charlie, who turns out to be mobster Eddie Temple's daughter, and he has to pay gangster The Duke one million ecstasy pills.
What happens next is a tale of several betrayals that left XXXX with no idea of what would happen to him.
Domestic Box Office$2,339,957
International Box Office$9,405,974
Worldwide Box Office$11,745,931

Foxcatcher (2014)

Mark Schultz sees the chance to get out of the shadow of his more successful older brother Dave and live a better life when wealthy but eccentric John E. du Pont invites him to prepare for the 1988 Seoul Olympics at the latter's wrestling facility. But John's erratic and destructive actions set the stage for the worst possible outcome.
Domestic Box Office$12,096,300
International Box Office$7,206,758
Worldwide Box Office$19,303,058

Burnt (2015)

A famous chef with two Michelin stars lets his habits ruin his career. Following a self-imposed exile, he makes his way back to London with the goal of winning three Michelin stars and staging a comeback.
He gets a second opportunity and teams up with an old friend after receiving a few rejections.
But things are not quite perfect. If he wants to succeed and gain her affection, he must now vanquish the evil inside of himself.
Domestic Box Office$13,651,946
International Box Office$23,114,347
Worldwide Box Office$36,766,293

The Lost City Of Z (2016)

The movie, which is based on the same-named book, shows the actual events that surrounded the British adventurer Percy Fawcett.
When he is sent to inspect the border between Brazil and Bolivia, he first hears of a mystery city in the Amazon and is captivated by the story he hears. Supported by his wife and kid, he eventually leaves the Amazon and never returns.
Domestic Box Office$8,574,339
International Box Office$8,547,484
Worldwide Box Office$17,121,823

Sienna Miller's Net Worth

Sienna has worked as a model, an actress, and a fashion designer, among other lucrative endeavors.
She has considerable fortune thanks to the initiatives. As of 2022, Miller's net worth was around $20 million.
Miller started her career as a model, but she later found fame as an actor. Due to her appearances in Italian "Vogue" and a topless photo session for the 2003 Pirelli calendar, she started to become well-known.
Sienna made her acting debut the following year in 2004 movies including "Layer Cake" and "Alfie."
The Edge of Love, Factory Girl, and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra were among the next movies to come out.

Sienna Miller Real Estate

Sienna Miller Relaxing in Her House
Sienna Miller Relaxing in Her House
Miller reportedly bought a "rural getaway" in Gloucestershire, England, according to a 2009 article.
The mansion of her sister Savannah, who owns a prosperous fashion line, is not far from the property.
According to rumors from 2010, Sienna was planning to move in with Jude Law, her then-fiancé, and was selling her London house.
According to reports, Sienna Miller advertised her London house for renters as well as for sale in 2018.
Miller paid 2.7 million pounds for this house in 2011, then listed it for 3 million pounds in 2014.
She attempted to sell the house, but eventually failed, and in 2018 she reduced the price once again, to 2.75 million pounds.
This implies that she would have hardly turned a profit even if she had been able to sell the house.
She also made the decision to charge 2,000 pounds per month in rent in order to generate a little more income from the house.
Miller's "weekend hideaway" in the Hamptons was reportedly up for sale for $11.25 million in 2019.
The 6,760 square foot Sag Harbor residence has high ceilings, Italian cabinets, marble finishes, and a large living area.
There is also a ton of outside space, including many patios and decks. An infinity pool, spa, and additional cabana for guests are available outside.

Top 8 Interesting Facts About Sienna Miller

  • Miller's romance with married actor Balthazar Getty in 2008 was well reported.
  • Miller then filed a lawsuit against two British newspapers for publishing images of her and Getty together.
  • After appearing in different Broadway productions in the latter part of 2009, it was reported in December 2009 that Law and Miller had revived their romance.
  • 2009 Christmas was spent in Barbados with them and three of Law's kids.
  • In February 2011, they declared that they had broken up once again.
  • Miller dated actor Tom Sturridge from 2011 until 2015; they are the parents of Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge (b. 7 July 2012).
  • After a High Court hearing in May 2011, News of the World acknowledged to hacking into Sienna Miller's phone and granted her £100,000 in damages.
  • Later, in November 2011, she provided testimony to the Leveson Inquiry as a key participant.

People Also Ask

Why Is Sienna Miller Famous?

Sienna Miller, a British actress who resides in London, is well known for roles in films including Alfie and The Girl, for which she was nominated for a BAFTA. However, she has a long history of involvement with tabloids.

Where Is Sienna Miller Now?

Miller and Marlowe, his daughter. Miller is still periodically seen by paparazzi in New York and London, but these days, in the thick of the epidemic, he is concentrating on his family and shooting new projects for this year.

Is Sienna Miller A Designer?

Eight times a Vogue cover girl, Sienna Miller is a British actress, model, and fashion designer.
Following their encounter with Jude Law on the Alfie set in 2003, Kate Moss and Miller quickly rose to stardom and became icons of bohemian style.


Sienna took a short break from acting because she didn't appreciate the attention she was receiving from the media, but she later made a comeback in films including "The Girl," "Foxcatcher," "American Sniper," and "Mississippi Grind."
She had appearances in movies including "Live by Night" and "American Woman" around the close of the decade, in addition to landing a part in the miniseries "The Loudest Voice."
Over the course of her career, Miller has received several honors and recognitions, including nominations for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress - Miniseries or Television Film, the BAFTA Television Award for Best Actress, and the BAFTA Rising Star Award.
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