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Monty Lopez – Awesome Things About Addison Rae’s Father

Monty Lopez is most known for being the father of Addison Rae, a TikTok celebrity. He became a TikTok celebrity as well after creating an account in late 2019.

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Monty Lopezis more popularly known as the father of TikTok celebrity Addison Rae.
In 2019, he joined TikTok and eventually gained a huge following.
On Instagram, ss of this writing, he has 307,000 followers.
He is also maintains another TikTok account (@theraefamily) intended for the entire family.
Monty Lopez joined the talent agency WME in 2020, along with his other family members. Before deciding to pursue a career in social media, he has been working in the real estate industry for a long time now.

Monty Lopez Age

Monty Lopez was born on November 24, 1975 and will turn 47 this year.
His zodiac sign is Sagitarius.

Monty Lopez Ethnicity

Monty's roots can be traced from a Latin ethnic group.
He is a Christian.

Monty Lopez Tiktok

Monty Lopez is a well-known social media personality in the United States.
He is the father of TikTok star (88.7 million followers!) Addison Rae.
Though not as huge, Monty (@montyjlopez) also has an impressive number of followers on TikTok. As of this writing, he has now 5.4 million followers.
Monty works as a social media content developer and entrepreneur.
He is a dedicated and diligent individual. He possesses all of the attributes that a leader should have. He has served as a mentor to his children, encouraging them to pursue their passions and to further develop their talents.
In January 2020, he joined the talent agency WME (William Morris Endeavor).
His TikTok account already received more than 113.8 million likes.
Along with his wife and children, he frequently appears in Addison Rae's TikTok videos.
In his own TikTok videos, Monty can be seen collaborating with other TikTok stars.
One of these stars is Marc D'Amelio, the father of Charli D'Amelio. She is also a huge TikTok celebrity (141.1 million followers!) like Addison Rae.
The two fathers collbaborated in Janaury 2019 while both in New York.
In addition to TikTok, Monty is also active on Instagram and YouTube.
Compared to his daughter's 4.55 million YouTube followers, Monty's eponymous YouTube channel only has 3,005 subscribers.

Monty Lopez Job

Monty has worked as a general manager and an entrepreneur before joining Tiktok.
In 2007, he became the general manager of Atchalaya Homes in New Liberia, Louisiana.
Monty left the company after more than five years and joined Oak Creek Homes in January 2013. Then he partnered with Clayton Homes in 2014.
He also did brand endorsements for various companies, including Banh Energy, Walmart, and Yogurtland, to name a few.
Monty's earnings come from his work as an entrpreneur as well as from his social media activities.
His net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Monty Lopez Height

The TikTok star and entrepreneur stands 5 feet, 10 inches tall and weighs approximately 88 kilograms (194 lbs).
His body measurements are 44-32-38. He is a chubby man, with fair complexion, dark brown eyes, and black hair.
Monty Lopez and Addison Rae outside a store in Los Angeles
Monty Lopez and Addison Rae outside a store in Los Angeles
Monty Lopez only began using social media in 2017, when he created accounts on Twitter and Instagram.
His enormous fame, which expanded by leaps and bounds, saw him branch out to a variety of other social media platforms.
Monty Lopez gradually established himself in Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Now he earns lots of money from being a social media personality.
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