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Maluma Net Worth In 2022 - Bio, Birthday, Girlfriend And Songs


Juan Luis Londoño Arias is well known by the popular name - Maluma, a very famous Colombian singer loved by his millions of fans worldwide. Maluma net worth is $12 million in 2022.

In addition to this, he is also a popular composer of reggaeton. This famous personality was born in the year 1994. His born day is 28 January. His parent's name is Luis Londoño and marlli arias, and he has one sister whose name is Manuela Londoño.

But his artistic expression is derived from his mother, father, and sister’s first two initials of their names, and that is - Maluma.

Maluma Career

This amazing artist started his music career in the year 2010 by recording the ingles albums and tracks. He is a very much-loved singer, songwriter, and Colombian record producer. Juan also signed a contract with Sony Music Columbia to record his songs. After listening to his theme - Farandulera, which became a big hit on radio, Sony music Colombia finalized to sign him for their first studio album. Therefore, the next single of Maluma was launched, namely - Loco. This single was inspired by rampant and uncontrolled love.

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Maluma released another studio album the name Magia which was his first single. His other video, which was also a big hit, toughed more than 15 million likes on YouTube, like his video - Antioquia. Later he released many other songs, songs, and albums in 2012, such as miss independent, pasarla bien, primer armor, etc. 2013 - His mixtape, the first single, was released in 2013 under the name “la temperature.”

2014-2018 - his many song albums were released during this year, and some of them were massive hits like F.A.M.E, dirty boy, pretty boy, etc.

2019 - present. He collaborated with the famous American singer and a songwriter, namely Madonna, 2019. He also appeared in many songs such as bitch I am loca, Medellin, soltera, his album, etc. J Balvin (A Colombian singer) and Maluma collaborated on 26 September 2019 on a single, namely - Que Pena.

Maluma Enlists Jimmy to Help Him Collaborate with Justin Timberlake

Net worth$12 million
Profession singer, dancer, composer, fashion designer, rapper, and songwriter
Birthday28 January 1994
Birth nameJuan Luis Londono arias
BornMedellin, Colombia
Age28 years old
Height178 cm / feet inches, it is 5’10
Education Hontaneresand College, Columbia
GirlfriendNatalia barulich
FatherLuis Fernando Londoño
MotherMarlli Arias
SisterManuela Londoño Arias
Real nameJuan Luis Londono arias
NicknameMaulma, dirty boy
Religion eastern orthodox
Residence Medellin, Colombia
Nationality Colombian
Zodiac signAquarius

Maluma Artistry

The best to know about them is that he also possesses some vocal range of tenor. His leading musical influencers are Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, and hector lavoe. He also says that his music comes under the urban pop category.

Maluma Personal Life

He is born to Luis Londoño and marlli arias, and his sister’s name is Manuela, who is older than him. He loves playing football, and he started playing it during his middle school days. His interest in music was developed during his teenage days. He also enjoys singing songs in his school as well; thus, people like his singing during school days. He was a graduate of the - Hontanares school in the EI Retiro. There he motivated many other people and his friends to join local singing competitions.

His first musical break was when Maluma was just 15 years old. Then on his next birthday present, his favorite uncle allowed him to record his studio's song for the first time. His love life is private; he does not like talking about it in public. In 2019, he broke off with his girlfriend Natalia barulich, a Cuban Croatian model.

Maluma Awards And Nominations

He received many the famous awards, and he was also nominated for some the repetitive award functions such as the kid’s choice award Colombia for the favorite song, ASCAP awards, where he won many the awards like the most-performed urban song in the year 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, as well. He was also awarded namely the most-performed pop song award, songwriter of the year, most performed award, social artist of the year, etc. In others, his song and he was nominated for the digital song of the year 2018, Latin pop song of the year, hot Latin song of the year, etc.

Maluma Filmography

He also acted in many of the song shorts of the song such as asi asi, Que Pena, no se me quita, instuinto natural, Latina, 11 pm, Medellin, and la respuesta, etc. His filmography also includes marrying me, where he worked in post-production works.

Maluma Discography

His discography comprises 4 very famous studio albums, 44 singles, one mixtape, six promotional singles, etc.

Maluma Biography

Maluma is a leading singer as well as an outstanding songwriter and producer. This personality was born on 28 January in the year 1994. His birthplace is Medellin, Colombia, but his hometown is Medellin, Colombia. On stage, he is Maluma, but initially, his name is Juan Luis Londono arias. Firstly, Sony music acknowledged his voice, and they offered him the first album release.

Maluma's Birthday And Birth Name

His birth name is Juan Luis Londono Arias, and his birthday comes on January 28.

Maluma Born

This amazing artist was born on the date of 28 January and in the year 1994.

Maluma Age

He is 27 years old because he was born in the year 1994.

Maluma Nationality

His nationality is Colombian.

Maluma Height

His height in centimeters is 178 cm, and in feet inches, it is 5’10”.

Maluma Occupation

His occupation is as a singer, dancer, composer, fashion designer, rapper, and songwriter.

Maluma Labels

His labels are Sony music Latin, Fox music, and sony music entertainment.

Maluma House And Residence

His residence is Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

Maluma Education

He is graduated from Hontaneresand College, Columbia.

Maluma Girlfriend

Currently, he is not dating anyone, and his last girlfriend's name was Natalia barulich.

Maluma's Religion

By religion, the famous singer Maluma is an eastern orthodox

Maluma Family

He has three members in his family, and that is his mother Marlli Arias, father Luis Fernando Londoño, and sister Manuela Londoño Arias.

Maluma Siblings

He is having one real sister Manuela Londoño Arias and no brother.

Maluma Best Songs

List of his best songs is borro cassette, el perdedor, el tiki, HP, sin contrato, cuatro babys, etc.

Maluma Wife

He is unmarried.

Maluma Children

He has no children.

Maluma Real And Full Name

His real and full name is Juan Luis Londono arias.

Maluma Nickname

His nickname is Maulma, dirty boy, etc.

Maluma Private Jet

He has a private jet that is infancy jet black color, which he firstly flaunted to his fans with the help of a 1-minute video post via his official Instagram account. Also, he was looking very emotional in the video, and he has said several times that he frequently travels with private jets but owning the one for himself was the first time in his life. His jet's name is “Royalty air,” which holds the capacity to carry 14-15 passengers.

Maluma Tattoos

He has 24 tattoos. Initially, he got his very first tattoo when he was only 14 years old only.

Maluma Zodiac Sign

His zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Maluma Profession

He is a singer, dancer, composer, fashion designer, rapper, and songwriter by profession.

Maluma Instagram

He is having an Instagram account with the user name Maluma with 48m followers.

Maluma Facebook

His Facebook account user name is Maluma.

Maluma Twitter

He is also on Twitter with the username Maluma. He joined Twitter in 2010.

Maluma Youtube

His YouTube channel name is Maluma VEVO, which has 12,815,830,296 views.

Maluma 5 Facts

  • He firstly started singing at cafes.
  • He is a soccer fan, and he also played soccer for a longer duration of time.
  • His studio album debut name is “Magia.”
  • He does not drink and smokes.
  • Maluma's idols are Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake.

Where Did The Name Maluma Come From?

His name came from the first two initials of his family members.

What Does Maluma Mean?

It simply means a pretty boy and a dirty boy.

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