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Sherry Shriner Net Worth - The Leader Of The Alien Reptile Cult

Sherry Shriner was in charge of a group of alien reptiles. She became famous online after she died on January 28, 2021. Steven Mineo's death in 2017 is linked to Shriner's Alien reptile cult. Here, we'll find out how much is Sherry Shriner net worth.

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This article tells you everything you need to know about an alien-reptile cult leader, just like Sherry Shriner net worth.
Sherry Shrinerwas the first American to lead the Alien Reptile Cult around the world.
She was known for saying that she was the messenger of probably the highest God.
Also, she is known for fighting against the Devil/Lucifer, whom she called a liar to people in her writings.
Also, in a picture of Sherry Shriner, she said that alien reptilians are real, but everyone is taking them wrong.
So, they hide in caves and other underground places.
Well, if you want to know more, you should read the post right now.

Who Is Sherry Shriner?

Sherry Shriner in blue talking
Sherry Shriner in blue talking
She is a well-known extraterrestrial reptile cult leader.
She was born in the United States in 1975 and comes from a wealthy family.
She was the first person to establish the Alien-Reptile Cult and considered herself to be a "Messenger of the Highest God."
The 28th of January, 2021 was the day she went away.
Sherry Shriner is the one who initially established the Alien-Reptile Cult.
She considers herself to be a "Messenger of the Highest God," and she did this on her own.
On Facebook, she founded her own sect or group and used it to spread her strange beliefs and prophecies.
The story of Steven Mineo, who was murdered by his lover Barbara Rogers, is examined in detail during the six episodes of the documentary series titled The Devil.
Sherry Shriner's biography served as the inspiration for the VICE documentary titled The Devil You Know, which made its debut on March 29.
According to the documentary, the late Steven Mineo was a devoted fan of hers and had developed a strong connection with her before his passing.
She attended Kent State University and earned degrees in Journalism, Political Science, and Criminal Justice.
Her alma mater is Kent State University.
On the other hand, she started to amass a sizable number of followers who blindly accepted everything she said.

Sherry Shriner Career

Sherry Shriner's professional life revolves around the spiritual realm and the conflict that she wages against the Devil, who is known as the king of the deceiver.
According to some of Sherry Shriner's sources, she and the devil used to be friends; however, things turned out differently, and the two of them have now become the worst possible foes.
Sherry Shriner had a conversation with the Devil, whom she refers to as Lucifer, and recorded it in a book titled Interview, which she authored and released a few years ago, just before she passed away.
In the book, Sherry Shriner calls the Devil by his proper name.
The discussion with Sherry Shriner and Lucifer is quite lengthy, and during it, the two of them recall and recount their childhood memories from when they were both in heaven before she became Lucifer's greatest enemy.
Since the author and cult leader discussed a wide range of topics with Lucifer, including anything from the spiritual realm to the intentions Lucifer has for the government of the United States of America.
This book is one of the most contentious works by the author and cult leader.
Sherry Shriner began her war and crusade by penning books and arranging seminars in which she educates individuals about the spiritual world that surrounds them and how easily the Devil can manipulate people.
After that, she moved on to one of the most famous social media platforms, Facebook, where she conducted the majority of her teaching until her passing in January of 2021.

Personal Life Of Sherry Shriner

Pennsylvania Woman Claims Online Alien Cult Led To Fatal Shooting Of Boyfriend

On the 28th of January 2021, it was revealed that Sherry Shriner had passed away, and the reason for her death was stated to be a heart attack.
Sherry Shriner is suspected by a significant number of individuals of having had a role in the passing of Steve Mineo, who passed away in 2017 as the result of being shot by his girlfriend, Barbara.
Before Steve Mineo and Barbara Rogers were accused of being aliens and removed from the Alien Reptile Cult by Sherry Shriner, they were both essential members of the cult and played important roles in its operations.
Sherry, Steve Mineo, and Barbara Rogers, who was Steve Mineo's girlfriend at the time, were formerly good friends until she entered the picture and changed everything.
Barbara's lover Steve Mineo allegedly begged her to shoot him in the head, and she complied with his request, according to a report from Barbara.
She claimed at that time that Sherry Shriner was the one who was controlling either one of them.
Sherry Shriner is one of those persons who rose to fame after their passing; following her passing in January 2021, a significant number of people learned about her and the cult group that she was a part of.

Sherry Shriner Net Worth

Sherry Shriner wearing blue top and gold necklace
Sherry Shriner wearing blue top and gold necklace
She established the Alien-Reptile Cult and was its first leader. At the time of her passing, it was estimated that she had a net worth of approximately $2 million.
She is a self-ordained "Messenger of the Highest God," and her wealth was estimated at that time.
According to the annual list that Forbes magazine publishes of the most powerful persons in the world, her net worth was estimated to be $1.5 million at the time.
She achieved a tremendous amount of celebrity, and as a result, many people wanted to have interviews with her and were willing to pay her a lot of money to do so.

Facebook Page Of Sherry Shriner

Her family members took over management of her blogs and social media sites after she passed away unexpectedly.
Sherry Shriner established her own cultist group on the social networking site Facebook.
She was excited about the opportunity to talk about her strange ideas and prophesies on the platform.
A daughter, a friend, a servant, and a warrior, she described herself as all of these things on her Facebook profile.

Interesting Facts About Sherry Shriner

  • The spiritual realm and the fight against the Devil, who is known as the King of Deceivers, were the primary focuses of Shriner's professional life.
  • Sherry is the head of an extraterrestrial reptile cult, which she commands.
  • She recruited followers and spread her ideology with the assistance of Facebook, where she established various groups.
  • On Facebook, she used to share her strange viewpoints and predictions with the world.
  • Sherry's story was the subject of a documentary that was uploaded to YouTube on March 29 and given the title The Devil You Know.
  • The documentary asserts that the late Steven Mineo was a devout follower of the Shriners and that he had developed a close relationship with her.
  • In addition to that, she is the author of the book Interview, which she also brought into publication.
  • In her book, she discusses the conversation she had with the Devil.

People Also Ask

Who Is Sherry Shriner And Why Is She Famous?

Sherry Shriner, an American who led the Alien-Reptile Cult, became well-known after she started it.
She is also a Messenger of the Highest God that she chose for herself.
Sherry Shriner was born in the United States in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, in the year 1975.

What Was Sherry Shriner’s Relationship With The Devil?

Sherry and the devil have known each other since she was a child.
Sherry started talking to the Devil while other kids were playing with toys and other things.
She went from serving him to fighting for what she believed in.

How Did Sherry Shriner Die?

According to her obituary, she died of a heart attack when she was 56 years old.


Sherry Shriner was one of the most interesting people we've ever met.
In other words, she was someone who brought alien reptiles into the world and wanted them to be able to live there.
Now you know about Sherry Shriner net worth.
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