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Mick Jagger - $500 Million Net Worth, His Majesty, The Sex Symbol Of Rock


English singer, songwriter, actor, and producer Mick Jagger is also known as Sir Michael Philip Jagger.

Mick Jagger net worth is $500 million. The Rolling Stones' primary singer from the group's inception in the early 1960s, Mick Jagger is most recognized for this role.

The Stones have sold more than 200 million albums worldwide as of this writing. Even now, the band still performs almost yearly tours.

When the group tours, it may rank among the top musical acts in the world in terms of revenue. For instance, the band made $117 million in 2018 from only 14 gigs.

Top 7 Quick Facts About Mick Jagger

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NameMick Jagger
Date Of Birth Jul 26, 1943
Height5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
ProfessionSinger, Musician, Record producer, Songwriter, Actor, Film Producer, Film Score Composer, Screenwriter
Net Worth$500 Million

Mick Jagger Personal Life

Mick Jagger Smiling
Mick Jagger Smiling

Jagger has had a number of other partnerships in addition to one marriage, multiple divorces, and marriages.

His first great-grandchild was born on May 19, 2014, and he is the father of eight children by five women. He also has five grandkids.

Jagger had a relationship with Marsha Hunt from 1969 to 1970 despite the fact that Hunt was already married to another man.

From 1966 to 1970, Jagger dated English singer and actress Marianne Faithfull. In 1970, he then met Bianca Perez-Mora Macias, and on May 12, 1971, they were married in Saint-Tropez, France.

The marriage split up in 1977, and Perez-Mora Macias filed for divorce in May 1978, blaming Jagger's infidelity (he had an affair with Playboy model Bebe Buell from 1974 to 1976).

After that, Jagger started dating the model Jerry Hall in 1977. On November 21, 1990, the pair had an impromptu wedding ceremony in Bali, Indonesia.

In the course of his engagement with Hall, Jagger once again engaged in several relationships, this time with Brazilian model Luciana Gimenez Morad and Carla Bruni, who would eventually become the First Lady of France.

Jagger and fashion designer L'Wren Scott had a relationship that lasted from 2001 till her demise in 2014.

Jagger created the L'Wren Scott scholarship at Central Saint Martins College in London after her passing.

Jagger received Scott's whole estate, which is said to be worth $9 million. Jagger and American dancer Melanie Hamrick have been dating since 2014.

Mick Jagger Career

Mick Jagger Singing
Mick Jagger Singing

Some of the band's best singles were written by Jagger and Richards together. One of the most significant front men in the annals of rock and roll is Mick Jagger.

In 1962, Jagger and The Rolling Stones landed their first legitimate gig. By 1963, they had "found their stride" and were well-established as a credible band in the music business.

The Rolling Stones led the British Invasion in the 1960s because they resonated with the counterculture's young and rebellious spirit.

The Rolling Stones helped make blues a significant component of rock & roll, and their influence has persisted through decades.

Over the course of their lengthy history, The Rolling Stones have published over 100 records, including 30 studio albums, and have played more than 2000 performances all over the world.

The Stones earned more than $1.5 billion in total gross income between 1989 and 2001, claims Fortune.

Solo Career

In the 1980s, Jagger embarked on a solo career while also touring and recording with The Rolling Stones.

On February 19, 1985, his first solo album, "She's the Boss," was made available. In the same time frame, he worked with the Jackson family, singing lead on "State of Shock" with Michael Jackson.

Although "Primitive Cool," his second solo album, received favorable reviews upon release in 1987, it was a commercial flop.

In 1992, he released "Wandering Spirit," his third solo album, as a follow-up to these endeavors. Goddess in the Doorway, his fourth solo album, was released in 2001.

Jagger said in May 2011 that he has started a brand-new supergroup called SuperHeavy with Dave Stewart, Joss Stone, Damian Marley, and A.R. Rahman.

The group's inspiration for its releases that year one album and two singles was to combine the musical genres of various performers.

Acting Career

Jagger had the lead parts in the 1968 films "Performance" and "Ned Kelly" (1970). He missed out on various possibilities due to schedule issues, including "Fitzcarraldo" (1982).

In 1995, he and Victoria Pearman created Jagged Films, which debuted in 2001 with the World War II thriller "Enigma." Jagged Films created the Jagger-focused documentary "Being Mick" in 2001.

Mick Jagger Top 4 Albums And Sales

Mick Jagger Waving
Mick Jagger Waving

Over 3,140,721 records by Mick Jagger were sold, including 1,500,000 in the US and 120,000 in the UK. She's The Boss by Mick Jagger, with over 1,574,121 copies sold, is the artist's best-selling album.

SHE`S THE BOSS (1985)1,574,121
WANDERING SPIRIT (1993)1,187,830
PRIMITIVE COOL (1987)100,190

Mick Jagger Top 7 Songs

Along with his Glimmer Twin Keith Richards, Mick Jagger is the mysterious frontman and lead vocalist of The Rolling Stones, and he has a reputation for never disappointing onstage or in the recording studio.

Despite his excellent performance, the songs he co-wrote with Richards are sometimes dismissed as filler music. They are completely mistaken.

Gimme Shelter

The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter (Lyrics)

Sympathy For The Devil

The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil (Official Lyric Video)

Jumpin’ Jack Flash

The Rolling Stones - Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Official Lyric Video)

Wild Horses

The Rolling Stones - Wild Horses (Lyrics)

She’s A Rainbow

The Rolling Stones - She's A Rainbow (Official Lyric Video)

Beast Of Burden

The Rolling Stones - Beast of Burden Lyrics

Start Me Up

Start Me Up Lyrics

Mick Jagger Net Worth

An English singer, songwriter, actor, and producer by the name of Mick Jagger goes by the stage and film names Sir Michael Philip Jagger.

According to estimates, Mick Jagger is worth $500 million. Mick Jagger, the band's main vocalist, has been a member of the group since its formation in the early 1960s.

As of this writing, The Stones have sold more than 200 million albums worldwide. Almost every year, the band still performs on a regular basis.

The band has the potential to be one of the most successful in the music business when they go on tour. For instance, the band performed only 14 shows in 2018 and earned $117 million.

Mick Jagger Lifestyle

Mick Jagger On Stage
Mick Jagger On Stage

Real Estate

Mick Jagger is the owner of a very valuable real estate portfolio, which is maybe not unexpected.

Mick reportedly has properties worth $250 million worldwide, according to a 2013 Telegraph piece.

He has a number of expensive residences in New York and London that he uses for himself and his family.

He actually rents out a six-room oceanfront home on the exclusive island of Mustique for a cool $30,000 per week if you're interested.

This is just one famous example in his portfolio. He also rents out his second property, which is a gated country club residence on Mustique, for $11,000 a week.

In the south of France, Mick is the owner of a castle. Mick purchased the old Hampshire home Stargroves, where The Stones recorded in the 1970s, while on an acid trip, according to his memoirs.

The house only cost 55,000 pounds and was in disrepair at the time after years of neglect.

For 200,000 pounds, he sold the estate to a businessman in 1979. Rod Stewart spent 2.5 million pounds for a home in 1998.

In 2012, Stewart sold the home for 15 million pounds to a member of the narcotics-rich Sackler family.

Car Collection

Mick has always had a passion for cars, and his garage is home to some amazing vehicles.

The seasoned performer is the happy owner of various gorgeous Mercedes and Rolls-Royce automobiles. Let's take a look at a few of Mick Jagger's vehicles.

  • Mercedes S550
  • Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III
  • Aston Martin DB6

Mick Jagger Top 10 Interesting Facts

  • In 1964, he and the Rolling Stones entered the British music charts for the first time with a version of "It's All Over Now" by The Valentinos. They released their self-titled first album in the same year.
  • Despite continuing to perform with the Rolling Stones, he launched his own career in 1985 with the publication of "She's The Boss," his first solo album.
  • He and his band were honored with induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1989.
  • He received a knighthood in recognition of his outstanding contributions to popular music. On December 12, 2003, Prince Charles knighted him.
  • Along with his singing career, he also had several acting roles, most notably in 1970's In Performance and 1970's Ned Kelly, an Australian bushranger.
  • Jagger and Victoria Pearman established the Jagged Films in 1995. In 2001, the company created the documentary Being Mick.
  • The 2010 hit song "Movements Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 is about Jagger's renowned dancing moves. Jagger personally acknowledged the tune and considered the idea "quite nice."
  • Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, both co-founders of the Rolling Stones, were classmates at Wentworth Primary School in Dartford. The two lost touch while they attended separate schools, but they were reunited in 1960 thanks to a fortuitous meeting at a Dartford train station.
  • News of Jagger's impending eighth kid came only a few days before his 73rd birthday. He is now dating Melanie Hamrick, a 29-year-old dancer.
  • He has been nominated for 16 Grammy Awards as a solo artist and as the frontman of the Rolling Stones, and he has won twice (Best Rock Album for "Voodoo Lounge," 1994; Best Music Video for "Love is Strong," 1994).

Mick Jagger's Lifestyle 2022 | Net Worth, Fortune, Car Collection, Mansion...

People Also Ask

Who Is The Richest Member Of The Rolling Stones?

In addition to being the main vocalist of The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger is also a record producer and performer who has won Golden Globe and Emmy Awards.

He is regarded as one of the most influential singers of the last 50 years. It's estimated that Mick Jagger is worth $500 million.

What Property Does Mick Jagger Own?

In 2020, while plans for a return tour were being discussed, Jagger bought the four-bedroom, six-bathroom home.

He had spent the previous year recuperating from heart surgery. The residence is more than 5,700 square feet large and is situated in Lakewood Ranch, a guard-gated enclave near Sarasota.

Who Is Mick Jagger's Best Friend?

The leader of the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, has said that he is still processing the devastating loss of his closest friend and lover, L'Wren Scott.

The distraught artist revealed today that he is "still finding it hard to comprehend how my dearest friend and lover could terminate her life in such a horrible manner."

Who Is Richer Mick Jagger Or Keith Richards?

Together with Keith Richards, Mick Jagger is one of the wealthier members of The Rolling Stones. In 2022, Mick Jagger will have a $500 million net worth.


As the main singer and original member of the Rolling Stones, Sir Michael Philip Jagger is an English singer, songwriter, actor, and film producer.

One of the greatest songwriting partnerships in history was his with Keith Richards. One of the most well-known and significant frontmen in rock and roll history, Jagger's career spanned six decades.

The Rolling Stones have been known for their intense live performances, unique voices, and Richards' guitar playing throughout their whole career.

Jagger was usually referred to be a countercultural icon and attracted media attention for his intimate relationships and usage of illegal substances.

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