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Rowan Atkinson Daughter Net Worth - Lily Sastry's Own Success Story


Lily Sastry, who used to be called Lily Atkinson, is the daughter of Rowan Atkinson, who is known for playing Mr. Bean on TV.

Lily is an accomplished artist in her own right, known for her singing and burlesque dancing performances. With her great success, Rowan Atkinson daughter net worth is estimated to be $3,000,000.

Lily Sastry Personal Life

Lily Atkinson was born Lily Grace Atkinson on July 11, 1995, in the United Kingdom. She is Sunetra Sastry and Rowan Atkinson's second child and only daughter. She is a quarter Indian because of her mom. Benjamin Atkinson is Lily's older brother.

Lily grew up in a wealthy part of London and went to a private school for girls only. She attended high school in Oundle, Northamptonshire, where she eventually received her diploma.

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Lily Sastry is an American actress, model, singer, and dancer. She is a superb jazz dancer who has performed at prestigious locations like London's The Pheasantry, one of the city's most well-known nightclubs.

She is also a well-known vocalist who frequently records and uploads music to Soundcloud. She has also appeared in a few films alongside her father, including Mr. Bean's Holiday and Johnny English Reborn.

She is a famous social media influencer as well, but after her parents' divorce, she made the decision to go on a digital detox and remove all of her social media accounts.

Quick Facts About Lily Sastry

Name:Lily Grace Atkinson
Date of Birth:July 11, 1995
Height:5 feet and 5 inches
Profession:Burlesque Dancer and Singer
Net Worth:$2,000,000

Lily Sastry Career

In the 2004 children's film "Tooth," Lily made her acting debut as "The New Recruit." She eventually made cameos in low-budget movies like Mr. Bean's Holiday and Johnny English Reborn, giving his father screens.

Lily also likes to sing, and she writes songs for her tunes while continually listening to them. She is excellent in her unique position, and she develops a considerable fan base on her own while working with her father as Mr. Bean. Lily should strive to become an exhibitor of her creative mind despite the movie's powerful opening.

Despite getting up early, she chose to go against the grain and began studying cabaret. She soon began doing her solo act in a variety of settings, including the renowned bar The Pheasantry.

She was granted her own West End play called "Lily" for two nights after her initial performances were successful and went on to become a tremendous hit.

Lily enjoys singing as well, and she frequently records her performances and uploads them to SoundCloud. She currently performs as a dancer and vocalist, and the media has given her performances positive acclaim.

Lily Sastry wearing a seductive black dress while singing and performing on stage
Lily Sastry wearing a seductive black dress while singing and performing on stage

Lily Sastry Cabaret Career

Lily Sastry became enamored with cabaret and made the decision to make a career in it. Her debut major performance took place at a prestigious London supper club called The Pheasantry.

The former actress took the opportunity to welcome the audience before beginning her performance. She stated:

This is my first cabaret show. This is my first time I've been dressed this small and I'm very excited.

After a triumphant debut performance, the talented dancer went on to star for a few nights in the West End cabaret play Lily in 2016. A musical band performed live on stage to accompany the one-woman show.

In an interview, Lily said:

Vocally, I am better than I have ever been; physically, mentally — it's the hardest I have ever worked on a gig.

The singer continued by saying she was enjoying the task she had set for herself. Sastry provided more context for her performance history by revealing that while she had always been a writer, it wasn't until she was a young adolescent that she actually started writing music.

Lily Sastry Net Worth

According to different source in the Internet, Rowan Atkinson daughter net worth is around US$3,000,000. Her other assets like real estate, cars, and businesses are not available to the public.

Rowan Atkinson Net Worth

Rowan Atkinson has a net worth of $150 million.

Monthly Salary:$1 Million +
Annual Salary:$12 Million +

Rowan Atkinson Car Collection

Atkinson has a strong interest in cars and has competed in numerous races throughout the years. His collection includes a Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe, vintage Ford Falcon, 1939 BMW 328, Honda NSX, Jaguar Mk7, and Aston Martin DB2. He not only has a fantastic collection of high-end vehicles, but he also has driving skills. In his F1, Atkinson set the second-fastest time ever seen on the track at Top Gear.

In 1997, Rowan invested $1 million in a McLaren F1 that was still in the factory. He wrecked the vehicle TWICE, in 1999 and 2011. The collision in 2011 resulted in a $1.4 million repair expense. As a result, his annual insurance bill for this particular vehicle increased to $100,000. Just to drive/own this one car would cost $8300 per month. In 2015, Rowan put the vehicle up for sale for $15 million. He ultimately sold it for $12 million.

Rowan Atkinson Mansion

Rowan Atkinson new mansion is situated on top of a hill in Ipsden, Oxfordshire, and is exactly the kind of home you'd expect a true petrolhead to inhabit. Local farmers have dubbed it a "space age gas station."

The main house and a detached guest house are the only two structures left on the estate today. The guest house is 141 square meters, while the three-story house has 837 square meters (9,009 square feet) of living area (1,518 square feet).

In addition to the $3.3 million he paid for the land in 2006, Atkinson spent an additional $6.7 million to construct and furnish it. With its spacious open layout, well-lit interiors, and light-colored furnishings, the home he purchased for this sum was light and aesthetically attractive and would blend in perfectly with the Mediterranean scenery.

Other Interesting Facts About Lily Sastry

  • Lily Atkinson changed her name to Lily Sastry after her parents' divorce.
  • She is an independent artist who performs as a burlesque dancer and singer.
  • She started off as a child actress in the entertainment business.
  • She made her screen debut in the 2004 kid's movie Tooth. According to IMDb, the movie is about a youthful Tooth Fairy who has forgotten how to utilize magic.
  • Additionally, she made appearances in her father's films Johnny English Reborn and Mr. Bean's Holiday.
  • She also started practicing cabaret, and at London's renowned dinner club The Pheasantry, she made her first significant cabaret engagement.
  • She later appeared in Lily, a one-woman cabaret act with a live band that ran for two nights in the West End in 2016.
  • Lily Sastry claims, "I had always been a writer, but it wasn’t until I was around 14/15 that I really started writing music. I was still pushing myself by writing stories and poetry and coming up with melodies. Of course, as a singer and artist, I knew exactly what I wanted to do right away."
  • She has a significant following on social media and is highly well-liked there, but she took all her social media accounts after her parents' divorce.

People Also Ask

How Much Is Lily Sastry's Net Worth?

She has a net worth of $3 million as of 2022.

What Does Lily Sastry Do For A Living?

She is a burlesque dancer and singer at The Pheasantry. She also did some acting in several movies during her teenage years.

How Much Is Worth Mr. Bean?

Rowan Atkinson, popularly known as Mr. Bean, has a net worth of $150 million.

Final Thought

Rowan Atkinson daughter net worth is around $3 million. Atkinson must be so proud of her daughter, Lily, for achieving success on her own.

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