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Silvana Mojica Bio, Age, Relationship, Boyfriend & Net Worth

Silvana Mojica, a gorgeous beauty sensation, is the newest girlfriend of David Portnoy, an internet personality who is now making news for his connection with a model.

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Silvana Mojica, a gorgeous beauty sensation, is the newest girlfriend of David Portnoy, an internet personality who is now making newsfor his connection with a model. Her edgy, one-of-a-kind sense of style has earned her worldwide fame, as has her beautiful beauty.
Silvana has maintained a high degree of public awareness despite her youth, appearing on the front pages and covers of various national publications. She is not just a lovely young lady, but she is also a recent graduate with a marketing degree who is now employed by a marketing firm.
She works as a model online in addition to her professional job. She began her professional career as a junior account manager at UnCommon Fashion shortly after graduating and has been there ever since.
She stayed in this position for almost five months before moving on to work as an account executive for another company called Scream in November of 2018. She returned to her prior work, Giti Incorporation, in Miami, Florida, as a social media marketing assistant after a year in this top role in Orlando.
She was engaged in a variety of activities in the year 2021, including the marketing of Kasa Karly, a well-known jewelry brand. She's also worked for a variety of organizations, including I'm Gia, Barstool Sports, and GitiOnline, to name a few.
Silvana Mojica Hot Image
Silvana Mojica Hot Image

Silvana Mojica Net Worth

Following the disclosure of her relationship with David Portnoy, Silvana has become rather well-known in recent months. She enjoys the modeling and social media work she does for a living, and she is dedicated to her career.
According to some estimates, Silvana Mojica makes between ten and twelve thousand dollars every modeling contract, giving her a net worth of roughly 2.3 million dollars. Silvana makes a decent living from her several careers and side interests.
Her modeling job would pay her between $10,000 and $12,000 each month. She is enjoying a lovely life with all of the modern amenities. On a conservative basis, her net worth is estimated to be between $2 and $3 million USD.
Silvana Mojica holding drink
Silvana Mojica holding drink

Silvana Mojica Relationships & Boyfriend

Silvana is a wonderful, beautiful, and really talented model. After looking through her Facebook account, we learned she had previously been in a relationship with Connor McKenzie. She's also shared a number of images of herself with Connor on social media.
Silvana is now in the news because she is said to be dating Dave Portnoy, according to sources.
On his program, Dave Portnoy, host of the "Dave Portnoy Program with Eddie & Co.," also spoke about Silvina.
Silvana, he stated, is the one with whom he spends the most time. Silvana has also shared a clip from the aforementioned show on her Instagram page. Furthermore, the two have posted a number of photos of themselves on their own social media sites.
Silvana Mojica and Dave Portnoy
Silvana Mojica and Dave Portnoy

Who Is Dave Portnoy, Silvana Mojica's Current Boyfriend?

David is a well-known entrepreneur, television personality, internet personality, and social media star from the United States of America. He also had an internet show called "One Bite With Davey Pageviews," according to his Wikipedia profile, where he gave pizza suggestions. In addition, he has a sizable following on Instagram, which he utilizes to promote his songs.

Silvana Mojica Age

Silvia Mojica was born on 8 April 1995, so she is roughly 26 years old.


Silvia Mojica is 26 years old, having been born on April 8, 1995. Silvana Mojica, a stunning beauty phenomenon, is David Portnoy's newest girlfriend. David Portnoy is an online celebrity who is now making headlines due to his relationship with a model. Her edgy, one-of-a-kind sense of style, as well as her stunning beauty, have garnered her international recognition.
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