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Prince - $200 Million Net Worth, His Royal Badness The Artist

At the time of his passing in April 2016, the American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor known as Prince net worth was $200 million.

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Aug 04, 202278 Shares1620 Views
At the time of his passing in April 2016, the American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor known as Prince net worth was $200 million.
The value of his likeness rights and other intellectual property, such as his music copyrights, has a significant impact on the range of his net worth.
Prince was one of the most popular concert performers of his time and sold more than 100 million records over his career.
Rock, R&B, soul, New Wave, electronica, disco, funk, folk, jazz, rap, blues, psychedelia, and hip hop have had an impact on Prince's musical approach. The most, if not all, of the instruments on Prince's albums were played by him.
Sadly, Prince passed away in 2016 at the age of 56 after accidentally overdosing on drugs.

Top 7 Quick Facts About Prince

NamePrince Rogers Nelson
Date Of BirthJun 7, 1958 - Apr 21, 2016 (57 years old)
Height5 ft 2 in (1.575 m)
ProfessionMusician, Multi-instrumentalist, Music Arranger, Singer, Record producer, Songwriter, Singer-songwriter, Actor, Dancer, Writer
NationalityUnited States of America
Net Worth$200 Million

Prince Personal Life

Prince Acting
Prince Acting
In 1996, Prince wed Mayte Garcia. She was 22 while he was 37. Amirr Nelson, their son, was born in 1996; he passed away from a rare genetic abnormality at the age of one week.
In 2000, the couple got a divorce. From 2001 to 2006, Prince was wed to Manuela Testolini. Prince adopted a rigorous vegan diet and converted to JWism in 2001.
Although he kept his philanthropy private, his humanitarian and charitable endeavors received a lot of attention following his passing.
Along with several other charitable deeds, he performed anonymous medical debt repayments for needy musicians and substantial monetary donations to libraries.

Prince Death

As he recovered from the virus, Prince announced the cancellation of two gigs scheduled for April 7 in Atlanta.
Even though he was still ailing, he changed the date to April 14 and gave his final performance on that day.
Next morning, Prince lost consciousness while traveling back to Minneapolis. Prince was hospitalized and given Narcan, a drug used to stop the symptoms of an opioid overdose, after his private plane made an emergency landing in Illinois.
He was revived, and against medical advice, he departed. The next day, he was spotted cycling, doing record store shopping, and participating in an unplanned dance party at Paisley Park.
On April 21, a 911 call was received asking for an ambulance to be brought to Paisley Park.
When Prince was discovered to be unconscious, the paramedics attempted CPR, but it was later determined that he had been dead for more than six hours.
According to the official report on June 2, Prince had accidentally overdosed on the narcotic Fentanyl. He was 57.

Prince Career

Prince Singing
Prince Singing
Prince first met Jimmy Jam, a composer and producer, in 1973. Jimmy Jam was awestruck by Prince's musical ability and his proficiency with a variety of instruments.
At 1976, Prince worked with producer Chris Moon in his Minneapolis studio to construct his demo recording.
After initially failing to obtain a recorded track, Moon took the cassette to Minneapolis entrepreneurOwen Husney, who agreed to represent Prince.
Husney assisted him in producing a fresh demo tape that attracted the attention of many major record labels.
To record his debut album at Record Plant Studios, Husney and Prince traveled from Minneapolis to Sausalito, California.
On April 17, 1978, Prince released his debut album, "For You." All 27 instruments on the album were written, arranged, produced, and performed by Prince himself.
In October 1979, he followed it up with the self-titled album "Prince." With the top singles "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?" and "I Wanna Be Your Lover," this album propelled him to popularity.
He published Dirty Mind in 1980, which gained notoriety for its pornographic content. The album, which was recorded in his own studio, was certified Gold.
Prince performed "Partyup" on Saturday Night Live for the first time in 1981. Opening for the Rolling Stones on their US tour, he went on the road in promotion of his subsequent album, Controversy.

Prince Top 10 Albums And Sales

Prince On Stage With A Woman
Prince On Stage With A Woman
Prince sold more than 100,000,000 records (albums and singles) globally, including 41,493,001 in the US and 5,820,000 in the UK, according to Warner Music Japan.
Purple Rain (Soundtrack), which has sold over 25,000,000 copies, is Prince's best-selling album.
PURPLE RAIN (SOUNDTRACK) (1984)25,000,000
DIAMONDS AND PEARLS (1991)4,499,220
1999 (1982)4,357,500
THE VERY BEST OF PRINCE (2001)3,994,000
BATMAN (SOUNDTRACK) (1989)3,387,774
PRINCE (1979)3,000,000
AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAY (1985)2,368,660
MUSICOLOGY (2004)2,273,087
PARADE (1986)2,117,277
SIGN O` THE TIMES (1987)1,941,710

Prince Top 6 Songs

When Prince introduces us to Nikki, his stories about the promiscuous women he is infatuated with become more interesting than ever.
The singer describes his meeting with the "sex fiend," a female he meets in a hotel lobby before being taken to her castle full of "devices" and being forced to sign a contract before they get physical, in the song "Darling Nikki."
The CD was marked with "Parental Advisory" stickers due to the album's dirty narrative and less-than-subtle lyrics.

Purple Rain

Prince - Purple Rain (Official Video)

When Doves Cry

Prince & The Revolution - When Doves Cry (Official Music Video)

Let's Go Crazy

Prince & The Revolution - Let's Go Crazy (Official Music Video)

Sign O' The Times

Prince - Sign O' The Times (Official Music Video)

Little Red Corvette

Prince - Little Red Corvette (Official Music Video)


Prince & The Revolution - Kiss (Official Music Video)

Prince Net Worth

Prince, one of the greatest artists of all time, had a $200 million net worth at the time of his passing.
However, a number of publications claimed that he was worth significantly more at the time.
Prince has made a sizable fortune thanks to album sales of more than 100 million and record sales of 150 million.
In 1979, Prince, his second studio album, brought in $3 million for him. In a same vein, he issued the 1982 album 1999, which brought Prince $4.35 million.
Prince's sixth studio album, Purple Rain, which was released in 1984, became the artist's biggest commercial triumph to date.
The RIAA awarded the album a Diamond certification after it sold over 25 million copies globally. The musician earned $25 million from his most popular record.
Similar results were achieved by his albums Around the World in a Day from 1985, Parade from 1986, Purple Rain from 1989, and The Very Best of Prince, which brought in $3.455 million for the artist.
Prince earned $56.5 million from performances, record sales, and book sales in 2004 alone.

Prince Lifestyle

Prince Photoshoot
Prince Photoshoot
At the time of his passing, Prince had a stunning $200 million in net worth.
Prince, one of the biggest names in music, had an incredibly unique personality and amazing appeal. We think that he lived his life to the utmost.
Madonna, Kim Basinger, Carmen Electra, Susannah Melvoin, and other singersand modelswere among those with whom Prince had intimate relationships.
He was an advocate for animal rights and had eaten vegan for a while. He eventually identified himself as a vegetarian, nevertheless.

Car Collection

Prince, a man with a recognizable style, was the owner of a large number of vehicles, including both two-wheelers and four-wheelers.
1964 Buick Wildcat, 1999 Plymouth Prowler, 1991 BMW 850i, 1984 BMW 633CSI, and 1993 Ford Thunderbird were just a few of the famous wheels in his garage. Similar to this, Prince loved motorbikes and own a number of them.
In Prince's collection, the Purple Rain Hondamatic CM400A was the most unique motorbike.
In addition to these 1997 Lincoln Town Cars, Prince also owned the 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2010 Mercedes-Benz, 2006 Bentley, 1985 Cadillac limousine, and 1996 BMW Z3 roadster at the time of his passing.


Around his Minnesota homeland of Minneapolis, Prince owns several residences. 160 acres of shoreline land on Lake Lucy and Lake Ann served as Prince's main residence.
Prince once resided at Minneapolis' fabled "Purple House" for a while. At the time of his passing, Prince reportedly owned a total of 12 homes in Chanhassen, Minnesota, according to the local Star Tribune.

Estate Value

Prince was renowned for owning the majority of his creations, most crucially his publication rights, also known as the copyrights of his songs.
Prince had no will when he passed away. Six adults in his family received the value of his estate (one of whom, a half-brother, died in 2019).
The worth of Prince's estate was fiercely contested in the years after his passing. Comerica Bank & Trust, the estate's administrator, provided an estimate of $82.3 million as the overall worth of Prince's assets, which includes real estate, music licensing, name and image rights, and other items.
The Internal Revenue Service asserted in January 2021 that Prince's estate had been grossly undervalued and was actually worth more like $163.2 million.
In June 2020, the IRS sent a notice of delinquency on his estate, requesting an extra $32.4 million in back taxes from the 2016 tax year, in addition to an additional $6.4 million in "accuracy related penalties." Prince's estate and Comerica both asked for a trial to resolve the conflict.
The IRS and the executor of Prince's estate reached an understanding in January 2022 that the value of Prince's estate was $156.4 million.
His record label, Primay Wave, and three of his eldest relatives were to share the estate equally.
Unfortunately, during the six years between Prince's passing and the IRS's ultimate settlement, two of his six siblings and heirs also away.


The legal battle between the IRS and Comerica gave us a good understanding of the precise assets Prince was in possession of at the time of his passing and their disputed worth. The most important assets' values are broken out below:
  • The organization that holds his composition copyrights is NPG Publishing. NPG's worth was estimated by Comerica at $21 million. The worth, according to the IRS, is $37 million.
  • Comerica estimated the "Writer's Share" of the songwriting repertoire at $11 million. $22 million was the IRS estimate.
  • Prince's record company is called NPG Records. The value was estimated as $19.4 million by Comerica. According to the IRS, $46.5 million.
  • Chanhassen, Minnesota's Paisley Park is a 149-acre parcel of primarily undeveloped property. Comingrica estimated $11 million. The IRS estimated $15 million.

Carlos Boozer Home Rental

Carlos Boozer, at 23 years old, made the decision to purchase an 18,000 square foot, 10-bedroom home in Bel-Air, Los Angeles, in 2005.
Carlos had to go to Utah for Jazz training camp before he could really move in. He hired a realtor to market the opulent estate for rent rather than letting it remain empty.
Many interested parties expressed their interest. Prince's promise to pay $95,000 per month in rent for a year led Carlos to finally agree to let him rent the house.
The entrance gate's ornate lions were notably replaced by a sizable representation of Prince's insignia.
Purple carpets were installed instead of white Italian ones all throughout the house by Prince.
Prince had completely dismantled the weight room's equipment inside the house in order to make place for a nightclub, replete with dance floor and DJ booth.
He transformed two of the bedrooms, one into a massage parlor and the other into a hair shop.
His logo was prominently displayed everywhere. Prince placed a black carpet and painted the walls purple in the master bedroom.
Boozer, who was furious, tried to contact Prince to express his displeasure about the changes.
Prince did not answer any calls for two months since he was on tour in Japan at the time.
After two months, Prince finally got in touch, apologized, and sent a $500,000 deposit with the assurance that his crew would restore the house to its original condition by the time his lease expired but only after Boozer threatened to sue.
Indeed, all the symbols were gone when Prince finally left the home. They repaired the carpets.
The nightclub was transformed back into a gym. Boozer wired Prince the $500k deposit back.
Boozer discovered images of the estate on the record's cover and interior artwork when he picked up a copy of "3121," the album Prince had been working on while residing there.

Paisley Park

In order to self-produce and create his music, Prince established his own record labels, Paisley Park Records and NPG Records, in 1985.
In addition, there is a real place called Paisley Park, a massive 65,000 square foot recording studio where Prince lived and worked in Chanhassen, Minnesota, not far from Minneapolis.
The architecture company BOTO Design created the studio. September 11, 1987 saw the formal opening of Paisley Park. There were two live music venues there that Prince used for practice.
Prince continued to live and work at Paisley Park Studios after the Paisley Park record company went out of business in 1994, frequently throwing expensive parties for other musicians and performers.
On April 21, 2016, Prince's body was tragically discovered in the elevator at Paisley Park. It had been his ambition to turn the estate into a popular tourist destination, similar to Graceland, before he passed away. Paisley Park tours started in October 2016.
The excursions were organized by Graceland Holdings, the same business that runs Graceland.
The tours feature hundreds of objects from Prince's personal archives, including his apparel, trophies, instruments, rare recordings, automobiles, and motorbikes.
They also contain the recording studios where Prince worked and the sound stages where he practiced.
The remains of Prince were once on display in an urn outside the park's main entrance, but they have since been transferred and are now kept in an underground vault along with unreleased music and top-secret tunes.

Top 8 Interesting Facts About Prince

Prince Smiling
Prince Smiling
  • He was born with the regal name Prince Rogers Nelson, despite the fact that it sounds like a stage name.
  • Prince said in an interview that he was born with an epilepsy disorder and that as a youngster, he experienced seizures.
  • Because of his diminutive stature, he wore high heels.
  • It's interesting to note that Michael Jackson and Prince weren't buddies.
  • Stevie Nicks to sing "Purple Rain" was his preference.
  • Basketball Player He Was Talented
  • He produced the most of his hits in his hometown.
  • He was infamous for placing strange food orders.
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People Also Ask

Who Inherited Prince's Money?

Three of Prince's eldest siblings will each receive a portion of the inheritance, along with Primary Wave, an independent music publishing and talent management organization that bought the younger siblings' shares.

What Is Prince Most Known For?

Prince was a multi-talented musician from the United States who also played piano, percussion, and bass.
He was a unique composer who was able to play nearly every instrument he needed on a professional level.

What Made Prince Unique?

Prince's music. With his songs and the renowned "Minneapolis Sound," Prince launched his remarkable career and released his debut album, For You, in 1978. What set him apart was his fusion of pop, new wave, and rock music.


Price is regarded as one of the best artists of his age and has sold millions of records. Prince, who has won seven Grammys, a Golden Globe, and an Oscar, is arguably the most awarded artist of all time.
Prince played the most, if not all, of the instruments on his recordings by himself, and he also produced his own records.
One of the best-selling solo musicians of all time, Prince has sold more than 150 million records to date.
Prince was able to accomplish nearly every notable feat a musician could hope for throughout his career.
The Grammy President's Merit Award, the Billboard Icon Award, and the American Music Awards for Achievement and Merit were among his top accolades.
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