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Smokey Robinson Net Worth - Career, Personal Life And Real Estate Of The Legendary Singer

American R&B and pop singer-songwriter, producer, and former record executive Smokey Robinson net worth is $150 million. Robinson is credited with creating the distinctive Motown sound, which rose to fame from the 1950s through the 1970s.

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Aug 22, 202260 Shares1613 Views
American R&B and pop singer-songwriter, producer, and former record executive Smokey Robinson net worthis $150 million.
Robinson is credited with creating the distinctive Motown sound, which rose to fame from the 1950s through the 1970s.
The Miracles, a vocal group that had enormous popularity during the Motown era, including Smokey as a crucial member.
Robinson developed a successful solo career after leaving this trio.
He served as Motown Records' vice president in addition.
Smokey Robinson received his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction in 1987.

Quick Facts About Smokey Robinson

NameSmokey Robinson
Date Of BirthFeb 19, 1940
Height5 ft 11 in (1.82 m)
ProfessionRecord producer, Songwriter, Singer, Musician, Actor, Music executive, Singer-songwriter
NationalityUnited States of America
Net Worth$150 Million

Smokey Robinson Personal Life

Smokey Robinson Smiling
Smokey Robinson Smiling
In 1959, Robinson wed Claudette Rogers, another Miracles member.
The couple's son Berry Robinson (born in 1968) was given the name Berry Gordy in honor of the man who founded Motown's first label, and Tamla Robinson (born in 1971) was given the name of Gordy's first "Tamla" label, which would later become Motown.
Robinson had a son called Trey (born 1984) with another woman while he was married to Claudette.
Robinson admitted to having a child with a woman other than his wife and then filed for legal separation and divorce.
The divorce was finally formalized in 1986.
The song "The Agony & The Ecstasy" was inspired by the extramarital affair Robinson had around the time the Robinsons' divorce in 1974. (later featured on A Quiet Storm).
Robinson wed Frances Gladney in May 2002.
They rent out their Pittsburgh home for use as a vineyard.
Robinson hasn't eaten red meat since 1972. He practices transcendental meditation.
Robinson has beautiful emerald green eyes, which he believes came from his French great-grandmother.

Smokey Robinson Career

Smokey Robinson Singing on stage wearing a dark suit
Smokey Robinson Singing on stage wearing a dark suit
The Matadors became the Miracles in the late 1950s after doing considerable traveling.
Berry Gordy, a composer Robinson was acquainted with, assisted the Miracles in releasing their first record, "Got a Job," in 1957.
At this time, Robinson was a collegestudent majoring in electrical engineering; but, following the success of his first song, he decided to leave.
Then Gordy established Tamla Records, which subsequently evolved into Motown Records.
The Miracles signed a record contract with this business and in 1960 they produced "Shop Around," which went on to become a smash and sell over a million copies.
Numerous hits followed within the next ten years. You've Really Got a Hold on Me, Mickey's Monkey, I Second That Emotion, Baby Baby Don't Cry, and "The Tears of a Clown" were a few of them.
Robinson served as the group's primary vocalist, composer, and producer during this time.
The Miracles changed their name to Smokey Robinson & the Miracles in 1965 to reflect this.
In addition to his work with the Miracles, Smokey has produced a number of songs for other Motown Records artists.
He also worked as a track producer. Robinson collaborated with the Temptations, the Marvelettes, and Marvin Gaye among other musicians.
This ceased when a fresh group of songwriters joined Motown, which also happened to be the time when more musicians started writing their own unique music.

Top 6 Albums And Sales By Smokey Robinson

Over 1,716,000 records by Smokey Robinson were sold, including 1,496,000 in the US and 220,000 in the UK.
Smokey Robinson's best-selling album, One Heartbeat, with over 500,000 copies sold.
ONE HEARTBEAT (1987)500,000
BEING WITH YOU (1981)500,000
BEST OF (1999)496,000
LOVE SONGS (1988)100,000
GREATEST HITS (1992)60,000

Top 4 Songs By Smokey Robinson

Being With You

Smokey Robinson - Being With You

Tears Of A Clown

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Tears Of A Clown (1967)

The Tracks Of My Tears

The Tracks of My Tears - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

You've Really Got A Hold On Me

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - You Really Got A Hold On Me

Smokey Robinson Net Worth

In 2022, Smokey Robinson's projected net worth will be $150 million.
American singer, songwriter, producer, and former record executive Smokey Robinson performs R&B and mainstream songs.
Robinson is credited with developing the distinctive Motown sound, which rose to fame from the 1950s until the 1970s.
Smokey had a significant role in the Miracles, a singing group that enjoyed tremendous success in the Motown period.
Robinson developed a successful solo career after quitting this band.
He was a vice president at Motown Records as well.
Smokey Robinson was admitted as a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.
Smokey Robinson's music, songs, albums, and performances brought in more than $100 million.
He founded the Matadors in the early 1950s, which ultimately evolved into the well-known band The Miracles.
A serendipitous encounter with music producer Berry Gordy Jr. resulted in a deal with Motown Records and a crucial collaboration.

Smokey Robinson Real Estate

Smokey Robinson Talking
Smokey Robinson Talking
Robinson received $2.3 million for the sale of his Los Angeles property in Encino in 2002.
The 10,600 square feet of living area in this opulent mansion, which was built in 1912, include an 800-square-foot private terrace.
On 1.5 acres of land, the house has opulent gardens designed in the English style.
In 2017, the famous house changed hands once again, this time selling for $8.3 million.
Smokey reportedly listed a second California property for $7.99 million in 2014.
This second home is situated in the upscale Chatsworth district of Los Angeles, which is home to several other famous people.
A separate, 2,000 square-foot guest house is part of the 9,075 square-foot property.
Smokey first put the house up for sale in 2005 for $10.5 million, but after having trouble finding a buyer, he put it back on the market in 2007 for $10 million.
The $7.99 million figure in 2014 implies a much reduced ultimate price.
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Top Interesting Facts About Smokey Robinson

  • He was an incredibly talented singer-songwriter throughout his career, from The Miracles' Motown days to his successful solo career.
  • In recognition of his contributions to popular music, Smokey received the 2016 Library of Congress Gershwin Prize and was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.
  • During his marriage to Claudette, Smokey had another son, Trey (born 1984), with a different woman.
  • He was admitted to the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1989 and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1987, respectively.
  • At its 138th Commencement Convocation in May 2006, Howard University presented him with a Doctor of Music degree, honoris causa.

People Also Ask

How Many Records Did Smokey Robinson Sell?

Robinson, a romantic hero whose record sales of more than 60 million "helped convert Motown into the biggest black-owned firm in the world," according to People writer Gail Buchalter, is "one of the softest tenors in soul music."

How Many Hit Songs Did Smokey Robinson Wrote?

Robinson composed more than 4,000 songs, several of which reached the Top 40, including "My Guy" for Mary Wells, "Ain't That Peculiar" for Marvin Gaye, and "My Girl" for The Temptations.

Why Does Smokey Robinson Have Blue Eyes?

William "Smokey" Robinson, who was born to African American parents on February 19, 1940 in Detroit, had fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes.
William inherited the green-blue eyes of his great-grandmother, a white Frenchwoman.


He has created an admirable legacy over his six-decade career.
The native of Detroit had an early interest in music and started his first group, the doo-wop group Five Chimes.
Before settling on The Miracles, they went through a number of different names during the next two years.
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