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Mathew Thomas Clemence Net Worth - Youngest Son Of Phil Collins


Mathew is the son of Philip David Charles Collins, a singer and musician, and his wife, Orianne Cevey. He has four brothers and sisters: Lily, Nick, Joely, and Simon. Many are wondering about Mathew Thomas Clemence net worth.

Orianne designs jewelry in Switzerland, and his father, Phil Collins, is an English drummer, musician, and actor. In 1999, when they got married, Phil was 48 and Orianne was 25. This was his third wedding.

Who Is Mathew Thomas Clemence?

Mathew Clemence is Phil Collins's son. His full name is Mathew Thomas Clemence. Phil Collins, Mathew Thomas Clemence's father, is a drummer, singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor in the English entertainment industry.

Phil Collins, an English drummer, writer, record producer, and entertainer, is the father of Mathew Thomas Clemence. Phil is known for being one of the best drummers of his time and for being the main musician in the band "Genesis." Phil Collins was also well-known for his music career.

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The musician Phil Collins and his wife, Orianne Cevey, are the parents of their son, Mathew Thomas Clemence. He was born on December 1st, 2004, in the city of London, which is located in the county of Greater London in the country of England.

Mathew will turn 18 years old in the year 2022. He does not have any siblings of his own; his other siblings are named Lily Collins, Nicholas Collins, Simon Collins, and Joely Collins. He is not the sole child of his parents.

Mathew Orianne Cevey, the mother of Thomas Clemence, is a Swiss jewelry designer. She is most known for her high-profile marriage to the famous English musician and actor Phil Collins. Thomas Clemence is the son of Orianne Cevey. In contrast to his father, Mathew pursued a career in the visual arts and sports.

NameMathew Thomas Clemence
BirthdayDecember 1, 2004
MotherOrianne Cevey
FatherPhil Collins

Mathew Thomas Clemence’s Parents And Their Marriage

Phil Collins wearing jacket and Orianne Cevey wearing black dress
Phil Collins wearing jacket and Orianne Cevey wearing black dress

Collins married 22-year-old Swiss translator Orianne Cevey in 1999. Matthew Collins' mother is his father's third wife. Orianne, Mathew Thomas Clemence's mother, dated investment banker Charles Fouad Mejjati before their divorce.

After the divorce, she married Charles. March 2011 brought Orianne and Charles their first child, Andrea Ryan Kylian. In 2017, she divorced Charles, too.

Matthew Collins' father Phil has three divorces. He married Canadian Andrea Bertorelli from 1975 to 1980. Genesis' 1974 Vancouver performance reunited them after 11 years in a London drama class. Phil adopted Joely after marrying Bertorelli in England at 24. Simon Collins, their son,

Phil married American Jill Tavelman in 1984. Their daughter is Lily Collins. In 1992, Collins had two affairs with Lavinia Lang, a drama school classmate, while traveling with Genesis.

After their divorce, Mathew Thomas Clemence's mother Cevey was treated for a neck slipped disc in 2014. Surgery replaced her injured disc with a prosthesis. Orianne complained to the hospital after the surgery left her paralyzed.

Orianne was paralyzed after surgery due to Brown-Sequard syndrome. She walked with a cane after months of rehabilitation. Orianne and Phil, Mathew Thomas Clemence's parents, reunited and moved home with their sons in January 2016.

Phil said he regrets breaking up with Orianne and is glad she's back. Orianne said she never stopped loving Phil and that it took her a while to understand he was her life. She even suggested remarrying!

At a press conference in October 2017, Orianne and Phil pledged to improve their organization, Little Dreams Foundation. Nicholas Grev Austin and Mathew Thomas Clemence live with them in Miami. Orianne, his mother, operates a jewelry website for women, men, and children.

Nicholas Clemence, Mathew Thomas's brother, plays drums for Genesis, his father's band. Phil Collins can no longer play drums due to health issues.

Mathew Thomas Clemence Net Worth

At the time, it was impossible to provide an accurate estimate of Mathew Thomas Clemence's net worth. In spite of this, it is believed that his father, Phil Collins, has a net worth of approximately $300 million at the present time.

People Also Ask

Who Is Mathew Thomas Clemence Father?

Phil Collins, whose full name is Philip David Charles Collins, was born and raised in West London. He started his career in entertainment at a young age. He started playing the drums when he was 5 and went to drama school when he was a young child. At age 13, he played the Artful Dodger in the London play "Oliver!" on the West End.

Who Is Mathew Thomas Clemence Mother?

Mathew's mom is named Orianne Olga Cevey. After going out for a long time, his parents got married in 1999. When Orianne and Phil got married, Orianne was 25 years old and Phil was 48. In 2008, they got a divorce. Notably, Mathew Thomas's mother married Charles Fouad Mejjati soon after the divorce.

Is Lily Collins A Sibling Of Mathew Thomas Clemence?

Lilly was Jane Collins a British-American actress, model, and the wife of director and writer Charlie McDowell. She is the older half-sister of Matthew Collins. She was born in 1989, and in the early 1990s, when she was just 2 years old, she got her start in show business on Growing Pains.


The youngest son of Phil Collins was born on December 1, 2004. His name is Matthew Collins. His father, Phil, had been married three times, and Matthew's mother, Orianne Cevey, who was from Switzerland, was Phil's third wife. They were married from 1999 to 2006 when they split up. So, he prefers sports to music. Now you know Mathew Thomas Clemence net worth.

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