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Bret Michaels Net Worth In 2022 - Birthday, Age, Height, Wife And Kids

What is Bret Michaels net worth? Bret Michael is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, actor, and musician.

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Bret Michael is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, actor, and musician. His complete name is Bret Michael Synchak, but he is famous with his professional name Bret Michael. He played an instrumental role with the bank Poison. Bret Michale’s birthday is 15th march. He is now 58. He weighs 66 Kg, and his height is 5’ 10”. His birth sign is Pieces. His build is athletic, and he was born in the city called Butler in Pennsylvania. He follows Christianity, and he is a white American whose sexual orientation is straight.
As of 2021, Bret Michaels's net worthis estimated at $18 million.

Bret Michaels Early Life

He spent his early childhood in Butler, Pennsylvania, a city north of Pittsburg. He later spent his formatives year in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. And there, he attended Mechanicsburg Area Senior high school. He has two siblings, both elder sisters Michelle & Nicole.

Bret Michaels Music Career

He is fond of music since his formative years. His music career commenced with his first stint as a guitar player during his teenage. He formed a band with Ricki Rocket (a drummer), who was a good friend, and a few others. In 1983 they formed a new band named Paris, the same we better know as poison. The band moved to Los Angeles to seek fame and success. And there, he met his childhood love, Tracey Lewis.

Bret Michaels on what really happened behind the scenes of 'Rock of Love' [extended interview]

Bret Michaels Wife

He engaged to his long-time girlfriend Christi Lynn Gibson back in 2010. They had been with each other for 16 years, and then they decided to get engaged. The couple has two adorable kids. One is elder daughter Raine Elizabeth who was born in 2000. The other one is Jorja Bleu, who is younger and born in 2005. But as destiny prevails, they began to part ways soon after getting engaged, and in 2012 July, they announced that they are not together anymore.

Bret Michaels Kids

Bret Michael has two lovely daughters. Now both are grown up and mature. One is born in 2000 that is Raine Elizabeth, and attending college. And the other is Jorja Bleu, who was born in 2005 and attending school. Both the kids are living with their mother.

Bret Michaels Parents

He was born to Marjorie Sychak and Wally on the 15th of March 1963. He was born in a city called Butler, which is located in Pennsylvania. His father was an automotive technician. His uncle was a soldier and fought in the battle of Normandy at Omaha beach. The family lost him during the battle in 1944.

Bret Michaels Siblings

He remained under the guidance of his two elder sisters. He is the youngest of his siblings. The eldest one is Michelle, and younger to Michelle was Nikole. Now both of them settle in their marriage with their kids and families.

Bret Michaels Discography

He started his discography journey in 1998 with “A letter from death row.” He gained huge popularity and success in this as well. He's one of the last performance came in Jammin’ with friends in 2013. There onwards, he focused more on filmography.
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