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Dc Young Fly Net Worth In 2022, Birthday, Age, Wife, Kids And Girlfriend

What is DC Young Fly's net worth? John Whitefield, who people can DC Young fly is a multi-talented internet personality.

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John Whitefield, who people can DC Young fly, is a multi-talented internet personality. He is primarily a comedian, actor, and anchor but he has achieved success as a singer and songwriter. He's one of the top works in roasting sessions. Even in a short span of their career, he has amassed 3 million dollars.
  • DC Young fly and his loved ones celebrate his birthday on 2nd May.
  • He is now 28 years old in 2022.
  • He is around 1.8 m tall.
  • He weighs about 72 Kg.
  • His zodiac sign is Taurus.
  • His original name by birth is John Whitefield, and people call him DC Young fly, which has become his nickname.
  • He is born in Atlanta, and now he lives in Los Angeles, California.
  • He is a Christian of Afro-American descent. He is a citizen of America and an American national.

Dc Young Fly Biography

He is born on 2nd May 1992 in Atlanta, Georgia United States. He spent most of his childhood in Atlanta in the neighbourhood of Adamsville. He was a student of Benjamin E Mays High school in Atlanta and later attended the Armstrong campus of Georgia Southern University.

MTV "Wild 'N Out" Star, DC YOUNG FLY, Joins Jesse Lee Peterson! (#125)

Dc Young Fly Wife And Girlfriends

Jacky Oh, a well-known actress and a partner of DC Young Fly, is a television personality. They did not tie the knot, but they love each other and are together for a long time. They have an adorable daughter. Even with handling all the responsibilities, she has a net worth of close to 2 million dollars.

Dc Young Fly Children

He has an adorable daughter with his long time partner and actress Jacky Oh. The name of the daughter is Nova Whitefield, and she was born in 2016. Now she is more than four years old, and she has started going to an elementary school.

Dc Young Fly Parents

He spent a sincere and troubled childhood. His parents got divorced in 2006. He was just fourteen years old then. His father suffered from Alzheimer's in his last few years and left for his heavenly abode in 2013. Her mother was featured in some of his videos.

Dc Young Fly Sibling

He has a brother, and they are the only two kids of their parents. His brother was murdered in 2011, and it was a great shock for him. After his brother's demise, he started performing rap and got a tattoo on his forehead in his brother's memory.

Dc Young Fly Music Career

He started his in 2013 and became famous for his video postings on the Vine platform. He used to film his videos as well. This is the time where he realized his potential, and he gets success from short comedy videos. Soon he became one of the most popular video creators. His videos were mostly based on celebrity roasts, particularly Kevin hart, Drake, etc. In 2014 he started his music career and released his album “Westside Connections”. His popularity skyrocketed when he joined MTV. The comedy series ‘’Nick Cannon presents: Wild’ N Out” became a milestone in his career.
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