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Young Thug Net Worth in 2021, Age, Wife, Girlfriend and Songs

Young Thug Net Worth in 2021, Age, Wife, Girlfriend and Songs

Young Thug is an American rapper and become one of the most influential rappers of today’s time. As of 2021, Young Thug net worth is $8 million.

Harriet Shaw
Dec 17, 2019

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Young Thug is one of the most influential rappers of today’s time. Since the beginning of his career, he had made his name popular across the globe by the talent that he is gifted with. At the age of 26, his net worth is $8 million and is expected to grow high and high in the upcoming days.

Young thug career

Soon he was discovered as Young Thug. Gucci Mane signed him. This is for recording the label as he knew very well about the unique talent that Thug is gifted with. In 2013 a song from a mixtape had made it be listed as the best song of 2013. Sooner he began working together with the big names in the industry like Alex Tumay etc. In 2014 he revealed that he had signed the management deal with the cash records.

Young thug early life

Young thug's full name is Jeffery Lamar Williams, and he started his childhood in Sylvan hills, located in Atlanta, Georgia.

He was having 11 siblings, of which he was 10th. His childhood friend named Peewee Longway, a well-known hip hop resides in his neighborhood. During his school days for the studies, he broke the teacher's arm, and he was thrown out of school when in 6th grade. He was sent to Juvenile prison for more than one year.

The age of thug at the beginning of his career was 20 years old. Since 2011 he set aside the spot in the U.S. music chart. He started work together with famous artists like Waka Flocka Flame, Gucci Mane, and Richie Homie. At present, he has become a favorite rapper. He released a mixtape that had many positive reviews making it popular to play at parties and clubs. He, among his siblings, has worked hard a lot to gain recognition.

Thug, in the adolescent years, has exposed that he understood women fashion better and start sporting new styles that are combining females' and male's attire. He continues exhibiting at different events and handles to pull off. Thus many controversies were generated but not much as his declaration of being a homosexual. Furthermore, without concealing an unconditional lifestyle, he became a star because of the perfect beat. As he is blunt, candid, and nonchalant, it has helped him stay unaffected by the unenthusiastic censure.

As of 2021, Young Thug's net worth is estimated at $8 million.

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Net worth$8 Million
ProfessionRapper, Singer, Songwriter
WifeJerrika Karle
GirlfriendJerrike Karlae
Birthday16 August 1991
Age29 years old
BornAtlanta, Georgia
Birth nameJeffery Lamar Williams
Residence Atlanta, Georgia
Real name Jeffery Lamar Williams
Nickname Thugger, Jeffery
Religion Christian
Nationality United stated of America
Zodiac sign Leo

Young thug personal life

He has six children from 4 women that are three daughters and three sons.

Young thug artistry

He is a talented personality who not only rocks in a single field but many. He is an excellent Rapper and also a singer. He, too, writes impressive songs.

Young thug awards and nomination

He, in his career life, is honored with many awards and nominations. The recognition he received are the MTC Video music award for best editing; UK music video awards for video of the year/best editing in a video in 2017, MTV Video music award for video of the year 2018, and American music awards for favorite rock/pop song/collaboration of the year 2018. In 2019 he was awarded song of the year at the Grammy Awards. He was nominated for MTV video music awards for song of the summer in 2019, In 2018 in MTV video music award for best pop video/best choreography, In 2017 UK music video award for Vevo must-see award, in 2015 BET awards for Coco-Cola viewers’ choice award nomination he got.

Young thug birthday and birth name

Young Thug was born on 16 August 1991 and was named Jeffery Lamar Williams. Later he was given a few nicknames that are SEX, Thugger, and Jeffery.

Young thug born

In 1991 on August 16, Thug was born. The place where he was born in Atlanta, Georgia.

Young thug height

In addition to having a considerable net worth, he is famous for his fantastic personality. Talking about his height, it is 1.91m around, and this makes him a good character.

Young thug age

As he was born on August 16, 1991, his age is 29 years. The place where he was born was an American rapper's home.

Young thug genres

Thug is a genius in hip hop, trap, mumble rap, and pop, making him a beautiful star in the hip hop industry.

Young thug occupation

He has more than one occupation to do as a talented personality, such as being a Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter, making him a celebrity and earn a higher income.

Young thug labels

The labels of him are YSL, 10107 Brick Squad, Atlantic, 300, Cash Money.

Young thug wife

After thorough research and collecting the data, it was figured out that Young Thug has six children from 4 women, and at present, he is engaged with Jerrike Karlae and is going to be the wife sooner.

Young thug children

He is having a total of 6 children from 4 women, 3-3 girls, and boys.

Young thug Family

Young Thug in Atlanta, Georgia, was born on 1991, 16th August, and named Jeffery Lamar Williams. His mother had 11 children, and he was the 10th one. Together they all stayed at Jonesboro South Projects. Thug Siblings had different biological dads. He and his sister, the youngest of all siblings, had the same dad. Thug’s mother had a tough time providing for so many kids. Thug raised into the midst of crime. Thug’s elder brother was killed in front of him. By the time Thug was 17, he had become a dad. He had 6 kids from 4 women that are 3 daughters and 3 sons. In 2015 he got engaged to his girlfriend, Jerrika Karle.

Young thug house and residence

He is having an abode located in the Atlanta suburbs. The house is having rent costing $15000 and is the hub for many rappers. According to the news sources, he has a mansion in California in the USA.

Young thug education

Thug doesn’t have much education qualification. As per the number of interviews taken, he told in the interview that he was expelled in his 6th grade. When the reason was asked, he replied that he broke his teacher's arm and spent in juvenile prison for about 14 months.

Young thug best songs

Of all the best song of Young Thug are RiRi, harambe, heatstroke, Floyd Mayweather, dresser, power, the family don’t matter, Digits, never had it, Picacho, memo, webbie, Guwop, Check, You said, Relationship, Loaded, Best Friend, With that and Pick up the phone. All these songs have made him one of the most famous personalities of all time.

Young thug girlfriend

Thug has six children from 4 women, and according to the latest source in 2019, he engaged with Jerrike Karlae as his girlfriend.

Young thug real name

Thug, when born, was given the name Jeffery Lamar Williams and this is his real name.

Young thug nickname

He has few nicknames like Thugger, Jeffery, and SEX.

Young thug religion

Thug hasn’t commuted much about the religion, but the rumors say that he is Christian.

Young thug nationality

The nationality of Thug is American because he was born in Atlanta, Georgia, which falls in the United stated, or the United States of America.

Young thug tattoos

Atlanta-based rapper Young Thug got enormous popularity after the release of the mixtape in the year 2013. His real name is Jeffery William, who is professionally known by the name Young Thug and is the rising star. Among 11 children in his family, he is the 10th one. His body has got many tattoos, making him a stylish person, and those tattoos symbolize his struggles and experiences. He has RIP Beanie to left eyebrow, snake around the hairline, on his right eyebrow he has five boys and six girls, JACOB is there beside right eye, Skull on right forearm, etc.

Young thug zodiac sign

Young Thug, a famous rapper, was born in the United States, Atlanta, GA, on 16 August 1991. He, at present, is aging 29 years old. He is having a zodiac sign like Leo. Leo’s ruling planet is the sun.

Young thug YouTube

You can subscribe to his channel on YouTube, “Young Thug- Hot ft. Gunna & Travis Scoot (official videos). Thug is having 5.04 million subscribers on his channel.

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