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Mary Barra Net Worth 2022 – Birthday, Husband, Kids, CEO And Salary

What is Mary Barra worth? Mary Barra is one of a few highly successful American businesswomen. As of 2022, her net worth is $70 million.

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Mary Barra net worthis $70 million in 2022, making her one of the richest American women.
Barra is also a highly successful businesswomen.
She is currently serving as CEO and chairwoman of General Motors.

Mary Barra Early Life

Marry Barra was born on 24th December 1961 in Royal Oak, Michigan. Mary’s grandfather Viktor Makela had moved to the USA and married Maria Luoma. Her father, Ray, was married to a Finnish American woman, “Eva Pyykkonen.” Mary went to the Waterford Schools in Michigan, and then she graduated from Waterford Mott High School.

Mary Barra Career

Barra had joined General Motors as a co-op student in 1980 when she was only 18 years old. She used to inspect hoods and check fender panels to earn money for her collegeeducation. She held many administrative and engineering positions in General Motors during her career.
She became vice president of Global Manufacturing Engineering in February 2008. Mary became vice president of Global Human Resources in July 2009, and then she became executive vice president of Global Product Development in 2001. Mary became the chief executive of General Motors at the beginning of 2014. Her services as the CEO of General Motors played a crucial role in making this company more successful worldwide. She was also elected to the board of Disney in 2017, and she is the fourth woman to be elected to the board of Disney.

Listen in as we chat with GM CEO Mary Barra | 2017 Detroit Auto Show

Mary Barra Personal Life

Mary met Tony Barra (her husband) during her college days at Kettering University. He is a consultant. They have two children, along with two dogs. Mary and her husband live in Northville, Detroit. Pontiac Firebird and Chevrolet Camaro are Mary’s favorite cars, and she can also speak Finnish.

Mary Barra Awards And Honors

Forbes listed Mary as 35th Forbes Most Powerful Women in 2013, and she was ranked second on the Forbes Most Powerful Women list in 2018. She was chosen for delivering the commencement address for the University of Michigan in May 2014. Barra has also received a Doctorate from Duke University in 2018.
She was listed first as Fortune’s Most Powerful Women in 2015, and her position remained the same until 2017. Mary has been honored several times in her career. The most significant event occurred in her life when she joined a business forum assembled by Donald Trump, “The US President.” She was awarded the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute’s Legend in Leadership Award in 2018.

Mary Barra Occupation

Marry Barra currently holds the position of Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer in the General Motors Company. She is also Disney’s board member and a member of the Board of trustees at Stanford University.

Mary Barra Education

Mary Barra has completed a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Kettering University (a General Motor Institute). She later studied at the Stanford Graduate School of Business after receiving a fellowship from General Motors. She completed her Masters's in Business Administration degree in 1990 from Stanford University.

Mary Barra Born

Mary was born on December 24, 1961, in Waterford, Michigan, the United States, and her birth name is Mary Teresa Barra.

Mary Barra Birthday

Mary celebrates her birthday just a day before Christmas on 24th December every year.

Mary Barra Age

Mary Barra is a 59 years old businesswoman from America.

Mary Barra Height

We could not find any information regarding Mary Barra’s height.

Mary Barra Husband

Anthony E. Barra is also known as Tony Barra. He is the proud husband of Mary Barra. They were both met in the General Motors Institute, and they got married shortly after studying together. Tony is an engineering consultant. Currently, Tony is serving as an Affiliate Partner at POCO Labs, LLC. He has also served as president of Filament Consulting. Tony is a successful businessman and enjoying a happy married life since 1985.

Mary Barra Children

Mary has two children, Nicholas Barra is her son, and Rachel Barra is her daughter.

Mary Barra Family

Barra was born in a Finnish American family. Her grandfather had moved to the USA and married another Finnish immigrant. Reino was Mary’s father, which was also known as Ray. Her father and mother both had Finnish descent, and her father worked at the Pontiac car factory for 39 years in Detroit. Her mother was a housewife.

Mary Barra Siblings

Mary Barra has a brother, Paul Makela, who is currently working as the Director of Gynecological Robotic Surgery in St. Mary Mercy Hospital.

Mary Barra House And Residence

Mary Barra lives in Northville, Detroit, with her family.

Mary Barra Book

Laura Colby, a renowned author, has written Road to Power: How GM’s Mary Barra Shattered the Glass Ceiling book on Mary Barra’s life. This book reveals Mary’s journey from the GM factory’s floor to the highest position in the company.

Mary Barra CEO

Mary became the CEO of General Motors in January 2014. It was the first time any woman became the head of an automobile manufacturing company. General Motors had sold over 30 a million cars in her first year as the CEO, and this company had issued 84 safety recalls. Mary’s idea was that GM should move into driverless car space, and GM acquired Strobe, a startup focused on developing technology for driverless cars. General Motors had beaten Tesla Motors under Mary’s leadership in developing the first electric car Chevy Bolt EV, which is priced under $40,000. This car’s range is 200 miles on one charge. Mary was the highest-paid Detroit Three executive in 2017, but experts criticize her for closing five North American plants and lay off 14,000 workers in 2018.

Mary Barra Challenges

Mary has faced many challenges during her career as the CEO and Chairwoman of General Motors. 2009’s bankruptcy was the darkest time in the company’s history. Developing new technologies for electric and driverless cars is a big challenge this company is facing now. Currently, the biggest challenge GM facing is removing about 18,000 salaried employees from five North American plants. Finding a new market for General Motors is also a big challenge for Mary.

Mary Barra Car

Mary Barra has two favorite cars, which she has named Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird.

Mary Barra, Daughter

Mary has one daughter Rachel Barra, who was born on 25th January. She is a teenager and currently studying in high school.

Mary Barra Experience

Mary Barra has been working for General Motors since her school days. She worked as a co-op student in 1980, and then she became vice president of Global Manufacturing Engineering in the same company. She has also served as vice president of Global Human Resource, vice president of Global Product Development; she worked on automobile design and reduced General Motor’s automobile platforms.

Mary Barra Salary

Mary Barra is an American Businesswoman who was born in 1961. She is the CEO of General Motors, and this position makes her the first female CEO of a major automaker. Ms. Barra has also served on the board for Disney and Stanford University. Barra is the highest-paid auto-CEO in the world, and she earns $2.1 million in base salary. She is also paid incentive-based company bonuses in the form of stock awards, paid travel, and security costs. These give her base salary a significant boost. In 2019, she took home more than $20 million in compensation.
Mary Barra's net worth is estimated to be around $60 million.

Mary Barra Gm Email

Mary’s email address is mary.barra@gm.com.

Mary Barra First Job

Working as a co-op student for General Motors was Mary’s first job. Her responsibility was to inspect hoods and to check fender panels.

Mary Barra Leadership Style

Experts admire Mary for her supportive, participative, and achievement-oriented leadership style.

Mary Barra Leadership Skills

Mary’s leadership skills include the following:
  • Quiet leadership
  • Always keen to learn new things.
  • Dealing effectively with the chaotic world to bring order
  • Treating all the employees, competitors, and clients with dignity and respect
  • Practicing the Hedgehog Model

Mary Barra Motivation

Mary believes that she tackles new challenges with a positive mindset and little moments of success motivates her.

Mary Barra Nationality

Mary Barra is an American citizen.

Mary Barra Negotiations

She has dealt with many issues in her career as the CEO of General Motors. She has recently joined UAW Negotiations in a Sign Agreement.

Mary Barra Office And Address

Mary Barra works at General Motor’s headquarter in Detroit, Michigan, United States.

Mary Barra Politics

Although Barra had joined a business forum assembled by US President Donald Trump in 2016, she has never expressed her political inclinations openly.

Mary Barra Religion

No information was found on Barra’s religion.

Mary Barra Salary Electric Vehicles

Mary took the challenge of developing the most cost-effective electric car and pushed General Motors to develop the Chevy Bolt EV. She received a payment of $21.96 million in 2017.

Mary Barra Salary Zodiac Sign

Mary’s zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Mary Barra Real Name

Mary Barra’s real name is Mary Teresa Barra.

Mary Barra Nicknames

Mary Barra has no known nicknames.

Mary Barra Interesting Facts

  • Mary is the first woman to become the chairwoman and CEO of a global automaker.
  • She has never served in any other company since her graduation.
  • It is Mary who had first described the GM Nod phenomenon.
  • Mary has been featured continuously as one of the Most Powerful Women in the world by Forbes Magazine.
  • She was also listed on Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World” in 2014.
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