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William Fichtner Net Worth In 2022, Birthday, Age, Height, Wife And Kids

What is William Fichtner net worth? William Fichtner is a famous actor. He also worked in many films. As of 2022, his net worth is $12 Mi.

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William Fichtner is a famous actor. He also worked in many films, T.V. series, and video games. He was born on 27th November in the year 1956 and his current age of 64 years. The middle name of William Fichtner is Edward. And his full name is William Edward Fichtner Junior. He also becomes very famous because of his role as a Sheriff in the American T.V. show. He has also done many films such as Mr. & Mrs Smith, the Dark night knight, blades of glory, Date night, The perfect storm, Black hawk down, and many other different films and many T.V. shows.
As of 2022, William Fichtner net worthis at $12 million.

William Fichtner Early Life

He was born on Long Island. He was raised in Cheektowaga in New York, which is a suburb of buffalo. His mother's name is Patricia A. He got graduated from Maryvale High School, which is located at Cheektowaga, in the year 1974. After he completed his graduation, he also attended SUNY Brockport. And after that, he got his Bachelor of Arts degree. After that, he wants to do acting. So when he puts his focus on acting he attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

William Fichtner Interview - Home & Family

Net worth$12 million
WifeKymberly Kalil, Betsy Aidem
Birthday27th November 1956
Age64 years
HeightExact 6 feet
Weight85 kg

William Fichtner Career

He started his acting career in 1987 in the role of Josh Snyder in As the world turns. After that, he also made many films. Then he was awarded the Screen actor guild outstanding award for his film crash.
He also gave his voice to the video game Grand theft auto: vice city and the Grand theft auto: San Andreas as Ken Rosenberg. In the years 2005 and 2006, he also started a TV. After it got cancelled, he played for 3 seasons as an FBI agent in a prison break. Then he also played a role in The Dark Knight.

William Fichtner Personal Life

William Fichtner is married to Betsy Aidem in the year 1987. And then they got divorced in the year 1996. After that, William Fichtner is married to Kymberly Kalil after 2 years after the divorce from Betsy Aidem. William Fichtner is also a fan of the Buffalo bills in the National Football League NFL’s.

William Fichtner Wife

His first wife's name is Betsy Aidem. They are married in the year 1987 and divorced in the year 1996. Betsy Aidem is an actress. She has done films like the bleeding house, see you in the morning, etc. She has also worked for many television shows such as the high life, the Americans, etc. she also has a son with William Fichtner's name Sam Fichtner.
The name of the second wife of William Fichtner is Kymberly. They got married in the year. Kymberly Kalil is also an actress and has done films like Jerry Magurine, Misery Lovers Company, etc. She also has a son with William Fichtner named Vangel Fichtner.

William Fichtner Kids

William Fichtner has two sons named Vangel Fichtner and Sam Fichtner. His son Sam is also an actor.

William Fichtner Siblings

William Fichtner has four siblings. All four siblings’ names are Pamela Fichtner, Mary Fichtner, Margaret Fichtner and Patricia Fichtner.

William Fichtner House And Residence

The Actor William Fichtner lives in Glendale, California. As per the records, he has bought his house in June 2006 for $1.64 million, and the size of his house is 2,971 sq ft.
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