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Megan Everett Net Worth - $1.5 Million, Relationship With Stellan Skarsgård, Children And More


Megan Everett is the Irish screenwriter and producer who started cultivating enthusiasm for screenplay while in high school.

While still in high school, she attended summer classes at the University of Southern California to hone her writing abilities, and once she graduated from college, she worked for advertising firms and a seasoned copywriter.

Megan joined up with groups that would help her enhance her screenwriting talents and shortly after she quit copywriting, she began writing documentaries, films, and novels.

The impassioned writer is best recognized for her book - a children’s tale - Banned from the Zoo which was released in September 2017.

She is also renowned for making Swedish documentaries such as Behind the Scenes: The Filming of Bye.

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She has also authored a handful of Swedish sci-fi movies. It was in the making of one of her documentaries that she met the screen god - who would eventually become her husband. Here is everything you need to know about Megan Everett net worth.

Megan Everett – Bio

Megan Everett
Megan Everett

It is uncertain if Megan Everett was born in Ohio or Ireland since several sources provide different birthplace suggestions.

Her birthday, which is listed as March 3rd, 1976, is the only item that is known for sure.

She may have had siblings, but her parents' identities are unknown. Her early years, family history, and educational background are likewise little understood.

Megan was interested in writing when she was a senior in high school in addition to her core studies.

Later, she would use that flair as her profession. She studied writing as a part-time subject in high school due to her passion in it, and when she entered college, she majored in it.

Megan Everett's college of graduation is unknown, however it is known that she took part-time classes at the University of Southern California.

She traveled to Ireland after finishing college and started looking for experience in the writing industry there.

She first signed up for Fastnet Films, a firm that creates videos, with the intention of honing her writing abilities.

She then started working for advertising firms, the majority of which were large brands. She was employed by renowned Irish advertising firm DDB Worldwide.

There, she was given once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with well-known companies like Carlsberg and Volkswagen.

Before switching to screenwriting, she also received practical instruction in copywriting. After moving to Sweden, she started writing and making movies and documentaries.

Behind The Scenes: The Filming of Bye was a documentary that served as Megan Everett's first appearance in a Swedish film.

The documentary described the process of making the well-known dancing film Bye. Stellan Skarsgrd, a well-known Swedish and Hollywood actor, was a member of the cast.

She joined the Knight Hall Agency literary group in London the following year. Her debut book, Banned From The Zoo, was inspired by this organization and was published in 2017.

Following this book, the Irish producer's focus was solely on screenplay. She is now known for writing the scripts for many sci-fi Swedish movies.

Facts About Stellan Skarsgård’s Wife And Film Producer

Megan Everett And Her Husband Posing
Megan Everett And Her Husband Posing

It is fair to assume that Megan Everett has a large family. She is the second spouse of Stellan Skarsgrd, a well-known Swedish actor who is well-known not just in Hollywood but also outside of it. The pair began dating in 2008 and were wed in May 2009 after around a year of dating.

Stellan Skarsgrd previously wed a doctor named My Skarsgrd, with whom he had six children (five sons and a daughter).

The majority of Stellan's offspring from his first marriage are well-known actors and actresses.

They include Valter Skarsgrd (born in 1992), Gustaf Skarsgrd (born in 1980), Sam Skarsgrd (born in 1982), and more (born in 1995).

Since 1972, Stellan Skarsgrd has been engaged in the profession of reality recreation. He is Swedish by birth and has appeared in more than 100 films and 30 television shows.

The successful actor has won several accolades, including the Boldin Awards and the Berlin International Film Festival, among others.

He has appeared in a number of well-known films, including Thor, Angels and Demons, and Avengers.

On the other side, Megan Everett is the mother of Ossian and Kolbjörn, two sons she shares with Stellan Skarsgrd.

It has been noted that the whole family gets along despite its size. With a family structure like theirs, Megan is reportedly close to her stepchildren and also gets along well with her husband's ex-wife. Megan now resides with her spouse and two kids.

Net Worth

Megan Everett And Her Husband Photoshoot
Megan Everett And Her Husband Photoshoot

It is not surprising that Megan Everett has a sizable net worth given her dedication to her job as a producer and screenwriter and the fact that she is the wife of a well-known actor.

Her projected net worth in 2022 was $1.5 million. Her annual and monthly salaries, however, remain unknown.

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People Also Ask

Who Is Megan Everett?

Megan Everett, a well-known screenwriter and producer, was born on March 3, 1976, in Ohio. She also identifies as American and is of white heritage.

Other than this, there is little information available regarding her early years, family history, or upbringing. Pisces is her zodiac sign.

Everett has a degree from a university. However, details regarding the university and institution she attended are remain a secret. Everett grew up with a strong passion for movies and scriptwriting.

Later, a summer program run by the University of Southern California taught her the fundamentals of screenwriting. The Script Factory in Ireland helped Everett develop her screenplay abilities.

Is Megan Everett Married?

Stellan Skarsgrd, a well-known Hollywood actor, was Megan Everett's husband. On January 12, 2009, the couple exchanged vows.

Megan and Stellan have two children together as a result of their marriage. First, on April 26, 2009, Megan gave birth to their son, Ossian Skarsgrd, at the age of 33.

On August 24, 2012, Megan gave birth to their second child, a boy named Kolbjorn Skarsgard, at the age of 36.

Not to add, there have been no rumors of a divorce or difficulties between the husband and wife, who are all enjoying happily married lives with their kids.

In actuality, Megan is Stellan's second spouse. Skarsgard has five boys and a daughter from his former marriage to My Skarsgrd, a doctor and actor.

Alexander Skarsgard, Gustaf Skarsgard, Sam Skarsgard, Bill Skarsgard, Eija Skarsgard, and Valter Skarsgard are his children.

Alexander was born in 1976; Gustaf in 1980; Sam in 1982; Bill in 1990; and Valter in 1992. (born in 1995).

How Much Is Megan Everett’s Net Worth?

The estimated $1 million net worth of Megan Everett. She had a thriving career as a scriptwriter, which contributed to her substantial income.

Besides scripting, she has also produced a few of movies from where she adds some amount of money to her net worth.

Similar to that, Everett also released a successful book of her own. However, as of 2019, Stellen Skarsgard, her spouse, has a net worth of almost $40 million. Not to add, he was a very wealthy man thanks to his work as an accomplished actor.

Alongside Linda Cardellini, Skarsgard has starred in blockbuster Hollywood films including The Avengers and The Pirates of the Caribbean. He undoubtedly made a sizable chunk of money from these lucrative films.

What Is Meghan Everett Career?

By joining the development team of "Fastnet Films," a video production company in Dublin, Ireland, Megan Everett began her career as a screenwriter. She then became a copywriter for the renowned advertising agency DDB Worldwide.

After gaining some experience, Everett financed the 2013 Swedish dance documentary "Behind the Scenes: The Filming of Bye" and joined the production.

She also worked on the film version of the same-titled book by Stig Dagerman, "German Autumn."

The children's book "Banned from the Zoo," written by Everett, was released in September 2017.

She reportedly began writing screenplays full-time and contributed to a number of well-known sci-fi television shows in Sweden. Everett is now employed by the Swedish entertainment sector.


Megan Everett And Her Husband And Kids
Megan Everett And Her Husband And Kids

There are no specifics regarding Megan's home, vehicles, or other things since she keeps her personal information very low-key.

With her enormous net worth and earnings, she seems to be living life to the fullest with her family.

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