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Omar Epps Net Worth In 2022 - Get Personal With Omar Epps

What is Omar Epps net worth? Omar Epps is considered one of the best Amerian actor, rapper, and a songwriter. As of 2022, his net worth is $20M.

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Omar Epps Net Worth- Omar Epps is considered one of the best American actors, rappers, and songwriters. He was born on July 20, 1973 in Brooklyn, New York, United States. Omar is 49 years of age now, has a height of 1.79m, weight of 78 kg, his religion is Muslim, and has an American nationality. As of 2022, Omar Epps's net worth is estimated at $20 million.

Omar Epps Early Life

After he started his acting career, he was attached to a rap group named Wolfpack that he formed with his cousin in 1991. Moreover, When he was ten years of age, he began to write poetry, stories, and songs and attended the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts.
Omar Epps wearing a black suit and Keisha Spivey wearing a black lace dress
Omar Epps wearing a black suit and Keisha Spivey wearing a black lace dress

Omar Epps Career

Right on time in Omar Epps' profession, he was regularly projected in grieved teenagers and competitors' jobs. He made his component movie debut with rapper Tupac Shakur as the star of cinematographer Ernest Dickerson's executive film debut Juice.
Epps followed up his exhibition in Juice to run back in the school football dramatization The Program close by James Caan. In the film Deadly Voyage, Epps featured and won the best entertainer grant at the Monte Carlo Television Festival for depicting Kingsley Ofusu in this evident anecdote about African stowaways.
The next year, he changed to baseball as the co-star of Major League II, assuming control over Willie Mays Hayes' job from originator Wesley Snipes. His next athletic undertaking was playing an Olympic-style events star in John Singleton's Higher Learning, a gander at school life's legislative issues and racial pressures.
Epps handled a job on the hit TV show ER for a few scenes depicting Dr. Dennis Gant, an upset careful understudy. After his TV chip away at ER, Epps returned to the big screen in 1997 with a concise turn as an overjoyed moviegoer out on the town with a lady played by Jada Pinkett. The latter winds up an early casualty of a psycho slasher in the blockbuster continuation Scream 2.

Omar Epps Talks "Juice"

Omar Epps Wife

In 1996, Epps started dating Keisha Spivey from the R&B bunch Total. Omar married Keisha in 2005. They have three youngsters, a little girl K'mari Mae and a child Amir. He likewise has a girl, Aiyanna, from a past relationship. He is conversant in Spanish and French.
Epps and entertainer/joke artist Marlon Wayans are long-term companions and secondary school colleagues at LaGuardia High, graduating in 1990. The 1997−1999 signature tune utilized for the sitcom The Wayans Brothers was co-delivered by Epps, with Marlon and Shawn Wayans.

People Also Ask

How Much Did Omar Epps Get Paid For House?

Epps has been making $175,000 in every episode of House.

Is Omar Epps And Keisha Epps Still Married?

Yes, they are still married. In 2006, Epps married singer Keisha Spivey of the R&B group Total. K'mari Mae is their daughter, while Amir is their son. He also has a daughter from a previous relationship, Aiyanna.

Are Omar And Mike Epps Brothers?

Mike and Omar are cousins, they're not the brothers. Mike is unmistakably funny, the type of guy who has made the most of anything Hollywood has thrown at him.


Omar Epps consistently donates to numerous of his favorite charities. He is a member of RepresentUs' cultural council and an advocate. The non-profit group works to pass anti-corruption legislation in the US. Epps is in favor of reforming the American criminal justice system and he narrated an educational film for an organization that supports those changes in 2020.
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