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Portal Sesis-An Online Tool That Helps Educators Complete Special Education Workflow From Referral To IEP

The New York City Department of Education's Special Education Student Information System Project In this brown bag session, we'll show you how to use Portal Sesis associated service documentation.

Mar 27, 202235 Shares766 Views
The New York City Department of Education's Special Education Student Information System Project. In this brown-bag session, we'll show you how to use Portal Sesisassociated service documentation. This portal sesis feature will also be shown in the SESIS training environment. On the SESIS website, you may find detailed training and reference resources for student caseload and encounter attendance, including Aids to the job, Placemats, etc.

Portal Sesis Stands For

SESIS (Student Data System in Education) might be a web-based solution. It aids school employees and other service providers in managing the educational process for kindergarten to age-21 collegestudents.
Screenshot of the Portal Sesis education website with a girl and a boy
Screenshot of the Portal Sesis education website with a girl and a boy

Portal Sesis Login

Users may now access the sesis login site by following the instructions outlined below on their computers:
To access SESIS, click the "Sign In" catch at the end.
In the Password area, type your SESIS secret key, keeping in mind that the key phrase is case-sensitive.
Then, in the indicated field "the central user ID," type in the SESIS user ID. central/leap7, G.
Then, in the main area, enter your school/district ID.
In the login structure now, there are three empty fields. (School/District ID, User ID, and Password, for example).
Then, on the page that displays on the screen, look for the SESIS login area.
To begin, open your computer's web browser and go to the SESIS login page (or sesis.nycenet.edu clickable LINK).

Portal Sesis Account

SESIS (Special Education Student Information System) is a student information system for special education students. A web-based program that aids teachers in managing and educating kids with disabilities or special needs. A program for pupils who have particular learning needs or limitations. The New York City Department of Education created this. SESIS is an online education system that helps users complete special education procedures.
It helps everyone in the system communicate with each other, including teachers, students, psychologists, and other service providers who are part of the program. In a world like ours, education is almost a necessity for anyone's fundamental existence. That's why SESIS has created: a system for efficiently designing and managing courses for students with one or more learning disabilities.

Portal Sesis Online

A virtual classroom An internal communication system that aids in the transmission of student information and data. Integration with email services such as Outlook and others. When you use SEIS's platform, you can send messages to other email accounts. It also allows students' information to be accessed by staff or other service providers. Tools for generating reports Managing and arranging lessons is simpler with these tools. Visit the New York City Department of Education's homepage to learn more about how SESIS works.


The NYSED's Office of Special Education established the Regional Special Education Technical Assistance Support Center network portal sesis to provide targeted technical assistance and professional development to school districts in order to improve instructional practices and outcomes for students with disabilities.
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