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Boy George Net Worth In 2022 - Birthday, Age, Spouse And Girlfriends

How much Boy George net worth? Boy George is not only the English Singer but also he is a songwriter, fashion designer, photographer, and DJ.

James K.
May 27, 202223318 Shares496119 Views
Boy George is not only an English Singer but also he is a songwriter, fashion designer, photographer, and DJ. He is the primary lead singer of the pop band in the culture club with the Brit award and Grammy award winner. During the 1980s, the band had reached worldwide and recorded plenty of songs. In 1980 he too played the main lead singer role in Jesus Loves You and also he played solo music including David Bowie and Iggy Pop. Also, he recorded different music while working as a songwriter, DJing, and clothes designing. If you want to know more about this celeb here is the short biography that will tell you all you want to know.
As of 2021, Boy George's net worthis estimated at $40 million.

Boy George Career

Boy George got the attention with the dressing style by Malcolm MacLaren, a capitalist, and was also allowed to perform with the Bow Wow Wow group. After a few years he left the group and with Mikey Craig he begin-up his band. His band recorded demos and get paid for EMI records.
In 1982 he released the album kissing to be clever that reached 14th rank in the US and 5th in the UK. Internationally one of his singles do you want to hurt me was reached and made a great hit. Also the next album he launched reached a greater success and covers people in the UK and maintained 2nd rank.

Boy George Husband And Boyfriend

He is gay and in an interview, he stated that he had many boyfriends and girlfriends. Also, he had a relationship with Kirk Brandon.

Boy George Parents

George was born to Jeremiah Lincoln (father) and Dinah O’Dowd. This singer was raised in Woolwich. His father is mentally sick and abusive towards his mother.

Boy George Siblings

He is having one elder brother Kevin. Also, he has two younger sisters and brothers.

Boy George Personal Details-

  • Birthday -14th June 1961
  • Age -59 years
  • **Height - **83M
  • Weight -80Kg
  • Birthname -Boy George
  • Nickname -Boy George
  • Born place and residence -Bexley United Kingdom
  • Religion -Catholic
  • Citizenship -United Kingdom
  • Nationality -British

Boy George Sexuality

Though he is male, he had chosen a dating partner of the same sex. He is gay and is in a relationship with Kirk Brandon.

Boy George Discography

Boy being a solo artist, English singer, had released 9 studio albums, 5 compilation albums, 47 singles. Also, he being a vocalist has released 7 DJ albums, 3 EPs, and a soundtrack album.
The estimated net worth as of 2021 is $40 million.
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